Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Vermont: Reported by the Judges of Said Court, Agreeably to a Statute Law of the State, Svazek 71

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Strana 136 - ... and a speedy public trial, by an impartial jury of the country, without the unanimous consent of which jury, he cannot be found guilty; nor can he be compelled to give evidence against himself; nor can any person be justly deprived of his liberty, except by the laws of the land, or the judgment of his peers.
Strana 380 - Every stockholder in a banking corporation or institution shall be individually responsible and liable to its creditors, over and above the amount of stock by him or her held, to an amount equal to his or her respective shares so held, for all its liabilities accruing while he or she remains such stockholder.
Strana 153 - That if any person, being insolvent, or in contemplation of insolvency, within four months before 'the filing of the petition by or against him, with a view to give a preference to any creditor or person having a claim against him, or who is under any liability for him, procures any part of his property to be attached, sequestered, or seized on execution...
Strana 305 - Until such fences and cattle guards shall be duly made, the corporation and its agents shall be liable for all damages which shall be done by their agents or engines, to cattle, horses, or other animals thereon...
Strana 413 - ... no part of the property of any individual can with justice be taken from him or applied to public uses without his own consent or that of the representative body of the people.
Strana 21 - A proposal to accept, or an acceptance, upon terms varying from those offered, is a rejection of the offer, and puts an end to the negotiation, unless the party who made the original offer renews it, or assents to the modification suggested.
Strana 21 - An acceptance, to be good, must, of course, be such as to conclude an agreement or contract between the parties. And to do this, it must in every respect meet and correspond with the offer, neither falling within nor going beyond the terms proposed, but exactly meeting them at all points and closing with them just as they stand.
Strana 461 - It is a rule as old as the law, and never more to be respected than now, that no one shall be personally bound until he has had his day in court...
Strana 461 - Whenever, therefore, it appears from the inspection of the record of a court of general jurisdiction that the defendant, against whom a personal judgment or decree is rendered, was, at the time of the alleged service, without the territorial limits of the court, and thus beyond the reach of its process, and that he never appeared in the action, the presumption of jurisdiction over his person ceases...
Strana 233 - The intention of the parties Is to be ascertained by considering all the provisions of the deed, as well as the situation of the parties, and then giving effect to such intention, if practicable, when not contrary to law.

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