Leigh's new picture of England and Wales [ed. by T.G.B.].

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Strana 495 - Father of light and life, thou Good Supreme ! O teach me what is good ; teach me Thyself! Save me from folly, vanity, and vice, From every low pursuit ; and feed my soul With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue pure ; Sacred, substantial, never-fading bliss!
Strana 495 - The Castle of Indolence,' &c., who died at Richmond on the 23d of August, and was buried there on the 3910, OS, 1748. The Earl of Buchan, unwilling that so good a man and sweet a poet should be without a memorial, has denoted the place of his interment for the satisfaction of his admirers, in the year of our Lord, 1792.
Strana 37 - Stowe, when beheld at a distance, appears like a vast grove, interspersed with columns, obelisks, and towers, which apparently emerge from a luxuriant mass of foliage.
Strana 57 - Billiard and other rooms are also prepared for the reception of those gentlemen who prefer games of skill, or hazard, to the more boisterous diversions of the turf; and excellent accommodations for visitors may be found in the numerous inns with which the town is provided.
Strana 246 - CASTLE was situated on the east side of the town; and though the buildings are now reduced to a few massive fragments of wall, the remains are still sufficient to evince the ancient strength and importance of this fortress. The ramparts are very bold, and the ditches still wide and deep, particularly on the north and east sides, though partly filled up by the lapse of centuries.
Strana 349 - It extends more than a mile in length, and half a mile in breadth, and...
Strana 300 - They are generally in the form of a cross, with a tower in the centre ending in a cupola or spire, and with high pitched roofs.
Strana 488 - Corinthian colonnade, designed and built by me, in 1760, and called the Theatre of Augusta. " The Temple of Victory is the next object. It stands on a hill, and was built in commemoration of the victory obtained in 1759, near Minden, by Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, over Marshal de Contades.
Strana 165 - The whole is composed of a yellow free-stone, which gives a bright and beautiful tint at a distance. The chief entrance to the Castle is at the west front, by a noble double flight of steps, and a platform filling the whole space between the towers : the front to the south is modern, and brought almost parallel with the tower, being sixty-five paces in length : the front to the north is obscured by offices ; but towards the east, the Castle retains its ancient form, and has a most august appearance...

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