Divinely Guided

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Xulon Press, 2010 - Počet stran: 282
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We see many negative things on television and newspapers and all around us every day. All of the morality in the world is gone, and there is no respect. People live as if there is no God. God didn't mean for it to be this way. The things that I wrote about in the book are intended to encourage people, to put a smile on their face, and to change their way of thinking. I know anyone who purchases this book and believes God's words will never be the same. We are supposed to treat people the same way that Jesus did. Think what this world would be like if people were nice to each other. As you go through this life, learn to trust God. Anything is possible with God. Remember, my friends, God is still in control. God loves you. About the Author James G. Odom was born and raised in Perrine, Florida. He is a graduate of Miami Killian Senior High School, Miami Dade Junior College South Campus, and Elpis Seminary. He has a B.M. degree in theology. This is my first book. I had been writing for a long time but never took it seriously. I wrote something for my mother. She took it to church and read it. Everyone asked her where it came from. She said, "My son wrote it." I thought I would be a baseball player. But a woman said to me, "You touch more people with writing than playing baseball." I said, "You are right." All I ever wanted to do was make my mother proud of me. My mother and grandfather were the greatest inspiration in my life. All praise and honor go to God. I'm just doing what I was told to do. A Man of God

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