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dealing with the Treaties of Peace and the position of Unions after the World War are not from Oppenheim's pen; but he had himself written the important sections explaining and discussing the League of Nations.

It is too much to hope that the editorial work will always meet with the approval of the reader ; doubtless many questions which have been anxiously debated others would have solved differently. But having accepted a responsibility not easy to discharge, I have striven (with what success I do not know) to be guided by reverence and affection for a friend.

Help has come from many quarters, and this is an opportunity for being grateful. The Table of Cases has been prepared, and the Index revised, under the direction of Mr. C. E. A. Bedwell, Keeper of the Middle Temple Library, by his Assistant, Mr. H. A. C. Sturgess; to Messrs. T. and A. Constable, who have come to my aid in proof-reading, a particular debt of gratitude is due.



June 29, 1920.





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(Erents are recorded in this volume down to the end of May 1920.]




Balmerinca Calvo

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