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forever confirmed to the people leased, & forever confirmed to of those pro colonies respective, the people of those colonies ly with all the rights of jurisdie respectively, with all the rights Hon and property, jurisdiction of property, jurisdiction and &and government and all other government and all other rights rights whatsoever claimed how whatsoever which might at of which might at any time here. any time heretofore have been tofore have been claimed by claimed by this colony. The this colony. The Western and Western and Northern extent Northern extent of this coun- of this country shall in all other try shall in all other respects respects stand as fixed by the stand as deseribed fixed by the charter of Charter of until by act of the Legislature until by act of the Legislature any new a territory of one or

one or more territories shall be more territories shall be laid off laid off Westward of the AlleWestward of the Alleganey ghaney mountains for new colmountains for the establishment onies, which colonies shall be of any new colony of colonies, established on the same fundawhich colony of colonies when mental laws contained in this established shall be free and instrument, and shall be free independent of this & shell shall and independent of this colony be established on the same fun and of all the world. damental laws contained in this instrument & shall be free & independent of this colony and of all the world.

Descents shall go according Descents shall go according to the laws of Gavelkind, save to the laws Gavelkind, save only that females shall have only that females shall have equal rights with males.

equal rights with males. No person hereafter coming No person hereafter coming

into this country into this county shall Slaves

Slaves shall be held in be held within the slavery under any pretext what same in slavery under any preever.

text whatever. All persons who by their All persons who by their own oath or affirmation or by own oath or affirmation, or by Naturaliza-other testimony shall

other testimony shall Naturalization

give satisfactory give satisfactory tion proof to any court of record proof to any court of record in this colony that they pur

in this colony that they propose to reside in the same pose to reside in the same [7] years at the least and who [7] years at the least and who shall subscribe the fundamen- shall subscribe the fundamental laws shall be considered as tal laws, shall be considered # residents & entitled to all as residents and entitled to all the rights of a persons natural the rights of persons natural born.

born. All persons shall have full & All persons shall have full

free liberty of reli- and free liberty of Religion

Religion gious opinion; nor religious opinion ; shall any be compelled to fre- nor shall any be compelled to quent or maintain any religious frequent or maintain any reliinstitution. But this shall not gious institution. be held to justify any sedi Hous preaching or conversation against the authority of the eivil government. No freeman shall be debarred No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms the

of Arms

Arms (within his

[within his lands or tenements).

lands]. There shall be no standing There shall be no standing Standing army but in time of army but in time of

army but in time of Standing Army actual war.

actual war.

Armies Printing presses shall be free, Printing presses shall be free,

except so (part lack- except so far as by Free Press

Free Press ing) of private in- commission of prijury they may give cause (part vate injury cause may be given lacking) action.

of private action. All forfeitures heretofore go- All Forfeitures heretofore

ing to the king shall going to the king, Forfeitures Forfeitures

go to the state, save shall go the state ; only such as the legislature may save only such as the legislature hereafter abolish.

may hereafter abolish.





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The royal claim to Wrecks, The royal claim to Wrecks,

Waifs, Strays, Treas- waifs, strays, treas-

ure-trove, royal ure-trove,
mines, royal fish, royal birds mines, royal fish, royal birds,
are declared to have been usur- are declared to have been usur-
pations on the common right. pations on common right.
No salaries or perquisites No Salaries or Perquisites

shall be given to shall be given to Salaries,&c.

Salaries 'any officer but by any officer but by act of the legislature. No sal- some future act of the legislaaries shall be given to the Ad- ture. No salaries shall be given ministrator, members of the to the Administrator, members house of Representatives, Legis- of the legislative houses, judges lative houses, judges of the of the court of Appeals, judges court of appeals, justices of the of the County courts, or other peace, members of the privy inferior jurisdictions, Privy council, judges of the County counsellors, or Delegates to the courts or other inferior jurisdic- American Congress : but the tions, Privy counsellors, or dele- reasonable expences of the Adgates to the American Con.

ministrator, members of the gress. But the reasonable ex- house of representatives, judges pences of the Administrator, of the court of Appeals, Privy members of the house of Rep- counsellors, & Delegates for resentatives, judges of the court subsistence while acting in the of Appeals, members of Privy duties of their office, may be counsellors & Delegates for borne by the public, if the subsistence while acting in the

legislature shall so direct. duties of their office


shalt be borne by the public if the Legislature shall so direct.

The Qualifications of all offi- No person shall be capable Qualificns cers Civil, military of acting in any office Civil, of officers Executive Judiciał Military [or Ecclesiastical] Civil, military & Ecclesiastical

The Qualifications Qualificashall be an oath of fidelity to of all not-otherwise

tions the governm state and the hay- directed, -shall- be an oath of ing given no bribe to obtain

fidelity to state and the having their office.

given no bribe to obtain their

office who shall have given any bribe to obtain such office, or who shall not previously take

an oath of fidelity to the state. None of these fundamental None of these fundamental laws & principles of govern

laws and principles of government shall be repealed or alt or ment shall be repealed or alaltered but by the personal con- tered, but by the personal consent of the people to be on sent of the people on summons summons to meet in their re- meet in their respective spective counties on one & the counties on one and the same same day by an act of Legis- day by an act of Legislature lature to be passed for every to be passed for every special special occasion : and if in occasion : and if in such county such county meetings the peo- meetings the people of two ple of two thirds of the counties thirds of the counties shall give shall give their suffrage for their suffrage for any particular any particular alteration or re- alteration or repeal referred to peal referred to them by the them by the said act, the same said act, the same shall be ac- shall be accordingly repealed or cordingly repealed or altered altered, and such repeal or alor repealed, and such repeal teration shall take it's place or alteration shall take it's among these fundamentals and place among these fundamen- stand on the same footing with tal (partlacking) the same foot- them, in lieu of the article reting with them in lieu of the pealed or altered. article re- (part lacking).

The laws heretofore in force The laws heretofore in force in this colony shall remain still in this colony shall remain in in force except so far as they force, except so far as they are are altered by the foregoing altered by the foregoing fundafundamental laws, or so far as mental laws, or so far as they they may be hereafter altered may be hereafter altered by by acts of the legislature. acts of the Legislature.

It is proposed that the above bill, after correction by the

Convention, shall be referred by them to the people to be assembled in their respective counties : and that the suffrages of two third of the counties shall be requisite to establish it.


C. C.

(June 17, 1776.] The Committee to whom were re-committed the Cartel between Brigadier General Arnold & captain Forster for the exchange of prisoners & the several papers relating thereto have had the same under their consideration and agreed to the following report.

Your committee having proceeded to make enquiry into the facts relating to the agreement entered into at St. Anne's between Brigadier General Arnold & Capt. Forster, find a part of them well authenticated and others not, yet being apprehensive that silence on the part of Congress may be construed by some into a ratification of the said agreement they have thought it best to state the same as they appear at present, with such resolutions as they will justify if found true, reserving final decision till the whole truth shall be accurately enquired into & transmitted to Congress.

Your Committee on the best information they have been able to obtain find :

That on the 24th day of May last a party of the enemy consist. ing as is said of about 600 men under the command of capt. Forster attacked a post at the Cedars held by a garrison of 350 Con[tinental for]ces, then under the command of Major Butterfield.

On June 16th Congress referred this matter to Jefferson, Braxton, Paine, and Middleton. They made this report on June 17th, when it was read and laid on the table. On June 24th it was recommitted, and again reported to the Congress on July 10th, when it passed in a much modified form. Cf. Journals of Congress, 11., 256.

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