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Knihy Knihy
" and that's one reason I wanted to see you; why I asked you to run over from Chicago next time you came down. Of course, there are ducks, too." "There'd better be!" said Welton grimly. "I want Bob to go into the lumber business, same as his dad was. This... "
The Rules of the Game - Strana 3
autor/autoři: Stewart Edward White - 1910 - 644 str.
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Patty at Home

Carolyn Wells - 1904 - 336 str.
...don't really care much about having them, but Ethelyn has written so often that she wants to come that I don't see how I can very well get out of it." " If she wants to come, you certainly ought to ask her. You visited there three months, you know."...
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Sunset, Svazek 24

1910 - 860 str.
...riverhog, you! A golf ball's about your size!" "No," said Orde, "a fat, old hippopotamus named Welton is about my size — as I'll show you when we land...about going to Washington. I looked forward to Orde & Son." He was resting on his oars, and the duckboat drifted silently by the swaying, brown reeds....
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