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To such certificates of speedy cure.
For sensibility to wear such mask,
What uncongenial, what unwelcome task,
E'en when responsive to the tempter's voice
From pinched resourcefulness, and not from choice.

With every morning's mail, from near and far,
Comes leaflet, pamphlet, booklet, circular,
From manufacturers who never tire
Of heaping fuel on a blazing fire,
And who combine to form an endless chain
Of new derivatives to quiet pain,
New antiseptics, bromides, iodides,
Eliminants, hypnotics, germicides,
Or ready made prescriptions which imply
Challenge of morals, taste, propriety,
With magnified and problematic claims,
And with involved, grotesque, and tortuous names.
Their worse than useless drugs they multiply,
And overload with prodigal supply,
Only to lumber the shopkeeper's shelves,
With trial samples tantalize ourselves,
And blot and blemish advertising space
Where, rightly speaking, they should have no place,
And where appearance means, constructively,
Professional assent, yes guarantee.
Why should our own class journals seek support
From sources of such questionable sort?
Does any other craft—let us be just-
Thus wound itself, or thus betray its trust?

Commercialism shows another bent,
Professedly your work to supplement-
Homes for inebriates—What that means, you know;
Homes for the slaves narcotics overthrow;
Homes for the physical and moral wreck
That holds debauchery at last in check;
The sanitarium that nothing lacks
For neurasthenics, hypochondriacs ;
The private rooms for lying-in, and thence,

More lying in the ordinary sense;
Private asylums in the city streets,
In rural shades or mountainous retreats ;
While mineral springs, with their alluring bait,
Your chronic cases strive to captivate,
Adding to stock in trade the harped-on theme
Of change of air, of scenery, and regime.
These are your friends the enemy, and these
Follow a rule of sport, “go as you please.”

But what of those who still play fast and loose
With that great wrong, dispensary abuse,
That suicidal course which in its rounds
Expands benevolence beyond all bounds ?
Your philanthropic promptings, measures, aims,
The unselfish service obligation claims,
Self-sacrifice from which there's no recoil,
Humanity that takes no note of toil,
These are the diagnostic signs, my brothers,
That lift the healing art above all others.
But do not let them weaken self-defense,
Or blind perception of your recompense.
While merchantmen pursue their devious course,
Your rights and your immunities enforce;
While charlatans aggressively pursue,
Don't rob yourselves of that which is your due.
Be in dispensary work, out-door, in-door,
Gracious, humane, to the deserving poor.
But why advise and help, from day to day,
Sneaks and impostors who are birds of prey ?
Why waste good ammunition on the cheats
Called by the name "respectable dead beats?"
Why deal out medicines with lavish hand
To misers who have dollars at command,
Paupers with money in their belts or hose,
Beggars with savings stuffed in ragged clothes ?
If the delinquents point to that word FREE
Over the door of the Infirmary,
Tell them, while their misstatements you condemn,
"Something for nothing" is not meant for them.


Free service is for honest indigence,
And not a premium on false pretense.
If clinical material is slack,
If illustrations for your class you lack,
Fill up the gap from the expectant throng,
But make them bring some quid pro quo along.
Let them do duty double in degree,
Serve clinic teaching-pay a nominal fee.
Thus, while the counterfeiters you restrain,
Your equities you jealously maintain,
Sure that the charity that best befriends
Begins at home, no matter where it ends.



The Executive Committee organized soon after the last annual meeting and met frequently during the year for the transaction of the routine business, including the appropriations, arrangements for the Semi-annual and Annual Meetings, selection of the orator, etc.

One of the most important duties of the Committee was the effort to carry out the desire of the Faculty to obtain State aid in erecting a fire-proof building, according to the resolutions adopted at a special meeting of the Faculty on December 28, 1903.

We append herewith the report upon this unsuccessful effort. *

John D. BLAKE.
Thos. A. ASHBY.

Executive Committee.

*It is not deemed necessary to publish this report.



RECEIPTS. Balance from last report..

. $ 486 01 Dues, membership fees, etc.

. 2,300 50 Loan from Commonwealth Bank.. 700 00 Rent of hall

117 00 Exhibit

10 00 Donations from three medical schools for library fund.

75 00

$3,688 51 EXPENDITURES. Account of library.

. $1,282 09 Coal and gas account.

433 2 Telephones

134 45 Repairs, etc., to house..

209 08 Insurance on property.

51 50 Water taxes

25 61 Smoker, Annual Meeting.

83 10 Janitor's salary on part of trustees. 180 00 Expense of Secretary's Office.

140 00 Expense of Treasurer's Office.

114 40 Printing

16 15 Lawyer's Fee, Medical Practice Act.. 71 00 Programme Committee.

72 35 Membership Committee

37 09 County Medical Society Committee... 53 37 Commonwealth Bank, note...

700 00 Commonwealth Bank, interest

30 35 Incidentals

52 70

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Total expenses.

$3,686 96


$ 1 55 Respectfully submitted,

THOMAS A. ASHBY, Treasurer.

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