Memoranda of Four Claims Against Mexico which Were Submitted to the Late Board and Rejected

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Buell & Blanchard, printers, 1853 - Počet stran: 87

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Strana 20 - Contraband, be confiscated unless after warning of such blockade or investment from the commanding officer of the blockading forces, she shall again attempt to enter, but she shall be permitted to go to any other port or place she shall think proper.
Strana 87 - Secretary of State of the United States, have hereunto subscribed my name and caused the seal of the Department of State to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington this Seventeenth day of September, AD 1866, and of the Independence of the United States of America the Ninety first.
Strana 20 - Nor shall any vessel of either that may have entered into such port before the same was actually besieged, blockaded, or invested by the other, be restrained from quitting such place with her cargo, nor if found therein after the reduction and surrender, shall such vessel or her cargo be liable to confiscation, but they shall be restored to the owners thereof...
Strana 64 - The law of blockade is, however, so 'harsh and severe in its operation, that, in order to apply it, the fact of the actual blockade must be established by clear and unequivocal evidence ; and the neutral must have had due previous notice of its existence ; and the squadron allotted for the purposes of its execution must be competent to cut off all communication with...
Strana 47 - ... a number of vessels stationed near enough to the port to make the entry apparently dangerous. The government of the United States has uniformly insisted, that the blockade should be effective by the presence of a competent force, stationed, and present, at or near the entrance of the port...
Strana 20 - The articles of contraband before enumerated and classified which may be found in a vessel bound for an enemy's port, shall be subject to detention and confiscation, leaving free the rest of the cargo and the ship, that the owners may dispose of them as they see proper.
Strana 56 - ... all the measures authorized by the law of nations, and the respective treaties between his majesty and the different neutral powers, will be adopted and executed with respect to all vessels attempting to violate the said blockade after this notice.
Strana 47 - ... that consequently the presence of the blockading force, is the natural criterion by which the neutral is enabled to ascertain the existence of the blockade...
Strana 32 - Now, in order to justify a condemnation for breach of blockade three things must be proved: 1st, the existence of an actual blockade; 2dly, the knowledge of the party ; 3dly, some act of violation, either by going in or coming out with a cargo laden after the commencement of the blockade.
Strana 57 - Hammond, his majesty's under secretary of state for foreign affairs, specifying the nature of the instructions which have been given. — His majesty's government doubt not that the promptitude which has been manifested in redressing the grievance complained of by the government of the United States, will be considered by the latter as an additional evidence of his majesty's constant and sincere desire to remove any ground of misunderstanding that could have a tendency to interrupt the harmony which...

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