The lyfe of Virgilius. From the ed. by Doesborcke

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Strana ii - IN Wakefield there lives a jolly pinder, In Wakefield all on a green, In Wakefield all on a green : There is neither knight nor squire, said the pinder, Nor baron that is so bold, Nor baron that is so bold, Dare make a trespass to the town of Wakefield, But his pledge goes to the pinfold, &c.
Strana xviii - THE HISTORY OF GEORGE A GREEN, Pindar of the Town of Wakefield, his Birth, Calling, Valour, and Reputation in the Country : with divers pleasant as well as serious Passages in the Course of his Life and Fortune. Illustrated with cuts. Sm. 8vo. London, Printed for Samuel Ballard at the Blue-Ball in Little Britain, 1706.
Strana 14 - France. During his absence he constituted the bishop of Ely, then chancellor of England, vicegerent of the kingdom. This bishop being on the one side covetous, and by many unjust impositions oppressing the nation, and the king's brother ambitious on the other, as presuming much upon his royal birth, and his great possessions, some persons fomented great factions and combinations against the tyranizing prelate; so that all things grew out of frame and order; and great distractions ensued; nay, a third...
Strana 8 - Than Virgilius spake and asked, " Who calleth me ! " than harde he the voyce agayne, but he sawe no body ; than sayd he, "Virgilius, see ye not that lytyll bourde lyinge besyde you there marked with that worde ? " Than answered Virgilius, " I see that borde well enough.
Strana iv - If Michaelmas day were once come and gone And my master had paid me my fee, Then would I set as little by him As my master doth set by me.
Strana 25 - ... flew oute, and brake the lampe that Virgilius made ; and it was wonder that the mayden went nat out of her mynde for the great fere she had, and also the other burgeyses daughters that were in hyr companye, of the great stroke that it gaue when it hyt the lampe, and when they sawe the metall man so swyftly ronne his waye : and neuer after was he no more sene ; and this forsayd lampe was abydynge byrnynge after the deth of Virgilius by the space of CCC yeres or more.
Strana 9 - And fro thensforth abydeth he there. And so Virgilius becam very connynge in the practyse of the blacke scyence. It was so that the moder of Virgilius wexed olde, in so muche that she lost her herynge.
Strana ix - Tis but an hour ago since it was nine, And after one hour more 'twill be eleven. And so from hour to hour we ripe and ripe, And then from hour to hour we rot and rot; And thereby hangs a tale.
Strana ii - To an excellent tune," which has not been recovered. Several lines of this ballad are quoted in the two old plays of the " Downfall " and " Death of Robert earle of Huntington,
Strana 11 - And thus the Emperour sayd that he must take pacyence by the space of iiij. or v. yere that we myght examyne with in our selfe whether ye be ryght eyer or no. And with that answere was Virgilius very angry, and sayd that he shulde be auenged. And whan he cam home he sende for all his poor kynsfolke and fryndes, and put them in his houses and dwellynge places that he hadde within Rome, and purueyed them of mete and drynke, and byd them make mery tyll Julio, that the corne and frute is rype. And whan...

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