The Universal Magazine, Svazek 7

Přední strana obálky
Pub. for J. Hinton., 1750

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Strana 249 - I rightly conceived your meaning ; and if, as you say, confessing a truth indeed may procure my safety, I shall with all willingness and duty, perform your command. " But let not your grace ever imagine that your poor wife will ever be brought to acknowledge a fault, where not so much as a thought thereof preceded.
Strana 249 - God or you may determine of me, your grace may be freed from an open censure ; and...
Strana 302 - ... exhausted; all the events or actions of which the memory can afford pleasure are quickly recollected; and the future lies beyond the grave, where it can be reached only by virtue and devotion. Piety is the only proper and adequate relief of decaying man.
Strana 249 - Defert or Defire. If then you found me worthy of fuch Honour, Good your Grace let not any light Fancy, or bad Counfel of mine Enemies, withdraw your Princely Favour from me ; neither let that Stain, that un?
Strana 295 - You shall now receive, my dear wife, my last words in these my last lines. My love I send you, that you may keep it when I am dead ; and my counsel, that you may remember it when I am no more.
Strana 224 - ... and persuadeth thee to be joyful and happy ; then is the hour of danger, then let reason stand firmly on her guard.
Strana 250 - I will so leave to trouble your grace any further, with mine earnest prayers to the Trinity to have your grace in his good keeping, and to direct you in all your actions.
Strana 295 - I trust my blood will quench their malice that have thus cruelly murdered me, and that they will not seek also to kill thee and thine with extreme poverty. To what friend to direct thee I know not, for all mine have left me in the true time of trial; and I plainly perceive that my death was determined from the first day.
Strana 253 - I burned and spoiled. And had I not been discovered upon the coast, I had taken great quantity of treasure. The matter of most profit to me was a great ship of the king's, which I took at California,
Strana 216 - ... for my pen to tell you. I beseech you that as God and many more know, how innocent I am in this case: so you will believe me, that if I had bid aught I would have bid by it.

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