General Acts and Resolutions Adopted by the Legislature of Florida

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W. & C. Julian Bartlett, 1875

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Strana 50 - The Governor shall have power to disapprove of any item or items of any bill making appropriations of money, embracing distinct items, and the part or parts of the bill approved shall be the law, and the item or items of appropriations disapproved shall be void...
Strana 44 - Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.
Strana 49 - The court shall also have power to issue writs of mandamus, certiorari, prohibition, quo warranto, habeas corpus, and also all writs necessary or proper to the complete exercise of its appellate jurisdiction.
Strana 48 - Courts shall be liable to impeachment for any misdemeanor in office ; but judgment in such cases shall extend only to removal from office, and disqualification to hold any office of honor, trust, or profit under this State ; but the party convicted or acquitted, shall, nevertheless, be liable to indictment, trial, and punishment, according to law.
Strana 15 - ... or to his agent, from whose possession the property is taken ; or, if neither can be found, by leaving them at the usual place of abode of either, with some person of suitable age and discretion...
Strana 12 - Either party may demur to a pleading of his adversary, or any part thereof, when it is not sufficiently explicit to enable him to understand it, or it contains no cause of action or defense, although it be taken as true. 7. If the court deem the objection well founded, it shall order the pleading to be amended, and, if the party refuse to amend, the defective pleading shall be disregarded.
Strana 38 - Virginia, and to his successors in office, in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars; for the payment whereof, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
Strana 14 - ... possession, of the property claimed, particularly describing the same. (2) That such property is wrongfully withheld or detained by the defendant. (3) The cause of such detention or withholding thereof, according to the best knowledge, information and belief of the person making the affidavit. (4) That said personal property has not been taken for any tax, fine, or assessment, pursuant to statute, or seized by virtue of an execution or attachment against the property of said plaintiff; or if...
Strana 17 - ... by two sufficient sureties, accompanied by their affidavits, that they are each worth double the value of the property as specified in the affidavit of the plaintiff, and freeholders and householders of the county.
Strana 48 - The credit of the Commonwealth shall not be pledged or loaned to any individual, company, corporation or association, nor shall the Commonwealth become a joint owner or stockholder in any company, association or corporation.

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