Mediterranean Great White Sharks: A Comprehensive Study Including All Recorded Sightings

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McFarland, 12. 3. 2015 - Počet stran: 256
In 1996, the Italian Great White Shark Data Bank began collecting and recording encounters in the Mediterranean between great white sharks and boats, bathers, divers, fishermen and others, from the Middle Ages to the present. This meticulously researched work presents the study’s findings for the first time, releasing a trove of information on the great white’s size, distribution, habitat, behavior, reproduction, diet, fisheries and attacks on humans. With 596 records of great white sharks from the entire Mediterranean Sea, this volume represents the most complete and comprehensive study on the species in that region and constitutes a rich resource for historians, scientists, fishermen, and divers.

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Foreword by Marie Levine
1The Great White Shark
2Records of Great White Sharks from the Mediterranean Sea
3 Summary Tables
4 Analysis fo the Presence of Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Great White Shark Report Form
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O autorovi (2015)

Alessandro De Maddalena is a researcher, writer, scientific illustrator and wildlife photographer. He is the curator of the Italian Great White Shark Data Bank and a founding member of the Mediterranean Shark Research Group. He is the author of 19 books on sharks and hosts expeditions with courses in shark biology in South Africa, Australia and Mexico. Walter Heim, a mechanical engineer, started photographing sharks in 2001 and with his daughter Jessica has developed techniques to photograph mako and blue sharks at close range. His pictures have appeared in many books and wildlife magazines. He is the author of four books on sharks.

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