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of said appointees to be announced previous to the adjournment of the annual convention. The tenure of office of those appointees to be at the pleasure of the Secretary.

Sec. 5. The Treasurer shall give bond in the sum of $2,500.00, the premium on which shall be paid by the Faculty. He shall demand and receive all funds due the Faculty, together with the bequests and donations. He shall pay money out of the Treasury only on a written order of the President, countersigned by the Secretary; he shall subject his accounts to such examination as the House of Delegates may order, and he shall annually render to the House of Delegates an account of his doings and of the state of the funds in his hands. He shall pay the vouchers of the Library Committee not to exceed the amount of the annual appropriation made by the House of Delegates for the support of the library.

CHAPTER VII.—COUNCIL. SECTION 1. The Council shall meet on the day preceding the Annual Session, and daily during the Session, and at such other times as necessity may require, subject to call of the Chairman, or on petition of three Councilors. It shall meet on the last day of the Annual Session of the Faculty to organize and outline work for the ensuing year. It shall elect a chairman from its own membership, and a clerk, who, in the absence of the Secretary of the Faculty, shall keep a record of its proceedings. It shall, through its chairman, make an annual report to the House of Delegates.

Sec. 2. Each Councilor shall be organizer and Censor for his district. He shall visit the counties in his district at least once a year for the purpose of organizing component societies where none exist. He shall make an annual report of his work and of the condition of the profession of each county in his district at the Annual Session of the House of Delegates.

Sec. 3. The Council shall be the Board of Censors of the Faculty. It shall consider all questions involving the rights and standing of members, whether in relation to other members, to the component societies, or to this Faculty. All

questions of an ethical nature brought before the House of Delegates or the General Meeting shall be referred to the Council without discussion. It shall hear and decide all questions of discipline affecting the conduct of members of component societies on which an appeal is taken from the decision of an individual Councilor, and its decision in all such matters shall be final.

SEC. 4. In sparsely settled sections it shall have authority to organize the physicians of two or more counties into societies to be suitably designated so as to distinguish them from district societies, and these societies, when organized and chartered, shall be entitled to all rights and privileges provided for component societies.

Sec. 5. The Council shall provide for and superintend the publication and distribution of all proceedings, transactions and memoirs of the Faculty and shall have authority to appoint an editor and such assistants as it deems necessary. All money received by the Council and its agents, resulting from the discharge of the duties assigned to them, must be paid to the Treasurer of the Faculty. As the Finance Committee, it shall annually audit the accounts of the Treasurer and Secretary and other agents of this Faculty and present a statement of the same in its annual report to the House of Delegates, which report shall specify also the character and cost of all the publications of the Faculty during the year, and the amount of all other property belonging to the Faculty under its control, with such suggestions as it shall deem necessary. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Secretary, or the Treasurer, the Council shall fill the vacancy until the next annual election.

It shall, as the Finance Committee, recommend the amount of money to be appropriated by the House of Delegates for the use of the Library Committee from itemized estimates submitted by the out-going Library Committee at the previous annual meeting.


SECTION 1. The standing committees, who shall be elected by the House of Delegates, shall be as follows:

A Committee on Scientific Work.
A Committee on Public Policy and Legislation.
A Committee of Arrangements.

A Library Committee, and such other standing committees as may be necessary.

Sec. 2. The Committee on Scientific Work shall consist of three members, of which the Secretary shall be one, and shall determine the character and scope of the scientific proceedings of the Faculty for each session, subject to the instructions of the House of Delegates. Fifteen days previous to each session it shall prepare and issue a program announcing the order in which papers, discussions and other business shall be presented.

Sec. 3. The Committee on Public Policy and Legislation shall consist of three members and the President and Secretary. Under the direction of the House of Delegates it shall represent the Faculty in securing and enforcing legislation in the interest of public health and of scientific medicine.

