The Broad Pennant: Or, A Cruise in the United States Flag Ship of the Gulf Squadron, During the Mexican Difficulties

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Leavitt, Trow, & Company, 1848 - Počet stran: 415

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Strana 269 - So God loved the world, that he gave his only -begotten Son, to the end that all that believe in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Strana 37 - Save, Lord, or we perish." St. Matt. viii. 25. through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming, When o'er the dark wave the red lightning is gleaming, Nor hope lends a ray the poor seaman to cherish, We fly to our Maker :
Strana 43 - How like thy wing's impatient zeal Is the pure soul, that scorns to rest Upon the world's ignoble breast, But takes the plume that God has given, And rises into light and heaven ! But, when I see that wing, so bright, Grow languid with a moment's flight. Attempt the paths of air in vain...
Strana 128 - TELL me, ye winged winds, that round my pathway roar, Do ye not know some spot where mortals weep no more? Some lone and pleasant dell, some valley in the west, Where, free from toil and pain, the weary soul may rest? The loud wind dwindled to a whisper low, And sighed for pity as it answered —
Strana 129 - And thou, serenest moon, that, with such lovely face, Dost look upon the earth, asleep in night's embrace; Tell me, in all thy round, hast thou not seen some spot, Where miserable man might find a happier lot? Behind a cloud the moon withdrew in woe, And a voice, sweet, but sad, responded—
Strana 176 - Our victory has been decisive. A small force has overcome immense odds of the best troops that Mexico can furnish — veteran regiments perfectly equipped and appointed. Eight pieces of artillery, several colors and standards, a great number of prisoners, including 14 officers, and a large amount of baggage and public property have fallen into our hands.
Strana 129 - Tell me, thou mighty deep, whose billows round me play, Know'st thou some favored spot, some island far away, Where weary man may find the bliss for which he sighs ; Where sorrow never lives, and friendship never dies? The loud waves, rolling in perpetual flow, Stopped for a while, and sighed to answer —
Strana 215 - ... beginning at the mouth of the Sabine river, and running west along the Gulf of Mexico three leagues from land, to the mouth of the Rio Grande.
Strana 132 - I AM the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die.
Strana 29 - Wouldst thou from sorrow find a sweet relief? Or is thy heart oppressed with woes untold ? Balm wouldst thou gather for corroding grief? Pour blessings round thee like a shower of gold. — 'Tis when the rose is...

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