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498; his Gadshill adventure, 503; re-
marks on his countenance, 506.
Family Stories, No. 1. 191; No. II.266;
No. III. 341; No. IV. 529; No. V.

Feaghan, Father Paul, 253.
Fiddler, Mrs. 137.

Fireside Stories, No. I. 191, see Family

Fitzalban, Capt. Hon. A. F. story re-
specting his cow, 65.

Fitzgerald, Lord E. observations on, 558.
Fitzgrowl, Mr. 132.

Fog, lines on a London, 492.
Fontenelle, lines in imitation of, 88.
Foote, Samuel, remarks respecting him,
10; memoir of, 298; his plays, 300;
accusations against him, 303; his
death, 304; opinions of his comedies,
ib.; of his dramas, ib.; anecdotes of
him, 305.

Fothergill, Father, description of, 344.
Fragment of Romance, 165.
Friar Laurence and Juliet, a poem, 354.

Gamfield, Mr. 219.

Garrick, David, Foote's ridicule of, 305.
Goldsmith, Oliver, anecdote of, 9.
Goodere, Capt. 299.

--, Sir John, allusion to his mur-
der, 299.
Glorvina, the Maid of Meath, 614.
Gossip with some Old English Poets, 98.
Grand Cham of Tartary and the Humble-

bee, a poem, 339.

Green, Mr. specimen of his poetry, 101.
Grey Dolphin, story of the, 341.
Grummet, J. 67.


Hajji Baba, his remarks on England, 230;
his projected mission to England, 284;
his preparations, 364; instructions,
366; his remarks on the alterations
among the Turks, 369; his inquiries
on the state of England, 487; obser-
vations on France, 488; his passage to
Dover, 489; remarks on the officers of
customs, 490.

Halifax, Earl of, see Montague, Charles.
Hamburgh, Steam trip to, 509.
Handy Andy, paper so called, No. 1. 20;
No. II. 169; No. III. 373.
Headlong Hall, pieces by the author of,

29. 187.

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Maguire, Barney, 191.
Mann, Mrs. 109.

Manor Hall, legend of, 29.
Man with the Tuft, 576.
Marbois, Marquis de, 81, 82 n.
Mars and Venus, a poem, 247.
Martingal, Bob, story related by, 625.
Marvel, Andrew, extract from his poem
addressed to Lord Fairfax, 99.
May Morning, song of the month for
May, 429.

Meditation, an Evening, 250.
Memoir of George Colman, 7.
Merry Christmas, 260.
Metastasio, an imitation of, 88.
Metropolitan Men of Science, 89.
Miggins, Mr. Peter, his letter to Lord
John Lavender, 260.

Miss Sophy, 261. 265.
Minister's Fate, the, 577.
"Monstre " Balloon, a poem, 17.
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley, remarks
on her character, 138; comparison be-
tween, and Byron, 140; extracts from
her letters, 141; her observations on
Addison, 362 n.
Montague, Charles, Earl of Halifax, Ad-
dison's letters to, 356. 358. 360. 363;
remarks respecting him, 358 n. 359.
Months, songs of the, No. I. 1; No. II.
105; No. III. 217; No. IV. 325;
No. V. 429; No. VI. 533.
Morgan, Mr. 25.

Morier, J. Italian anecdote by, 103.
Mount Pilate, legend of, 608.
Murphy, Murtough, character of, 171;
his duel with Squire Egan, 373.
Murtough Murphy, see Murphy.
Muskau, Prince Puckler, paper by, 398.

Nights at Sea; or, Sketches of Naval

Life during the War, No. 1. 269; No.
II. 474; No. III. 621.
North American Indians, remarks on the
periodical literature of, 534; on their
poetry, 536.

Nugent, Mr. specimen of his poetical
taste, 272, 273.


Ode from the Emerald Isle, 620.
O'Dryscull, Reddy, communications by,
45. 397. 525.

O'Finn, Mrs. character of, 33; her
conversation with Terence O'Shaugh-
nessy, 41.
O'Funnidos, Rigdum, piece written by,


Ogle, Miss, her marriage with Sheridan,

Old Age and Youth, a poem, 79.
Old English Poets, a Gossip with, 98.
Oliver Twist, his birth, 105; education

Noah Claypole, 334; his refractory
conduct, 430; account of his journey
to London, 435; of his rencontre with
the strange young gentleman, 437; in-
troduction to the Jew, 441.
Ollier, Charles, paper by, 98.

Opening Chaunt to the Miscellany, 6.
Original" Dragon, a legend of the Ce-
lestial Empire, 231.

Original of Not a drum was heard," 97.
O'Shaughnessy, Terence, see Terence

and board, 107; escapes being appren-
ticed to a sweep, 218; his entry into
public life, 225; conduct during his
apprenticeship, 326; his quarrel with

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Paddy Blake's Echo, 186.

Palaver, Mrs. character of, 591.
Pantomine of Life, 291.

Parallel, Mr. story told by, 277.616.
Paris, remarks on society in, 86; picture
of, in 1837, 387.

Passage in the Life of Beaumarchais, 233.
Perceval, Mr. remarks on his assassina-
tion, 679.

Periodical Literature of the North Ame-
rican Indians, 534.

Peter Plumbago's Correspondence, 448.
Peters, Mr. 196.

Mrs. 196.


Phillips, Ambrose, remarks respecting him,
359 n.

"Plunder Creek," (1783,) a legend of
New York, 121.

Plum, Sir Toby, 116.
Lady, 116.


Poets, Gossip with some Old English, 98.
Pontius Pilate, legend respecting, 610.
Pooledoune, John, the victim of improve-
ment, 599.

--, Roger, 600.

Portrait Gallery, No. I. 286; No. II.

Pounce, Mr. story related by him to the
Wide-awake Club, 209.

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Visit to the Madrigal Society, 465.
Visits, an Evening of, 80.


Wade, J. A. pieces by, 186. 492.
Warwick, Countess of, notice of her mar-
riage with Addison, 362 n.
Webbe, Egerton, paper by, 371.
Wharton, Duke of, anecdote of, 357 n.

-, Thomas, Earl of Wharton, lord
lieutenant of Ireland, remarks respect-
ing, 356 n.

Whitehead, C. pieces by, 155. 461.
Who are you? a song, 88.

Who milked my cow? paper so called, 65.
Wide-awake Club, character of the, 208.
Whitbread, Mr. his respect for Mr. Per-
ceval, 583.

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London: Printed by Samuel Bentley, Dorset-street, Flect-street.


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