Sec. 4. The Committee of Arrangements shall provide suitable accommodations for the meeting places of the Faculty and of the House of Delegates, and of their respective Committees, and shall have general charge of all the arrangements. Its chairman shall report an outline of the arrangements to the Secretary, at least twenty days before the date of meeting, for publication in the Program, and shall make additional announcements during the session as occasion may require.

Sec. 5. The Library Committee, as early as possible after the adjournment of each Annual Meeting, shall appoint a librarian, who shall, during April of each year, make a written report for the Committee. It shall have full charge of the Library, subject to such rules as the House of Delegates may adopt and shall select and purchase books and journals with the funds appropriated by the House of Delegates for that purpose. At each Annual Meeting this Committee shall submit a report of its transactions to the House of Delegates and shall include therein an itemized estimate of anticipated expenses for the following year.

CHAPTER IX.-COMPONENT SOCIETIES. SECTION 1. All county societies and the Baltimore City Medical Society, when they have adopted principles of

organization in conformity with this Constitution and ByLaws, shall, on application, receive a charter from and be. come a component part of this Faculty.

Sec. 2. Charters shall be issued only upon approval of the Council or House of Delegates and shall be signed by the President and Secretary of this Faculty. The Council or the House of Delegates shall have authority to revoke the charter of any component society whose actions are in conflict with the letter or spirit of this Constitution and ByLaws, after due investigation and determination.

Sec. 3. Only one component medical society shall be chartered in any county or in the city of Baltimore.

Sec. 4. Each component society shall judge of the qualification of its own members, but, as such societies are the only portals to this Faculty and to the American Medical Association, every reputable and legally registered physician who does not practice or claim to practice or lend his support to, any exclusive system of medicine, shall be eligible for membership.

Sec. 5. When a member in good standing in a component society moves to another county in this State, his name on request, shall be transferred without cost to the roster of the county society into whose jurisdiction he moves.

Sec. 6. A physician living near a county line may hold his membership in that county most convenient for him to attend, on permission of the Society in whose jurisdiction he resides.

Sec. 7. At some meeting in advance of the Annual Session of this Faculty, each component society shall elect a delegate to represent it in the House of Delegates of this Faculty in the proportion of one delegate to each fifty members or major fraction thereof, and the Secretary of the Society shall send a list of such delegates to the Secretary of this Faculty at least ten days before the Annual Session.

Sec. 8. The Secretary of each component society shall keep a roster of its members and also a list of the non-affiliated registered physicians of the county, in which shall be shown the full name, address, college and date of graduation, date of license to practice in the State, and such other information as may be deemed necessary. In keeping such roster the Secretary shall note any changes in the personnel

of the profession by death, or by removal to or from the county, and in making his annual report he shall account for every physician who has lived in the county during the year.

Sec. 9. The Secretary of each component society shall forward its assessment, together with its roster of officers and members, list of delegates, and list of non-affiliated physicians of the county to the Secretary of this Faculty each year ten days before the Annual Session.

Sec. 10. Any component society which fails to pay its assessment, or make the report required, on or before the date named in Section 10 shall be held as suspended, and delegates of such delinquent societies shall not be permitted to participate in the proceedings of the House of Delegates until such requirements shall have been met.

CHAPTER X-MISCELLANEOUS. SECTION 1. No address or paper before the Faculty, except those of the President and orator, shall occupy more than twenty minutes in its delivery; and no member shall speak longer than five minutes, nor more than once on any subject except by unanimous consent.

Sec. 2. All papers read before the Faculty shall become its property and a copy of each paper shall be deposited with the Secretary when read.

Sec. 3. The deliberations of this Faculty shall be governed by parliamentary usage as contained in Roberts' Rules of Order, when not in conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws.

Sec. 4. A motion to refer to the House of Delegates any subject, resolution or memorial, which has been presented to the general meeting of the Faculty, shall not be debatable.

Sec. 5. The principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association shall govern the conduct of members in their relations to each other and the public.

CHAPTER XI.—AMENDMENTS. These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual Meeting by a majority vote of all the delegates present at that session, after the amendment has laid on the table for one day.

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