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But a small Portion of his works has escap'd the Malice of Time ; for, besides Odes, he compos’d Elegies, Hymns, and Iambics. Some Writers honour him with the Invention of the Lyre. He wrote in fonich Fra

How much he was the Delight of the An. cients, appears from those extravagant Praises which they have bestowd upon him ; particularly Horace, in that Passage which I have chosen for a Motto to the Work, which I will here give the English Reader a Version of:

We read Anacreon's wanton Toys,
Whilst they our Pasions gently move,
No Envy blasts, no Age destroys ;

And Sappho's charming Lyre

Preserves her soft Desire,
And tunes our ravisk'd Souls to love.

But I remember no one who has given a juster Character of his Writings, than that little God who inspir'd them, as taught to speak by Mr. Cowley :

All thy Verfe is softer far,
Than the downy Feathers are
Of my Wings, or of my Arrows,
of my Mother's Doves, or Sparrows:
Graceful, cleanly, smooth, and round;
All with Venus' Girdle bound.


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Εις γυναίκας.
Εις "Έρωτα.
Εις εαυτόν.
Εις ρόδον.
Εις "Έρωτα.
Εις το εωτο όνειegν.
Εις σεισεράν.
Εις "Έρωτα κeινός,
Εις εαυτόν.
Εις χελιδόνα.
Εις έωτός.
Εις "Ερωτα.
Εις εαυτόν.
Εις εαυτόν.
Εις ποτήριον αργυρέν.
Εις το αυτό.
Εις το ον πίνον.
'Ερωτικόν ωδάριον, ώς κόρω:
Eis fautor.
Εις Βαθυλλ.ον.
Εις χρυσόν.
Είς εαυτόν.
Εις εαυτόν.
Εις εαυτόν.
Εις Διόνυσον.

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Προς και ζωγράφον, ει η έαυτά ερωβύης. "Ετι σεις και ζωγράφου αεί το ερωμίε εαυτό, το Βα

Θέλλι. Εις "Έρωτα. Εις εαυτόν.

112 Εις τας εαυτο έρωτας.

146 Εις Χελιδόνα. Εις κόρω.

124 Εις Ευρώπω.

126 Eis to everukes your Εις το"Έαρ.

130 Eis éauté.

134 Εις εαυτόν.

136 Εις "Έρωτα.

140 Εις συμπόσιον.

144 Είς εαυτόν.

248 Είς τίτλιγα.

152 Eis to cautã or Hegy.

156 Εις τα*Έρωτα βέλη.

158 Εις "Έρωτα.

162 Nddielov sis gáegules

168 "Αλλο δάeιον.

170 Εις Ζωγρέρον.

172 Εις Διόνυσον.

174 Εις Δίσκον έχονία 'Αφegίτω.

178 *ΕπιλώIG ύμνο.

182 Eis pód'or.

186 . Εις εαυτόν.

192 Εις τες έρώντας ωδάριον.

194 Εις το γήρας.

198 Ότι πίνειν μετρίως. Εις "Έρωτα.

202 Προς αυθάδη παρθένον.

204 Έπιθαλάμι ύμνG.

206 Εις χρυσόν.




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