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Dr. Earle offered the following motion: That a special committee of eleven members be appointed by the President to prepare such amendments to the Medical Practice Act as they may deem desirable, and that this committee be instructed to furnish their report to a special meeting of the Faculty, to be called for that purpose in Baltimore City, about the middle of November, 1903. Motion seconded and unanimously adopted, and the President appointed the following: Drs. William H. Welch, Chairman, J. McP. Scott, Franklin B. Smith, Brice W. Goldsborough, Thomas A. Ashby, John D. Blake, John W. Chambers, G. Milton Linthicum, John S. Fulton, Herbert Harlan, L. A. Griffith.

Dr. Earle moved that a special committee of nine members, to be selected by the President, be appointed to consider the proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, and that this special committee be instructed to prepare and distribute printed copies of their report to every member of the Faculty, not later than ten days prior to the next annual meeting, so that definite action thereon may be taken at that meeting. Carried, and the President appointed the following: Drs. H. O. Reik, Chairman, Samuel T. Earle, Jr., G. Lane Taneyhill, Samuel Theobald, Charles M. Ellis, J. W. Humrichouse, Clotworthy Birnie, Henry M. Hurd, Edward N. Brush.

The Secretary presented correspondence from the American Medical Association and from two National Associations on Tuberculosis, all of which was referred to the Executive Committee for action.

By unanimous vote the thanks of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty were extended to Mr. Peter S. Flynn, for his kindness and courtesy to its members and for the excellent accommodations provided for the meetings. The meeting then adjourned.

Acting Secretary.


The One Hundred and Sixth Annual Meeting of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland was held at Baltimore, April 26, 27 and 28, 1904.

The first session was called to order at 8 P. M., in the hall of the Faculty, 847 N. Eutaw Street, Dr. Eugene F. Cordell presiding.

The Committee on Revision of the Constitution reported through their Chairman, Dr. H. O. Reik, that the Constitution (as found in another portion of the transactions) was unanimously approved.

The Constitution was read and discussed, section by section.

Dr. Reik moved that the Constitution be adopted. This was seconded by Drs. S. T. Earle, Jr., and G. Lane Taneyhill. The motion was carried.

The following programme was carried out at the remainder of the meeting:

MORNING CLINICS, Wednesday, April 27, 1904.

Johns Hopkins Hospital:

9-10 A. M. Operative Clinic in Gynecology, Dr. Howard A. Kelly.

10-11 A. M. Surgical Clinic, Dr. Wm. S. Halstead.

College of Physicians and Surgeons : 12-1.30 P. M. Surgical Clinic, Dr. J. W. Chambers.

AFTERNOON SESSION, Wednesday, April 27, 1904, 2.30 P. M., Hall of the Faculty.

"Antitoxic Serums in the Treatment of Disease," Dr. Harry T. Marshall.

"What Diphtheria Antitoxin Has Accomplished and How it Should be Used," Dr. Wm. T. Watson.

"The Value of Tetanus Antitoxin," Dr. Brice W. Goldsborough.

"The Clinical Value of Pneumotoxin, Typhoid Vaccine, etc.," Dr. T. B. Futcher.

"Dunbar's Antitoxin for Hay Fever," Dr. Wm. F. Lock


Discussion was opened by Dr. Wm. H. Welch.

EVENING SESSION, Wednesday, April 27, 1904, 8 o'clock, McCoy Hall, Johns Hopkins University.

Annual address by the President:

"The Importance of the Study of the History of Medicine," Dr. E. F. Cordell.

"The Röntgen Rays and Radium," Prof. R. W. Wood, Johns Hopkins University.

"The Diagnostic Value of the Röntgen Ray," Dr. F. H. Baetjer.

"The Therapeutic Value of the Röntgen Ray, Finsen Light and Radium," Dr. T. C. Gilchrist.

"The Medico-legal Importance of Röntgen Rays," Dr. H. F. Cassidy.

MORNING CLINICS, Thursday, April 28, 1904.

University of Maryland:

Medical Clinic, Drs. J. M. Craighill and

9-10 A. M. J. C. Hemmeter.

10-10.30 A. M. Surgical Clinic, Dr. Randolph Winslow. 10.30-11 A. M. An Abdominal Section, Dr. T. A. Ashby.

Baltimore Medical College:

12-12.30 P. M. An Operation for Hemorrhoids, Dr. S. T. Earle, Jr.

Conditions Simulating Appendicitis,

1.00-1.30 P. M. Cases illustrating the Best Method of Surgically Treating Fractured Patellae, Dr. John D. Blake.

12.30-1.00 P. M. Dr. Robert W. Johnson.

AFTERNOON SESSION, Thursday, April 28, 1904, 2.30 p. M. Hall of the Faculty.

"Pylorectomy for Cancer of the Stomach" (Exhibition of patient), Dr. Jos. H. Branham.

"A Case of Chronic Pancreatitis; Operation; Recovery" (exhibition of patient), Drs. J. W. Chambers and Julius Friedenwald.

"Hour Glass Contraction of the Stomach" (exhibition of specimens), Dr. José L. Hirsh.

THURSDAY EVENING SESSION, April 28, 1904, 8 P. M.. McCoy Hall, Johns Hopkins University.

Annual Oration: "The More Remote Consequences of Infected Bile," Dr. John B. Deaver.

Original Poem: "The Foes of the Household," Dr. C. C. Bombaugh.

Adjournment and banquet at Stafford Hotel.

J. W. LORD, M. D.,



The first meeting of the House of Delegates convened at the Hotel Stafford at 11 A. M., April 27, 1904. Dr. Cordell presided. In the absence of the Secretary, Dr. William S. Gardner was unanimously elected Secretary pro tem.

The delegates from the various component societies presented their credentials, and took their seats.

The Committee on the Organization of the County Societies reported that societies had been organized in all the counties except four, viz.: Charles, Alleghany, Caroline and Harford. The Committee asked to be discharged and that the Council carry on the work of organization. The report was accepted, and the Council instructed to act accordingly.

The reports of the Trustees and the various Committees (as published) were read and accepted.

The question as to whether delegates should be allowed to vote by proxy was decided that each delegate must be present and vote; if absent his vote is lost.

The House of Delegates adjourned.

The second meeting of the House of Delegates was held at 11 A. M., April 28, 1904, at the Hotel Stafford.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Dr. Edward N. Brush.

Vice-Presidents, Drs. Samuel T. Earle, Jr., D. C. R. Miller and Julius A. Johnson.

Secretary, Dr. John Ruhräh.

Treasurer, Dr. Thomas A. Ashby.

Trustees, Drs. Henry M. Hurd, L. McLane Tiffany, Wilmer Brinton, G. Lane Taneyhill, Charles M. Ellis, I. Edmondson Atkinson, Edward N. Brush, Samuel C. Chew, J. W. Humrichouse and John W. Chambers.

Committee on Scientific Work and Arrangements, Drs. Jeffries Buck, Henry O. Reik, and John Ruhräh.

Committee on Public Policy and Legislation, Drs. William H. Welch, Thomas S. Latimer, Edwin J. Dirickson, Edward N. Brush and John Ruhräh.

Library Committee, Drs. George J. Preston, William Osler, Stewart Paton, Charles O'Donovan, and J. Whitridge Williams.

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