Renaissance Drama 31: New Series XXXI 2002 Performing Affect

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Jeffrey Masten, Wendy Wall
Northwestern University Press, 24. 7. 2002 - Počet stran: 246
Performing Affect, Volume 31 of Renaissance Drama, examines the rehearsal of emotion on the Renaissance stage. These new essays consider the ways in which Renaissance plays represent emotional states, while also presenting new scholarship specifically on the performance of affect on the early modern stage. The essays thus consider the continuing effects of affect in early modern culture more broadly, beyond the thrust stage, asking the question: what are the instrumental and performative effects of Renaissance drama in a larger conception of Renaissance emotions? How do we reckon the effects of early modern drama and performance within a larger history of the emotive self? A number of these essays significantly press at the borders of the customary terms we use to denote emotional states, states for which the best early modern terms may well be affect and passions. Topics include: emotion and the humoral body; domestic abuse and trauma; the politics of onstage gesture; the relation of idolatry, desire, and necrophilia; the performance of such affective states as religious fervor, memory, jealousy, melancholy, and heroic masculinity. Renaissance Drama, an annual and interd

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Editorial Note
Submissions of Manuscripts
Rhetorical Husbandries and Portias True Conceit of Friendship
The Gestural Politics of Counsel in The Spanish Tragedy
Devotion Applause and Consent in Richard III
Male Surplus Value
Memory and Revision in Chapmans Bussy Plays
The Anatomy of Abuses in Troilus and Cressida
Melancholy Jealousy and Subjective Temporality in The Winters Tale
The Corpse as Idol in The Second Maidens Tragedy
Notes on Contributors
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O autorovi (2002)

Jeffrey Masten is an associate professor in the English department at Northwestern University.
Wendy Wall is a professor in the English department at Northwestern University.

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