Principles of Macroeconomics and the Canadian Economy

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W.W. Norton, 1997 - Počet stran: 489
Shaped by the groundbreaking research that earned Professor Stiglitzthe Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, and by Professor Boadway'sintimate knowledge of the Canadian economy, the First Edition of thesecompanion texts changed the way introductory Canadian economics istaught. Paying close attention to significant topics neglected by mostprinciples-level texts-such as imperfect markets and the centrality oftechnological change in modern economies-the authors provided beginningstudents with the tools to interpret economic realities in the worldaround them. The Second Edition continues this tradition. Updated toreflect recent economic change and with more tightly focused chapters,the Second Edition remains the strongest text for students of Canadianeconomics.

O autorovi (1997)

Joseph Stiglitz is professor of economics at Columbia University.

Robin Boadway is Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Economic Theory and former head of the Department of Economics at Queen's University. He served as managing editor of the Canadian Journal of Economics for several years and was president of the Canadian Economics Association in 1996-97. He is well-known for his contributions to public sector and welfare economics, which include Public Sector Economics, with D. E. Wildasin, Welfare Economics, with N. Bruce, and Canadian Tax Policy, with H. M. Kitchen, as well as numerous journal articles and monographs. His prize-winning research emphasizes the application of economic theory to important policy issues and has illuminated many Canadian public policy debates ranging from fiscal federalism to reform to redistributive policy.

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