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9 To our patrons, who looked for all about town. Plows were perched to the prompt appearance of our paper roost on the tops of houses. Signe this week, with its usual quantity of changed their locations, and effigies of reading matler, we have to plond, as an good and pious men were posted along excuse, the absence of our printer, the the streets. This year all was peacesevere affliction of the publisher, and able, orderly, and quiet. the norther. Our office is a very cold The reason of this difference is obvi. one, and it was almost impossible to ous. This

year the thoughts have been work in it on Friday last.

directed in a civil channel by parties

and balls. · The Citizens' Ball, given Private parties are getting to be at the Nicholson House, on the 29th, quite coinmon in Bastrop: we under convened an array of beauty and love stand. Several very creditable candy liness seldom surpassed. The rough pullings are said to have come off dur-sex, when enjoying such society, foring the Christinas week, at which we get the mooils which would lead to had not the good fortune to be present.

shameful excesses. But speaking of We notice these parties, for they are

the ball-the supper prepared by Mrs. important to a good state of society in Beach board gave perfect satisfaction, any place. Bastrop has for two years the music was excellent, and everything past enjoyed no enviable reputation in went off barmoniously. But alas, how this respect, and yet Bastrop has more time flies when shuffled off by nimble material than any town of its size in feet. The clock struck two, and all Texas. The substantial and wealthy were obliged to take note of time citizens of a place the merchants—the

“ from its loss.'' church members, whose interest as well as duty it is to improve society, should The party at Col. C -'s, on the wake up on this matter. Let them give 28th ultimo, passed off to the deligbt of such magnificent entertainments as was every one present, we believe. The given by Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Hall, on supper-table surpassed all things except the 3rd inst. Liberality is not lost upon the beauty and charms of the ladies the young; and the liberal, social, and around it. Arrangements had been generous merchant will always succeed made for dancing, but no fiddler apbest, other things being equal. peared, as wus expected. But tbe Col.

informed the boys that dancing had to 7 It is true tbat young people will be done, and no mistake. So a chunks bave amusements, and to this end they of a fiddler was raked up from the subwill seek some kind of society. If the urbs, who went to work, and kept up advantages of good association are de- that "same old tune" until a late bour nied them they often turn aside to evil practices and bad examples. Christmas DURING the past week & Mormon week last year was one continual scene missionary has been bulding forth in of mischief and drunken uproariousness i Gauzules. At bis last meeting there,


he “pulled off his coat and rolled up and a :(nilemon who visited the stable. liis sleeves"—which, alas! causel it The huridal', who was considerably in. stampede of the lady part of his audi: i jured, but why, we are glad to learn, is

Soon atter, he was escorted recovering, hailed the gentleman, and, around the town to the music of tin receiving no answer, made an attack horns, cow-bells, etc., and told to leuve 0:1 him, wounding bim with a knife. ere the dew's of night were kissed by The nailed returned to the hotel, fol. early dawn, and he did nothiu' shorter. I lowed by the assailant, where he seized - San Antonio Teran,

la stick' and knocked his adversary

down, breaking bis ribs, and otherwise ANICABLY ADJUSTED.-We are grati. injuring him. fiod to liarn froin the Jefferson Herald of the 5th inst., that the pending disti- SUDDEN DEATH.-A negro woinan, culty between Judyo Grinstead, former the property of Mrs. Lydia J. Cusbney, editor of the Herald, and W. H. Par: rell dead on Wednesday morning last, sous, of the Tyler Teleruph, hus ut lust it is supposed fruin a disease of the been amicably adjusted." Tbo matter

was submitted to a Board of Honor, by
whese decision both parties agreed to
abide. Grinstead selected Hon. W. B.

W ostern Texas.
Ocbiltree, Parsons selected Col. M. D.
Ector, and the referees selected Col. J.

