Tourism and Mobilities: Local-global Connections

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Peter M. Burns, Marina Novelli
CABI, 2008 - Počet stran: 221
In the current trend of increasing globalization, relationships are evolving between global and local realities, rich and poor regions of the world and 'old' and 'new' leisure and tourism patterns. The tourist has become an active agent in their travel experiences, moving between and among multiple localities, in an environment of transnational, interconnected social networks. In order to understand the modern tourist, concepts of mobility have begun to be applied to tourism studies and have questioned whether the word tourism is any longer sufficient to describe the complex socio-political milieu of people on the move. Bringing together theoretical and practical issues, this edited volume analyses tourism's wider role as an agent for the mobile modern population of the world. Themes range from post-modern youth and independent mobility to theoretical texts on hypermobility and citizenship within global space and mobility, media and citizenship. Offering a thought-provoking examination of modern tourism, this will be an important text for students of tourism and human geography as well as tourism professionals.

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