Reports Made to the ... General Assembly of the State of Illinois

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The State, 1874

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Strana 330 - ... construction, and durability in use. Experiments in the testing of Prime Movers and other machines, are undertaken by the classes. They take Indicator Diagrams from the engine of the Mechanical Laboratory and determine from them the power developed with different degrees of expansion. APPARATUS. This School is provided with plates and a cabinet of models illustrating mechanical movements and elementary combinations of mechanism. This collection is rapidly increasing by our own manufacture, and...
Strana 236 - Three petitions of 365 names, to amend like Ohio law. Three petitions of 178 ladies, against licensing. Twenty petitions of 1,230 names, from various towns, to amend like Ohio law. One petition of 46 persons, of Auburn, against repeal. One petition of 115 ladies, of Lena, against licensing. One petition of 90 Scandinavians, to amend to resemble Ohio law. One petition of 485 citizens, against repeal.
Strana 109 - The Board convened at the hour appointed. Mr. JM Pearson, Chairman of the Committee on Mechanics, read the following report : REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. To the Board of Trustees of Illinois Industrial University : After the account given you of the operations of this department, by the Regent, and witnessing...
Strana 236 - Stephensou county, for repeal or modification. Three petitions of 75 ladies, of Edwardsville, against licensing. One petition of 501 citizens, of Randolph county, for repeal. One petition of 35 citizens, to amend like Ohio law. One petition of 190 citizens, of Montgomery county, for repeal.
Strana 137 - ... appointed delegates to the meeting. It was moved and carried, that the bill for extra work on the Mechanic and Military hall, and the subject of acceptance of the building, be referred to the Chairman of the Building Committee with instructions to report at 2 PM The Committee adjourned to meet at 2 P. M AFTERNOON SESSION. The Committee assembled at the hour appointed. The Chairman of the Building Committee made the following report: Tour Committee, to whom was referred the bill for extra work...
Strana 236 - Cook county, to make the law nioi stringent. One petition of 5,213 citizens, of Cook county, for repeal. One petition of 65 ladies, of LaSalle county, asking that the law t not repealed.
Strana 236 - ... Georgetown, against repeal. One petition of 75 citizens, of Blackberry, against repeal. Five petitions of 410 names, to amend like Ohio law. Eight petitions of 488 names, not to license. Fifteen petitions of 750 names, to amend like Ohio law. One petition of 190 citizens, of Oakwood, to amend like Ohio la One petition of 210 names, for Ohio law.
Strana 236 - The petitions referred to the Committee are as follows: One petition of 1,115 citizens, of Monmouth (!) county, against grant ing license.
Strana 38 - DIPLOMAS. Under the law, any student who remains a year at the University, and maintains a satisfactory standing in his studies and in character, is entitled, on leaving the University, to a certificate of studies and standing.
Strana 32 - STUDY. A department of study embraces a single branch of learning, and is designed to show the course and extent of the instruction given at the University in that branch. Students desiring to pursue any branch, of learning further than is provided for in the courses in the several colleges, will consult the course laid down under the following exhibit of the departments: AGRICULTURE.

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