Winter Evenings: Or, Lucubrations on Life and Letters. With a Life of the Author

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Richardson, 1823

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Strana 59 - Jesus, or upon any of his friends, nor thrown out one reflection against his enemies ; although much of both kinds might have been, and no doubt would have been done by them, had they been governed either by a spirit of imposture or enthusiasm. Christ's life is not praised...
Strana 205 - But he that shall consider the variety of baits for all seasons, and pretty devices which our anglers have invented, peculiar lines, false flies, several sleights...
Strana 127 - Prayers and Meditations." Every one had heard that Dr. Johnson was devout; few entertained an adequate idea of his warmth and scrupulous regularity in the offices of devotion, till the publication of his Prayers and Meditations. They exhibit him in a light in which he has seldom appeared to his readers. He usually puts on a garb of dignity and command. His Rambler is written in the style of authority. His Prefaces to the Poets are dictatorial. The reader is easily induced to believe that pride is...
Strana 205 - CONCLUSION. 193 as much study and perspicacity as the rest, and is to be preferred before many of them. Because hawking and hunting are very laborious, much riding and many dangers accompany them ; but this is still and quiet : and if so be the angler catch...
Strana 71 - ... regions of fame. They took the liberty of mentioning to him his defects, his awkward address, his ungentleman-like behaviour. Corneille heard the enumeration of his faults with great patience ; and, when it was concluded, said, with a smile, and with a just confidence in himself : " All this may be very true ; but, notwithstanding all this, I am still Pierre de Corneille.
Strana 216 - God ; and my conclusion, which must proceed from major and minor, shall be credo in Spiritum Sanctum, I believe in the Holy Ghost, who proceeds from Father and Son ; and this syllogism brought me into the militant church at my baptism, and this will carry me into the triumphant, in my transmigration ; for doctrine of salvation is matter without controversy." This curious argumentation takes its rise from the words
Strana 17 - F6r splendour and copiousness of panegyrical epithet, no age can produce a parallel to many of the curious titles and commendations printed on the blue covers of works delivered to the expecting world in weekly numbers. Language toils in vain for expressions adequate to the excellence of the compositions, the beauty of the type and paper, and the superb elegance of the copper-plates. Grand, imperial, magnificent, unparalleled, are the beggarly epithets which tlic editors are compelled to use from...
Strana xx - Liberal Education, or a Practical Treatise on the Methods of acquiring Useful and Polite Learning; 8vo.
Strana xvii - ... style displays an union of force with exquisite polish. As a standard of his powers as a writer, as well as a specimen of the energy of his mind, his last production (the pamphlet upon classical education) may be fairly taken. To a splendour of diction that has rarely been equalled, there is added an harmony in the periods that is perhaps exclusively his own. The style as well as the matter of the " Essays" has long been universally admired.
Strana 129 - ... Sir Thomas Brown has been made by many people; and lately it has been insisted on, and illustrated by a variety of quotations from Brown, in one of the popular Essays written by the Reverend Mr Knox." The Reverend Mr Vicesimus Knox is not wholly convincing. He expresses the common view that Browne "preferred polysyllabic expressions derived from the language of ancient Rome, to his vernacular vocabulary...

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