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Herman Cohen, 937 56th, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219.
W. G. Plant, formerly Chaplain, 104 Inf. AUS.


(LD042232 Moscow TASS in English 2015 GMT 4 Dec 81) [Text] WASHINGTON, 4 Dec. TASS.-The United States that is trying to present itself as a proponent of human rights has been refusing for more than 30 years to ratify the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee started once again discussing the question of ratifying the convention which was unanimously approved by the United Nations General Assembly back in 1948 and has been submitted for the ratification of the U.S. Congress during the presidency of Harry Truman. Since then the convention has been ratified by 84 states while the United States which describes itself as “the most democratic" society is still considering the signing of this humanitarian document.

Senator Rudy Boschwitz described this fact as a disgrace. He stated that genocide—the elimination of entire national, ethnic, racial and religious groups, is a grievous crime against humanity.

Speaking at the hearings, Senator William Proxmire stressed that the convention discussed is aimed at ensuring the fundamental human right, the right to live.

The United States' refusal to ratify the international convention on genocide and 15 other similar documents on human rights out of the 19 worked out by the United Nations cannot be assessed in any other way than as Washington's unwillingness to assume firm juridical commitments in the sphere of the insurance of human rights.

And this is not accidental, Genocide is openly practiced in the United States. It has been actually sanctioned by official authorities. A vivid example of this is the policy of the ruling circles with regard to the indigenous population of the United States, the Indians. They have been driven into reservations, have almost no opportunty to get decent education or skilled medical assistance and are doomed to extinction. The lifespan of Indians is half the average level in the United States. The rate of child mortality is high. Other national minorities in the United States-blacks, people of Latin American and Asian origin-are subjected to glaring discrimination and at times to unprovoked extermination.

Washington conducts the policy of genocide also on the international arena. Suffice it to recall atrocities of the U.S. military in Indochina that are comparable only to crimes of the Nazis, the plans of creating neutron weapons and other means of annihilation, the open course of preparing a nuclear war.

The speakers in the hearings noted that the United States' refusal to ratify this international convention puts Washington in the same set with the racist South African regime.

As it should be expected U.S. hawks-Senators Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms sharply attacked the convention. They said they will do their utmost to prevent its ratification on the ground of its being, allegedly, unconstitutional.

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Charles Percy, said that he will be pressing for the ratification of the convention. At the same time he noted that much will depend on the stand of the administration which, he said, just started considering the convention.

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