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Editors of the Observatory, 1908

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Strana 317 - We see it as Columbus saw America from the shores of Spain. Its movements have been felt, trembling along the far-reaching line of our analysis, with a certainty hardly inferior to that of ocular demonstration.
Strana 176 - Gas on the Temperature of the Crater of the Electric Arc," " The Thermal Radiation from Sun-spots," and " Radiation from a Perfect Radiator.
Strana 328 - le plus riche de tous les savans; et probablement aussi, le plus savant de tous les riches.
Strana 9 - IN the year 1908 there will be three Eclipses of the Sun and one of the Moon. I. — A Total Eclipse of the Sun, January 3.
Strana 287 - There is a great comet. I want you to assist me. Come to dine and spend the day here. If you can come soon after one o'clock we shall have time to prepare maps and telescopes. I saw its situation last night, — it has a long tail.
Strana 333 - If I may be permitted to do so. I should like to turn aside here for a moment, and inquire what we mean by seeing a thing.
Strana 474 - THE LATE JP JOULE, DCL, FRS Volume II., published by the Physical Society of London. Uniform with the above, price £1, with numerous Woodcuts, four Plates, and Portrait. Vol. I. THE SCIENTIFIC PAPERS OF THE LATE JP JOULE, DCL, FRS...
Strana 85 - ... which such disputes should be settled. Although the exceptional deluges of a thunderstorm or a great depression fall with equal and impartial heaviness on the hills .of the west or the flat plains of the east, the common every-day rains are precipitated on the high lands and in the mountain valleys which cross the track of the prevailing wind in much greater abundance than on level and low stretches of country. Most of the rain is borne to our islands from the Atlantic, and when it comes torrentially...
Strana 85 - ... for the problem of the rivers is becoming acute. The growing populations of the great towns are tapping the upper waters and diverting the water from its natural channels, and at the same time they are polluting the lower courses with the waste of the factories and the streets. Toll is taken all along the banks of industrial streams for raising steam and carrying on the multitudinous processes of manufacture. There is sometimes anxiety as to whether the waterways can be kept sufficiently supplied...
Strana 441 - The Report of the Scrutineers of the Ballot for the Election of the Council was read to the Meeting. The Report declared that the following were duly elected a COUNCIL FOR THE ENSUING YEAR.

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