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Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Faculty:

Your Library Committee takes pleasure in calling attention to the steady progress made. The list of journals has been kept up, and many new and old books added by purchase and donation. Our library is now an extremely valuable one, and it is to be regretted that it is not housed in a fire-proof building. Besides the danger to the library in case of fire, the accommodations in our present building are entirely inadequate. Some measure should speedily be set on foot, looking to the acquirement of a much larger, fireproof building. Your Committee would call attention to the fact that a larger appropriation is necessary if the work of the Library is to be properly carried on. If the cataloguing is to be kept up to date, it is absolutely necessary to have a permanent assistant in addition to the assistant furnished by the Association of Medical Librarians. Therefore this Committee would suggest the sum of $1,500 as a suitable appropriation for the coming year.

In conclusion the Committee desires to express its appreciation of the excellent work done by the librarian, Miss Noyes, and her assistants.



Mr. Chairman and Members of the Library Committee:

A revision of the Library rules was found necessary early in the year, placing greater restriction on the loan of unbound journals, and debarring students from drawing books from the Library, except upon the written order of a member.

Each year the loss of numbers from our Journal files has become greater, and in many instances it has been impossible to replace the missing numbers, making the whole volume a loss. We have twenty such incomplete volumes, all from valuable sets, which we are unable to bind, because numbers have been borrowed and lost, and cannot be replaced. For most of these no borrower's slip was left, and the journal could not be traced.

Debarring the students from borrowing books has reduced the number of books borrowed for home use this past year to 1,585, but that increased use has been made of the books in the reading-rooms is proved by the 4,501 readers registered.

The total number of accessions for the year is 694, as follows: Dr. T. A. Ashby, 1; Association of Medical Librarians, 8; Dr. M. B. Billingslea, 51; Book and Journal Club, 6; Boston Medical Library, 9; Dr. S. C. Chew, 24; Dr. T. S. Cullen, 1; Enoch Pratt Free Library, 7; Frick Library, 175 (23 being the gift of Dr. Wm. Osler); Dr. H. Friedenwald, 3; Dr. J. S. Fulton, 8; Dr. E. E. Gibbons, 1; Dr. H. B. Jacobs, 1; Library Committee Fund, 7; Dr. A. McGlannan, 1; Dr. J. Neff, 1; Dr. C. O'Donovan, 18; Dr. J. Ordronaux, 9; Dr. Wm. Osler, 28; Dr. S. Paton, 43; Dr. H. O. Reik, 6; Dr. J. Ruhräh, 9; Dr. C. E. Simon, 1; Surgeon-General's Office, 4; Dr. W. S. Thayer, 7; Transactions and Reports of Societies, 59; Dr. J. W. Williams, 3; Dr. T. C. Worthington, 2; by binding journals, 201.

The tal number of volumes in the Library is 13,833; of these 4,449 are bound Journals. There are also 5,301 unbound monographs and reprints, and a large number of bound and unbound duplicates. These duplicates are given to members of the Association Medical Librarians, if required; but a number have been sold to physicians at half price.

There were 217 monographs and reprints received from the following: Dr. V. Y. Bowditch, 2; Dr. S. E. Chaillé, 2; Dr. E. F. Cordell, 1; Dr. W. A. Edwards, 1; Dr. A. W. Fairbanks, 1; Dr. W. W. Ford, 1; Dr. H. Friedenwald, 17; Dr. L. V. Hamman, 1; Dr. W. B. Hopkins, 1; Dr. H. A. Kelly, 6; Dr. W. Osler, 15; Dr. H. T. Patrick, 1; Dr. J.

Punton, 2; Dr. E. Pynchon, 11; Dr. H. M. Starkey, 2; Dr. W. R. Steiner, 3; Dr. W. S. Thayer, 15; Dr. E. L. Whitney, 1; Dr. D. F. Willard, 2; Dr. C. A. Wood, 1; University of Dorpat, 59; University of Göttingen, 51; University of Heidelberg, 41.

A large number of miscellaneous journals was presented by Dr. F. M. Chisolm, the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Dr. J. M. T. Finney, Dr. H. B. Jacobs, Park, Davis & Co., Dr. S. Paton, Dr. W. B. Platt, Dr. J. Ruhräh, Sharp & Dohme, Dr. W. S. Thayer.

There were 316 volumes collected and bound; only two of the sets that require rebinding are included in this, and a special appropriation should be made for the rebinding of old books and journals which cannot be preserved otherwise.

The Journals, regularly filed, number 152. Of these, 54 are donated by the Book and Journal Club, 11 by Dr. W. Osler, 1 by Dr. J. C. Hemmeter, 4 by Maryland Medical Journal, 8 through the Association of Medical Librarians, 51 are subscribed to by the Library Committee, and 23 are received by exchange.

The crowded condition of the Library was somewhat relieved by shelving the walls in the assembly hall; but at the present rate of growth this is at best but a temporary relief, and the need for a new building is felt on every hand.

The work of the Exchange for the Association of Medical Librarians has crowded our lower hall, and most of the present year a second assistant has been employed, from the Petty Cash Fund, to assist with this work. The services of an assistant are required almost constantly, as the work of our own Library has increased to such an extent, and it is earnestly hoped the Faculty will assume the assistant's salary the coming year, and leave the work of the Exchange to a second assistant.

All the old and rare books in the Library have been placed in locked cases in the Librarian's Office and marked by a double starr (**). The rule that such books may not be borrowed, except by special permission, will be strictly adhered to.

The State Examining Board gave $100 to the Library Committee for the Library. This was set aside for special help; and an inventory of the books in the Library, by comparison with the author cards, was begun. So far twentytwo books have been found missing, and the completion of this work will consume the balance noted below.

Three valuable additions were made to our collection of portraits: A crayon of Dr. John Crawford, the gift of Dr. William Osler; a portrait of Dr. John R. W. Dunbar, by purchase from the Crim collection, and a handsome painting of Dr. Aaron Friedenwald, from his son, Dr. Harry Friedenwald.

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LIBRARY FUNDS. Petty Cash Account.

Balance brought forward, Apr. 15, '03.$ 53 84
Gift from State Board, Med'l Exmrs.. 100 00
Sale of Duplicates.

75 20 Sale of paper ..

14 14 Received from fines.

67 96

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Library appropriation, 1903—1904...$1,100 00
Contributions from three medical

75 00

Total Receipts

$1,175 00

30 00

Association Medical Librarians.. ..$
Asso'n Medical Librarians, Librarian's

J. Cowan, shelving..
Index medicus
Library bureau
Maryland Medical Journal.
New York Medical Journal.
Nunn & Co., supplies..
R. L. Polk & Co...
J. Ruzicka, binding.
Salary of Librarian on part Library

Salary of Janitor on part Libr’y Com.
G. E. Stechert, Journals.
Williams & Wilkins Co..

25 00 93 00 5 00 6 50 2 00 4 00 14 78 10 00 264 85

415 00
120 00
288 40
10 45

Total Expenses

$1,288 98


$ 113 98


Mr. President and Members of the Faculty:

No legislative matters pertaining to the interests of the Faculty or of the Medical Profession were brought to the attention of the Committee during the past year. It will

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