MR. EDITOR :-Perbaps you have C. Robertson. The board agreed upon

coine to the conclusion that I have forthe following terms of settlement: That gotten both you and the Advocate, all reinarks and reflections emanating

from my protructed silence; but, I cai froin either gentleman, tending in any

assure you, that both bave been and manner to impugn the character for

still are the objects of my most tender courage, honesty, or integrity of the ther caused me to be late getting to

solicitude. Africtions and bad weatother, and every remark of a personal chiructer, which hus fallen froin eiiber my work, and have no regular plain of of the parties with regard to the other, large, and a grent portion of the work

The work being very be withdrawn. by the parties, it was determined by quite new, it required inuch time to

ith the the board that no further cause of differ i form such an acquaintance ence existed between them, and that country as would enable one to write they should meet and shake bands as understandingly. My circuit now en friends. And thus ended a difficulty Vietoria, De Witt, Gonzales, Karues,

braces a portion of five counties, viz. : wbich at one time threutened to end in mortul combat. We are truly glad thut and Goliad, and thrce towns, Clinton, this precedent for the settling of ditü and Yorktown, in De Witt, the former culties between editors has been estab: being the county-seat, and' Helena in lished. We are decidedly opposed to

Karnes, is the county-seat. I have the shooting mode ot' settling such dis twenty three appointments, at some

of which I preach two und sometimes putes. It is very apt to dvrunge the nervous system und destroy the

three times per month, and it I meet

uppe: tile.

my engagements, I must preach thirty sermons this (April) month. I have

been much ufficied by bud colds, and The great train for El Paso left San on one occasion received an injury in Antonio on the 7th inst. The Western the right side by iny horse, yet my Teran states that the train is composed strength reinuins as firm as usual. I of one hundred and seventy wagons, liave a most beautiful country through and two hundred and ten men, besides which to travel, people remarkably the escort. Capt. Arthur, Ist iufuntry, kind, and generally anxious to her cominands tho escort.

preaching. I find in this country inany who were once members of some

branch of the Christian church, who A SERIOUS AFFAIR.-A fight oc emigrated without church letters, and curred on last Monday night, at or noill tuiled to make themselves kuown iss the Thomas House, between a hustler 'prufe sing Christians, until an ilccumu

lation of circumstances drove them sands of European paupers who swarm into & condition which made them the land, are inore capable of self-gov. ashamed to acknowledge they had erminent, more deeply imbued with the ever beeu church members. This, Mr. spirit of republicanism, inore compe Editor, is a great evil under the sun- tent to perform the duties which the and I know of no better agent through Coustitution and laws of the laud which to correct that evil than the require at the hands of every citizen, printing press. Let all Christian edit than those to the inunner born ; eithur ors suund the uların, und warn all who thesc ignorant, vicious, besotted grens. wish to emigrate.

Crs, who have swelled to such an unprecedented extent the majority of the

anti-American party in Bexar county, ARTESIAN WELL.-Captain P. W. are wrong, or the seventy thousand Humphreys bas a subscription list intellectual, educated, and refined Vir. contuining a number of names of those giniuns, who supported the Anneric:u wishing to take shares in a joint-stock ticket at the late election in that State, company, for siuking an artesian well are in error. Both cannot be rigbt. in Austin. Those favorable to the pro- The worst pussions and the silliest ject should take shares.

fears of the deluded borde of Mexican peous, who populate to such a danger

vus extent the county of Bexar, havo “We never played at Poker, been appealed to by a squad of blacknor permitted our negrues to do so.- robed villains, who exercise over the Stale Gazelle.

minds of their miserable followers a But, Major ! will you have the face despotisin inore absolute than that of to deny that you are not perfectly fa any Turkish noblemnun over those who miliar with all the mysteries of the people his seraglio. gaines of Bluff and Brug?

loto the hands of these priests, fel

low-citizens, the ballot-box has been R. D. CARR & Co.-The advertise placed in San Antonio. Serpent-like ment of these gentleinen will be found their countrymen, and there bissed

have they entered into the jacals of in to-day's paper. They have on hand a lot of children's clothing. Notwith: dates from which a Mexican has no

into the cars of the inmates the man standing Mr. Carr may not have found appeal, and the consequence has been, any need for using these atoresaid gar:

thal on election day a hurde of political ments for small tolk, yet we can vouch lepers Lave crawled to the ballot-box, he shows them to fond maminas with as

and there nullified the votes of thou. much gusto and sells them as cheap as sands of your countryınen, who bad “ary a man" in Austin.

weighed well the principles in contro. versy. Great God! shall these things

always exist ? Sball a race of meu, The Election in Berar.

