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WAGES, when not to be applied to the satisfaction of judgment, 243.

of mariners and seamen, to attach for, 329.
WAIVER, of summons, what is, 22.
WARRANT, may issue against disobeying witness, 411.

may issue for a contempt, 482.

how executed, 484.
WASTE, actions for, 249-253.

to prevent, after sale on execution, 235.

to prevent, on appeal, 352.
WITNESS, when assignor shall not be, 4.

when assignor inay be, 422.
on assignment of thing in action, etc., 4.
convenience of, ground for changing place of trial, 21.
may be examined on challenge to jurors, 163.
may be examined on challenge to referees, 186.
in proceedings supplementary to execution, 242.
inay be examined on arbitration, 383.
before Sheriff's jury on claim of third persons to property levied on in exe-

cution, 218.
in general, who may be, 391-454.
all persons with certain exceptions may be, 391.
who shall not be, 382, 394.
what interest renders a person incompetent to be, 393.
adverse party may be, 394.
husband not to be, for or against wife, 395.
wife not to be, for or against husband, 395.
when attorney and counselor cannot be, 396.
when clergyman or priest shall not be, 397.
when licensed physician or surgeon shall not be, 398.
when public officer shall not be, 399.
Judge or juror may be, 400.
not understanding English may be examined by interpreter, 401.
inanner of compelling attendance of, and their rights and duties, 402-416.
subpoena may require books, etc., to be brought by, 402.
cannot be compelled to attend out of his county more than thirty miles, 402.
what subpæna to require of, 403.
how subpæna served on, 404.
how subpoena served on, concealed, 405.
duty of, to obey subpæna, 407.
to answer legal and pertinent questions, 408.
may be required to answer as to previous conviction, 408.
disobedience of, to subpoena, 409.
how disobedience of, punished, 410.
liable for damages, 410.
failure of, to attend, Court may issue warrant, 411.
in jail or prison may be examined by deposition, 412.
may be produced in certain cases, 414.
to be exonerated from arrest, 415.

liability of officer arrestiny, 416.
eramination of parties to an action, 417–423.

to obtain a discovery, allowed, 417.
party to action may examined as a, at instance of adverse party, 418.
testimony of, adverse party may be rebutted, 419.
if adverse party refuse to testify as, his pleadings may be stricken out, 420
party in his own behalf may rebut, 421.
party in interest may be examined as, 422.
party to action may be, 422
notice to be given that parties will be, 422.

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