A Rattleskull Genius: The Many Faces of Iolo Morganwg

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Geraint H. Jenkins
University of Wales Press, 2005 - Počet stran: 515
Iolo Morganwg is arguably the most extraordinary figure in the entire cultural history of Wales. Since his long and turbulent career unfolded against a backdrop of improvement, industrialization, evangelicalism, enlightenment and romanticism, it is not surprising that a myriad Iolos emerged: the multi-gifted stonemason, the druidic bard, the labouring poet, the romantic myth-maker, the consummate forger, the political radical, the agricultural commentator, the apostle of anti-trinitarianism, and many others. His life was riddled with apparent ironies, paradoxes and contradictions, and the aim of this stimulating volume is to re-evaluate his diverse interests and to celebrate the multifaceted achievements of a flawed but endlessly fascinating self-styled rattleskull genius.

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Iolo Morganwg and the Welsh Cultural Background
The Culture and Politics of Forgery in Central
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Geraint H. Jenkins has published extensively, in Welsh and English, on the history of early modern and modern Wales.  He is general editor of two successful series -- 'A Social History of the Welsh Language' and 'The Visual Culture of Wales' -- both of which are published by the University of Wales Press.

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