Diversity Addiction: The Cause and the Cure

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AuthorHouse, 4. 9. 2007 - Počet stran: 296
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America is in a national crisis. A social narcotic, “diversity addiction,” has taken over the USA. Whether people are in school, the workplace, church, or home, diversity injections plunge deeply into them from every direction. Tolerance forces upon us unnatural diversity, disrupts human nature, and upsets the fundamental ideal of the equality of “man,” over the equality of “ideas.” All men are created equal. Ideas, values, morals, ethics, lifestyles, and religions are not equal; diversity addicts “flip-flop” this equation giving all worldviews equal status. If you express “closely held personal beliefs” that are contrary, or not an asset, to the diversity group, you are no longer treated as an equal. Instead, you may be rebuked, harassed, bullied, ostracized, labeled, and perhaps lose your job, or be accused of a hate incident, or hate crime. Diversity Addiction: The Cause And The Cure provides the reader with a simple, clear explanation of the doctrines and methodologies used in creating diversity addicts and diversity enforcement programs. It clarifies the Judeo-Christian principles (The American Way) that formed this nation and their influence on our individual rights secured by the Constitution. America’s recovery from “diversity addiction” is dependant upon reversing “flip-flopped” equality, and returning it to its rightful owner, man.

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O autorovi (2007)

Georgiana Preskar is the Director of Eagle Forum of Sacramento and serves on the Sacramento Republican Central Committee. She authored Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America’s Children and The Catholic Citizen, a weekly church column. As a mother, homemaker, registered nurse, sociologist, substitute schoolteacher, real estate agent, religion education instructor, and prayer coordinator, she observed through the years a noticeable change in the American Way. Her traditional Chicago, suburban upbringing, with dad, mom, and brother gave her knowledge of America’s heritage and appreciation for its Judeo-Christian foundation.Together with her husband of 32 years, Michael, she continues to battle for the last frontier of freedom, the USA. Through radio talk shows, educational seminars, in home discussions, and her writings, she educates those in doubt as to their constitutional rights. With two grown children, Michael and Michelle, and one grandchild, Angela, Georgiana encourages protection of our children for the survival of America

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