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ary College. He must also be a graduate of a Medical School, which requires study of at least four years, including three regular courses of lectures in different years. The passing of an examination before one of the three State Examining Boards is also necessary. Send application to Medical Council. Reciprocity with New York.


All persons practicing on the Islands before December 4, 1901, who are graduates, certain students in St. Thomas's University in Manila and persons who have passed an examination pursuant to certain military orders will be licensed without further examination. All other applicants must be graduates and must pass an examination. The Board of Medical Examiners holds such examinations four times a year.

PUERTO RICO. An examination is necessary to which graduates alone are eligible. Graduates who are also licensees of State Boards may be licensed without examination, within the discretion of the Superior Board of Health.


Any physician who passes an examination before the State Board of Health will be licensed.


All applicants must be graduates of a Medical School and must pass an examination before the Board of Medical Examiners. Any person, however, holding a diploma issued by any South Carolina College, which has a four years' course of instruction and a standard of not less than seventyfive per cent. on examination, will be licensed without such an examination.


Examination before the State Board of Medical Examiners is necessary. All applicants must be graduates, who have taken four full courses of lectures in separate years.

TENNESSEE. No requirement except the passing of an examination before the State Board.

TEXAS. Three Boards of Examiners. Examination before one of them necessary. Reciprocity permitted.


An examination before the State Board of Examiners is necessary and only graduates are eligible.


Controlled by Board of Censors of the State Medical Societies. Each society has a separate Examining Board, which fixes its own standard. Every applicant, who must be a graduate, is required to pass an examination before one of these Boards. Reciprocity permitted.


Graduates of any College, conforming to the requirements of the Association of Medical Colleges, are eligible to an examination given by the Medical Examining Board of the State and must pass such examination before a license will be issued. A certificate will be issued to licensees of other States, who present a diploma from a reputable College, with an attested certificate from a State Medical Examining Board having same requirements as the Virginia Board, and pass a satisfactory oral examination before a committee of the Board.

WASHINGTON. Examination always necessary and applicant must be a graduate of a Medical College, which has at least a three years' graded course. Reciprocity permitted.

WEST VIRGINIA. The passing of an examination in specified subjects before the State Board of Health is always necessary.


Every applicant must be a graduate of a medical College that requires for admission an elementary education equivalent to that necessary for entry to the Junior Class of a High School of the State, including one year's course in Latin and for graduation at least four courses of not less than seven months each; no two of said courses to be taken within any one twelve months. Wisconsin will reciprocate with any other State having equal requirements.


All applicants who are graduates of Colleges of recognized merit can receive certificate without examination. Applicants holding diplomas from institutions of other than recognized merit may be examined by the Board of Examiners in the usual branches of medicine.

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Dr. J. Williams Lord, Secretary,

Medical and Chirurgical Faculty: DEAR SIR :-Enclosed you will find audited Financial Report of this Board, which the Secretary-Treasurer has requested me to forward you,

Very truly yours,



Treasurer Board of Medical Examiners of Maryland, of Receipts and Disbursements from April 27, 1903,

to April 25, 1904.

RECEIPTS. 1903. April 27, cash balance as per report.

.$ 995 06 1904. April 26, fees from licenses, permits and transfers 2,815 15

Total receipts...

$3,810 21


DISBURSEMENTS. 1903. May 2-H. L. Brown, returned fee....

.$ 15 ON 2—W. H. Benson, returned fee....

15 00 “ 22–C. H. Hollander & Sons, chairs and ta

bles for May, 1903, examinations..... 33 25 22—A, S. Abell, advertismt. May, 1903, exam. 7 35 22—Evening News Publishing Co., advertisement, May, 1903 ex..

6 67 “ 23—T. W. Biershing, printing.

24 55 “ 25—Chas. L. Owens, returned fee.

15 00 25-Jos. S. Garrison, copies of med. law... 8 00 26—D. M. Henderson, stationery for May, 1903, examination

26 40 “ 28Geo. A. Jennings, returned fee..

15 00 June 1-B. W. Goldsborough, exam, services.. 39 90 1-E. J. Dirickson, ex. services.

54 91 14H.'B. Thomas,

28 20 1-Eugene McE. Van Ness, examination,

rent of hall, pay of detective, etc... 144 85 3—Jesse J. Wright, returned fee. ...

15 00 10_Court costs in Caspari and others, paid by Eugene McE. Van Ness. ...,

79 00 11—E. J. Dirickson, ex., bal. on acc't.... 100 00 11–J. McP. Scott, per diem and ex. to June 1, 1903, bal. on acc't..

182 40 13—Geo. J. Preston, Chairman Committee

on Library, contribution to library. 100 00 29Wm. H. Talbott, returned fee....

15 00 29—Eugene McE. Van Ness, per diem... 90 00 29American Academy of Medicine, subscription to Bulletin....

3 00 July 2-H. B. Thomas, bal. on per diem.

90 00 2—W. W. Wiley, med. exam...

102 10 2-C. F. Davidson, exam....

109 80 4B. W. Goldsborough, exam.

70 00 6-F. B. Smith, exam......

132 40 30—L. S. Savage, returned fee..

15 00 30—Chas. Selden, returned fee.

15 00 Aug. 10—Thos. S. Humphrey, returned fee... 15 00 21—John W. Biershing, printing...

9 00 25_J. McP. Scott, salary as Sec-Treas. to Jan. 1, 1903.

500 00 Forwarded

$2,076 78





Aug. 25-Amount brought forward

. $2,076 78 29 John W. Biershing, printing..

5 00 Sept. 12—John W. Biershing, bal, on postal card printing

33 05 Nov. 3-A. S. Abell Co., advertisement, Nov. 1903 exam

9 14 3-Evening News Publishing Co., advertisement, Nov. 1903 exam.

6 09 13—John W. Biershing, printing envelopes and identification cards....

13 50 17–James E. McCoy, returned fee.

15 00 “ 17—Chas. H. Zellner, returned fee..

15 00 20–Gustave Caution, janitor....

5 00 “ 20D. M. Henderson, stationery, November exam

9 00 “ 21–U. A. Pollack, tables, November exam.. 11 25 Dec. 11-Edwin J. Dirickson, exam.

107 83 12-E. McE. Van Ness, exam.

97 60 24-B. W. Goldsborough, exam.

86 00 24—W. W. Wiley, exam..

19 00 “ 26-James A. Stevens, exam..

94 30

Jan. 1-L. A. Griffith, exam.....

95 80 Franklin B. Smith, exam......

59 30 16-John W. Biershing, envelopes & printing. 1 75 Feb. 29—Walter H. Vinal, returned fee..... 15 00 March 12—Walter L. Nicholls, returned fee.

15 00 28—H. K. Startzman, P. M., on account

stamps for Baltimore list of registered

15 00
29—J. McP. Scott, per diem and traveling
expenses to date......

121 05 29—J. McP. Scott, expenditures postage, telegrams, expressage, etc....

51 68 April 5S. Emory Clarke, for special directory

work, preparing Baltimore city list... 10 00 19Chas. E. Kaylor, directing envelopes to Baltimore

3 00 20Alex. Armstrong, Jr., abstracting medical laws

5 00 22Ira W. Hayes, printing and covering 1,500 copies Annual Report...

65 00 Forwarded

.$3,061 12

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