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Adopted May 27, 1903.

1. The Library shall be open daily, except Sunday and legal holidays, from 10 A. M. until 10 P. M., from September 15 to June 15; and from 9 A. M. until 7 P. M. during the summer months, except for the month of August, when it shall be closed at 2 P. M.

II. Each member of the Faculty, paying the annual dues, shall be entitled to take out at one time, four volumes duodecimo, two volumes octavo, one volume quarto or one volume folio, of recent publications, and any reasonable number of old books and bound journals. This rule may be suspended by the written order of three members of the Library Committee.

III. City members retaining books longer than two weeks and county members longer than four weeks, shall be subject to a fine of two cents per day for each day thereafter and two cents for each mailed notice. Such fines shall be appropriated exclusively for the benefit of the Library. No member shall be allowed to hold a book by paying the fine if application has been made for same by another.

IV. No book shall be delivered to a member unless in person or to his written order. A member receiving a book shall be held responsible for it from the time of its delivery until its return to the Library. Strangers and students are cordially welcomed, but if extended use of the Library is desired are requested to present an introduction, and may not borrow books except upon the written order of a member.

V. A member not returning a book or books belonging to the Library within one week after the time allowed in Rule III, shall be notified by the Librarian that he is incurring a fine; and if they be not returned within one month, in the absence of satisfactory reasons therefor, the Librarian shall recover them, or, if they be lost, their value in behalf of the Faculty; otherwise the defaulting member shall forfeit the privileges of the Library, and shall be reported at the next annual convention of the Faculty by the Library Committee. Should any book be injured or defaced while in the possession of a member, he shall be fined at the discretion of the Library Committee, or, at his option, may furnish such a copy of the same work as shall be acceptable to the Committee.

VI. If any member, upon returning a book, shall find that there has been no application for it while in his possession, he may take it again for the time allowed in Rule III, subject to recall by messenger, but may not take it out a third time until after the expiration of one week succeeding its return to the Library. New books may not be taken by members for more than one term of two weeks until after the expiration of one additional week after their term.

VII. Members are not entitled to receive books from the Library until all arrearages for fines are paid. Fines may be remitted or reduced, for just and sufficient reasons, by the Library Committee.

VIII. The Librarian shall appropriately number and stamp the books, pamphlets and periodicals, and place them in proper order on the shelves. He shall obtain and keep a correct list of the members paying the annual dues. He shall record, in a book kept for that purpose, the names of members who receive books from the Library, the author and title of same, the date of their delivery and of their return. He shall continue the catalogue of the books, pamphlets, periodicals, etc.; keep an account of all moneys received by him for fines, contributions, sales, etc. ; which moneys he shall account for annually to the Chairman of the Library Committee.

He shall report, after the 15th of April, each year to the Library Committee, a statement of such donations of money, or of books, as may have been



made to the Library, with the names of the donors, as well as of such books, pamphlets, periodicals, or of other valuable matter, as may have come into the possession of the Library by purchase, exchange or otherwise. He shall keep a record of all books, periodicals, etc., upon the subscription list of the Library Committee, shall keep due record of their receipt at the proper time, and shall report to the Library Committee the non-receipt of any when overdue. He shall keep on file applications for such books as may have been let out of the Library, and make any suggestion to the Committee he may deem necessary. IX. Under

Under no circumstances will members be permitted to remove new books, etc., from the Library until they have been on the new book shelf three months. No unbound numbers of current journals may be taken from the library.

X. Scarce and valuable books, which would be difficult to replace, are marked with an asterisk (*) and may not be removed from the Library rooms without the approbation of two members of the Library Committee.

XI. The Librarian is empowered to sell or exchange duplicate books, journals, etc., upon such terms as may appear advantageous, upon the approval of the Library Committee.


Billings, John S., 32 E. 31st St., New York.
Chadwick, James R., Boston, Mass.
Chaillé, Stanford E., New Orleans, La.
Cheever, David W., 557 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
Cohen, S. Solis, Philadelphia, Pa.
Councilman, Wm. T., Boston, Mass.
Deaver, John B., Philadelphia, Pa.
Fitz, Reginald H., Boston, Mass.
Flexner, Simon, Philadelphia, Pa.
Johnson, Joseph Tabor, Washington, D. C.
Keen, W. W., Philadelphia, Pa.
Lange, Frederick, 130 E. 61st St., New York
Mallett, John W., University of Virginia.
Mitchell, S. Weir, Philadelphia, Pa.
Schweinitz, George E. de, Philadelphia, Pa.
Starr, M. Allen, New York.
Tyson, James, Philadelphia, Pa.

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