Message of the President of the United States on Economy and Efficiency in the Government Service, Svazek 1

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Strana 4 - Never has a complete description been given of the agencies through which these activities are performed. At no time has the attempt been made to study all of these activities and agencies with a view to the assignment of each activity to the agency best fitted for its performance, to the avoidance of duplication of plant and work, to the integration of all administrative agencies of the government, so far as may be practicable, into a unified organization for the most effective and economical dispatch...
Strana 3 - ... are almost as varied as those of the entire business world. The operations of the government affect the interest of every person living within the jurisdiction of the United States. Its organization embraces stations and centers of work located in every city and in many local subdivisions of the country. Its gross expenditures amount to billions annually.
Strana 4 - This vast organization has never been studied in detail as one piece of administrative mechanism. Never have the foundations been laid for a thorough consideration of the relations of all of its parts.
Strana 4 - Never have the foundations been laid for a thorough consideration of the relations of all of its parts. No comprehensive effort has been made to list its multifarious activities or to group them in such a way as to present a clear picture of what the government is doing. Never has a complete description been given of the agencies through which these activitics are performed.
Strana 385 - Mich., about 2 miles northeast of Port Austin, and about 2 miles southeast of Port Austin Reef Light, Lake Huron 5.
Strana 14 - March 3, 1911, attention was called to some of the defects in the present methods of accounting and reporting. I said: The condition under which legislators and administrators, both past and present, have been working may be summarized as follows: There have been no adequate means provided whereby either the President or his advisers may act with intelligence on current business before them; there has been no means for getting prompt, accurate, and correct information as to results obtained; * *...
Strana 23 - Efficiency has the honor to submit the following report on the organization of the Government of the United States as it existed July 1} 1911.
Strana 16 - BUDGET. The United States is the only great Nation whose Government is operated without a budget. This fact seems to be more striking when it is considered that budgets and budget procedures are the outgrowth of democratic doctrines and have had an important part in the development of modern constitutional rights. The American Commonwealth has suffered much from irresponsibility on the part of its governing agencies. The constitutional purpose of a budget is to make government responsive to public...
Strana 4 - ... published of the financial transactions of the Government as a whole. Provision is made for due accountability for all moneys coming into the hands of officers of the Government, whether as collectors of revenue or disbursing agents, and for insuring that authorizations for expenditures as made by law shall not be exceeded. But no general system has ever been devised for reporting and presenting information regarding the character of the expenditures made, in such a way as to reveal the actual...
Strana 10 - The reports also show not only a very wide range in the methods of doing this comparatively simple part of the Government business, but an extraordinary range in cost. For the handling of incoming mail the averages of cost by departments vary from $5.84 to $81.40 per 1,000. For the handling of outgoing mail the averages by departments vary from $5.94 to $69.89 per 1,000. This does not include the cost of preparation, but is confined merely to the physical side of the work. The...

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