Transylvania: Its Products and Its People

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Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1865 - Počet stran: 642

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Strana 409 - Their hospitality was boundless. No stranger was ever sent away from their gates. The gentry received one another, and travelled to each other's houses, in a state almost feudal." " The establishments of the gentry were little villages, in which they and their vassals dwelt.
Strana 482 - won ; here breathless lies the king. Hotspur. Where? Douglas. Here. Hotspur. This, Douglas ? No. I know this face full well: A gallant knight he was, his name
Strana 409 - were rather needy potentates, living plentifully but in the roughest fashion, having numerous domestics, whose liveries were often ragged; keeping open. houses, and turning away no stranger from their gates; proud, idle, fond of all sorts of field sports, as became gentlemen of good lineage.
Strana 578 - and sailers, are in a state of slavery or bondage, bound to the collieries or salt-works, where they work for life, transferable with the collieries and
Strana 409 - The gentry of Virginia dwelt on their great lands after a fashion almost patriarchal. For its rough cultivation, each estate had a multitude of
Strana 453 - Russel had been accustomed to such arrangements all her life long, and seemed never once to think of the matter; and—as she had reached that period of life at which women of the humbler class assume the
Strana 578 - by the statute law of Scotland, as explained by the judges of the courts of law
Strana 468 - One husband did not believe what his wife had said, and she immediately wanted to be separated, as " she could not live with a man who would not trust her." Another did not eat his dinner with appetite.
Strana 360 - Austria is wrong to rely on their fidelity, for there is no one bond that unites them to her. Though under her rule, they all, to a man, look towards Russia, whose Sovereign is the head of their Church. They have nothing to do with the West; it is in the East their hopes lie; and
Strana 392 - The number of murders committed during Lent is greater, I am told, than at any other time of the

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