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be recalled that the Faculty, at a special meeting held in January, decided to recommend no changes in the existing Medical Practice Act, the report to this effect of the special committee appointed at the Semi-annual Meeting to consider the question, being accepted. The matter of securing from the Legislature an appropriation for the library of the Faculty was in charge of a special committee appointed for the purpose. The most important medical legislation enacted at the recent session of the Legislature was that embodied in the bills recommended by the Tuberculosis Commission.

WILLIAM H. WELCH, Chairman. Baltimore, April 27, 1904.


The Committee respectfully report the following deaths of members during the past year:

FRANCIS TURQUAND MILES, Baltimore, Md., July 30, 1903, aged 76.

ABRAM HICKS PRICE, Towson, Baltimore County, Md., March 1, 1904, aged 64.

Moses W. MERRYMAN, Atlantic City, N. J., January 25, 1904, aged 76.

JAMES S. WHITAKER, Cherry Hill, Cecil County, Md., March 12, 1904, aged 56.

JOSEPH CARROLL MONMONIER, Franklin, Baltimore County, Md., April 6, 1904.

Sketches of all of these are given in the Medical Annals. They were all worthy members of the profession, and have left behind them honorable records of which we may be proud. Dr. Miles was long the chief representative in the department of neurology in this city, having been the first to teach the modern views of that intricate subject as far back as 1869. He was a model physician and gentleman, courteous, conscientious, studious, dignified, manly, a hater

of shams, a most eloquent teacher. The best evidence of the success of his work and life is the affection and reverence with which his memory is regarded by his pupils, colleagues and patients. His contributions to our transactions were among the most valuable therein, and but for the retiring, shrinking disposition of Dr. Miles, he might have reached the highest office within our gift.

Mention should also be made of the following former members, deceased during the year:

EDWARD E. STONESTREET, Rockville, Md., October 9, 1903.

JULIAN J. CHISOLM, Petersburg, Va., November 1, 1903.

EDWARD M. HARDCASTLE, Easton, Md., December 27, 1903.

PETER BRYSON Wood, Baltimore, Md., February 19, 1904. Gustav LIEBMAN, Boston, Mass., February 20, 1904.

Respectfully presented,




It is with pleasure that we report that this fund, founded by the Faculty at its last Annual Meeting, has been successfully inaugurated. As the only charity within our profession and one sorely needed, it commends itself deeply to us. More than one instance is known in this community where leaders in the profession have had to be buried by their colleagues. If this be so of them, what must be the condition of the rank and file? Those sad faces of wives and little ones left unprovided for by the early decease (perhaps from too great devotion to duty) of their natural protectors, ap

peal to us more than mere words. We should not leave their relief to desultory effort, but should make permanent provision for them. We ask the members of the Faculty to contribute to this fund as they are able, and we hope that you will also remember it in your wills. We hope also to interest many of our citizens in it. The tie between the physician and his patients is a very strong one, and, we believe, if the proper appeal be made to them, many laymen and laywomen will liberally contribute, for the sake of the beloved physician. As the contributions come in, they will be placed in the savings department of the Commonwealth Bank, where an account has been opened and where we receive 312 per cent. interest.

The following subscriptions have been made: Wm. Osler,
William S. Halstead, each $100; L. McLane Tiffany, J.
M. T. Finney, each $50; J. W. Chambers, Wm. E. Moseley,
Hugh H. Young, J. Holmes Smith, each $25; J. C. Blood-
good, $15; Robt. W. Johnson, Eugene F. Cordell, Daniel
W. Cathell, Thos. S. Latimer, Wm. H. Welch, Thomas
Opie, Clotworthy Birnie, Hiram Woods, Harry Frieden-
wald, John D. Blake, Sydney M. Cone, George Reuling,
Walter B. Platt, Wm. S. Thayer, R. B. Warfield, Wm. F.
Lockwood, J. Wm. Lord, John Neff, R. Tunstall Taylor,
James Bosley, Louis P. Hamburger, Frank Martin, A. C.
Pole, Charles M. Ellis, Henry M. Hurd, Charles G. Hill,
each $10; J. J. Abell, G. Lane Taneyhill, Russell Murdoch,
A. D. McConachie, W. H. Howell, Thomas H. Buckler,
John N. Mackenzie, A. H. Whitridge, Jacob H. Hartman,
Julius Friedenwald, J. M. H. Knox, Sylvan Likes, J. H.
Branham, Franklin B. Smith, J. McP. Scott, W. F. Hines,
A. S. Mason, B. W. Goldsborough, J. Percy Wade, S. K.
Merrick, W. P. E. Wyse, each $5. Interest, $12,50: total,



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The Annual Report of the Board of Medical Examiners herewith submitted embodies features which it is hoped will prove interesting and helpful to the profession. Your attention is specially directed to the Abstract of Laws regulating Medical Practice in the various States and Territories. The conspicuous feature of these laws and which must be of significance and influence, is, that in all the States and Territories, except Alaska, the right to practice medicine is under some form of regulation. Where this control is lodged, and the method to be pursued whereby this right can be secured, varies in the different States.

One grants the right to practice by virtue of the ownership of a Diploma issued by Medical Colleges chartered and cperating within that particular State. Kentucky is distinguished by this vainglorious estimate of the value of her own institutions.

One or two more grant the right to practice by virtue of a diploma issued by institutions approved by designated authorities or named in the law. With the exception of the few thus noted the authority to issue a License to practice medicine is lodged in a Board of Medical Examiners, and the License is issued as a result of examination. The exceptions therefore are so few and insignificant that, it may be said that in all the States the right to begin the practice of medicine is dependent upon a license, issued after a successful examination upon various medical subjects usually named in the law.

The Report also presents a list of Registered Physicians of the various counties and Baltimore City. These lists were secured from the Clerks of Courts in accordance with legal requirements, and the Secretary herewith desires to express his appreciation of the prompt and willing service rendered by the gentlemen in charge of these records.

These lists are necessarily incomplete and inaccurate. When received copies were sent to everyone named thereon, requesting correction and return. This work, with that en

tailed by the Baltimore list, involved the expenditure of much time and considerable money, as the Registers in the Clerks' Offices do not show the street address. These were sought through examination of city and telephone directories. The printed lists were then sent to each physician whose name appeared thereon-as resident in Baltimore, numbering about fifteen hundred, with a note from the Secretary, stating the purpose of the communication and requesting the return of the same with any information which the recipient might possess. Of the number sent out fifty-four were returned. In the correction of lists those who have moved away should not be considered, as the absence may be temporary, and it is moreover scarcely a question that the act of registration constitutes a vested right until disturbed for cause by prescribed legal procedure. The names of those who have died was much desired so that their names could be erased. The duplication of returns giving the names of deceased physicians suggested that in this particular the list is correct.

Since the list was submitted to the Board many doubtless have been entered upon the various registers of physicians throughout the State, but with the lists as now arranged it will be comparatively easy to secure the names subsequently added, through conference with those in charge of the registers. It will therefore be quite practicable in a couple of years, by using this Report as a basis, to secure an authentic list of all the registered physicians in the State.

Since its organization it has been the practice of the Board to publish annually in the Maryland Medical Journal a summary of the results of the examination, together with the questions used at the examination. The distribution of this information is limited by the circulation of the Journal, and we have included in this report the summary of the results of examination and questions for 1903, in order that the Faculty and physicians generally throughout the State, may be informed as to the scope and method of the work as conducted by the Board of Medical Examiners. During the past year nothing of special interest has occurred to which reference is necessary. The establishment of reciprocal relations with other States whereby the license of one State

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