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&all others who

may hereafter claim by, through, or under them; we utterly deosolve treak all political connection which


Loome heretoforuba
sisked wehreen will the people or parliament of Great Plain; and finally
me do assert and declare there colonies to be free and independant viates
and that as free & independant states they staalt her after have power lery х
war conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, & to do all other
acts and things which independant states may of right do

may of right do and for the support of this declaration ] we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our forhines, & our vacred honour.

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reminded them of We have reminded them of the circumthe Circumstances them of the circum- stances of our emiof our Emigration stances of our emi- gration and setand Settlement here, gration and settle- tlement here. We no one of which ment here, no one have appealed to could warrant of which could war- their native justice strange a Preten- rant so strange a

and magnanimity sion. That these pretension : that and we have conwere effected at the these were effected jured them by the expense of our own at the expence of ties of our common Blood and Treasure,

our own blood and kindred to disavow unassisted by the treasure, unassisted these usurpations Wealth the by the wealth or which would inevi. Strength of Great strength of Great tably interrupt our Britain ; that in Britain : that in connection and corconstituting indeed, constituting indeed respondence. They our Several Forms our several forms of too have been deaf of Government, we government, we had

to the voice of jushad adopted one adopted a common tice and of consancommon King, king, thereby laying guinity. We must thereby laying a foundation for therefore acquiesce Foundation for Per- perpetual league and in the necessity petual League and amity with them : which denounces Amity with them ; but that submission our separation and but that Submission to their parliament hold them, as we to their Parliament, was no part of our hold the

rest of was no Part of our constitution nor ever mankind, Enemies Constitution, nor in idea, if history be in War, in Peace ever in Idea, if His- credited; and Friends. tory may be cred- have appealed to ited ; and we ap

their native justice pealed to their and magnanimity, Nature, Justice and as well as to the ties Magnanimity, of our common kinwell as to the Ties dred, to disavow of our common these usurpations Kindred to disavow which were likely to these usurpations, interrupt our con



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which were likely to nection and interrupt our Corre- respondence. They spondence and Con- too have been deaf nection. They too to the voice of jus have been deaf to the tice and of consanVoice of Justice and guinity, and when of Consanguinity, occasions have been and when occasions given them, by the have been given

given regular course of them by the regular their laws of removCourse of their ing from their counLaws of removing cils the disturbers of from their Councils, our harmony, they the Disturbers of have by their free our Harmony, they elections re-estabhave by their free

lished them in power. Election, re-estab- At this very time lished them in they are permitting Power. At this very

their chief magisTime too, they are trate to send over permitting their not only soldiers of Chief Magistrate to our own blood, but send over not only Scotch and other soldiers of our com- foreign mercenaries, mon Blood, but to invade and deScotch and foreign stroy

These Mercenaries, to in- facts have given the vade and deluge us last stab to agonizing in Blood. These affections, and manFacts have given ly spirit bids us to the last Stab to renounce forever agonizing affection, these unfeeling and manly Spirit brethren. We must bids us to renounce

endeavor to forget forever these unfeel- our former love for ing Brethren. We them, to hold them must endeavour to as we hold the rest forget our former of mankind enemies


in war,

in peace

Love for them, and
to hold them, as we friends.
hold the rest of Man- We might have
kind, enemies in War, been a free and a
in Peace Friends. We great people to-
might have been a gether; but a com-
free and a great Peo- munication of gran-
ple together but a deur and of freedom
Communication of it seems, is below
Grandeur and of their dignity. Be it
Freedom it seems is so, since they will
below their Dignity. have it: the road to
Be it so, since they happiness and to
will have it: The glory is open to us
Road to Happiness too; we will climb
and to Glory is open it apart from them,
to us too ; we will and acquiesce in the
climb it, apart from

om necessity which de-
them, and acquiesce nounces our eternal
in the Necessity separation !

denounces our eternal Separation.

We therefore the We therefore the We, therefore, the Representatives of representatives of Representatives of the United States of the United States in the United States America in General General Congress of America, in GenCongress assembled, assembled in the eral Congress Asdo, in the Name, name

and by au- sembled, appealing and by the Author- thority of

the to the Supreme ity of the good Peo- good people of Judge of the world ple of these States, these states, reject for the rectitude of reject and renounce and renounce all our intentions, do, all Allegiance and allegiance and sub- in the Name, and by Subjection to the jection to the kings Authority of the Kings of Great Brit- of Great Britain and good People of ain, and all others, all others who may these Colonies, solwho may hereafter hereafter claim by, emnly publish and

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