many of whom, in knowledye of AmeThe partial returns received from ricau institutions, are inferior to the San Antonio, by Wednesday evening's African--men wbo bave proved them. mail, presents to the mind of the true selves incapable of self government American, and to every lover of his under the most favorable auspicescury, reflections of fearful import. inust these men be permitted to wrest ance. We care not to what party a from the intelligent American the most man may be attached, he cannot be a sacred and dearest rights which he pos. true patriot who fails to discover in the sesses, at the bidding of a roitun result of the contest in Bexar and Co. priesthood, and the scarcely less cormal consequences of direful import. rupt deinagogues who can be always He who argues that the unaviinity found ready to betray their country, with which the German and Mexican and surrender their birthright for less vute was cast against the American ibun a mess of pottage. candidates is un eviilence of the purity | We do not, so help us God, envy our of the principles of the anti-American cueinies the unboly alliance by which party, inust also be prepared to reason they have acquired victory in Bexar. that the thousands and tens of thou. We record tho result more in sorrow than ia anger.

We feel humiliated | Protect the adopted ; but teach them when we reflect upon the materiel by to know. which the votes of so many true Ame- We yield not our birth-right, to friend ricans have been rendered nugatory. or to foe!


(For the State Times.)

INDIANS. - MAY-BE-SO. - We have

been informed that on Monday night Downfall of the Hochs-Pocus De last, a party of Indians (so supposed)

visited the farm houses of several of our mocracy of Travis County.

citizens living on the San Antonio riv. Bebold! the great Bombshells, in might er, some ten or fifteen miles above this have come down

place, and drove off from eighty to one To organize things in our glorious hundred bead of horses. Thomas Lutt, town,

Esq., Capt. Barton Peck, and Colonel And to let us know that, in mutters of John A. Hodges were the sufferers. State

This report may be true, but we don't 'Twill take their wise-beads, to set believe the Indian story. We feel satisoverything straight;

tied that this stampede was made by the For how sbould we AMERICAN men

whites--or, as Jim Burk, an old ranger, See aught without light of their wits would say, if they were not white then, and their pen?

they could be made so by taking thein to a water-hole, and use a little soap on

them. With this blustering host cometh, lead

Several persons started immediately ing the van,

in pursuit of these rascals, and we hope Great Jack, the Big Gun of the For- will soon overtake thein. - Goliad eigner's clan;

True American, July 21, 1855. Who, with all his stump thunder, the

echoes awoke, Though alack! he but snapped, with a Ercitement in Navarro County, flash and a smoke!

Teras.-A Man Hung and BarbaFor though, far and near, they have rously Mutilated.-In the Leon Pioscoured the plain,

neer of the 8th November, 1850, we Not a single Kuow-Nothing is found find a long and shocking account of the to be slain.

progress of the excitement in Navarro

county, growing out of the supposed But bark! what was that ?-on a sud. longing to Col. Elliot, of that county:

theft of a couple of mulatto boys, beden rings out,

Two men in.Col. Elliot's employment From Travis' green hills, a victorious were suspected, on the statement of a

shout! The "Americans” come !-in their ed, and a confession of guilt, impli

negro. One, named Elliot, was arrestprinciples strong, They have fought a good fight-they forced froin hinn by tying a rope around

cating himself and a inan named Wells, have battled with wrongThey have won !--and tho Bombshell The man afterward said the statement

his neck and threatening to hang hiin. with meteor light

was untrue, and made to save his lite. Has burst! and gone down, in the In bis stateinent, ihe plan, he said, indarkness night!

cluded the murder of Elliot. After get

ting this confession, search was immeThen on! yo brave sons of America's diately made by various parties for soil!

Wells, but without, it is said, succeed. With your forefathers, shrink not, for ing in arresting hiin. Ou Friday, the freedom to toil !

27th ult., his body was found in Chain. Let Washington's counsel forever be ber's creek, by some persons who were dear,

engaged in building a bridge, and who Keep the reins in your hands, and the were hunting, oxen at the tinie, and ballot-box clear!

were attracted to the spot by a gang of

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puzzards. When found, he was foat, up his arms or be shot. The bɔy diew ing near the surface of the water, be his pistol, and told him to shoot, and tween a forked limb, which bad, to all seemed careless of bis life. The Cap. appeariince, becu placed over him for tain then sent bis little son to the house the purpose of holding the body to the for bis shut gun, and as the little fellow bottom. Around his neck was the approached with the gun, the negro print of a rope. His abdoinen had broke and ran towards a horse which been ripped open, and his bowels torn he had staked out, with a view to out, thus leaviog but little doubt that mounting him and escaping. The Cap. he was hanged, and afterward his body tain discharged his fowling piece at hiin thrown into the creek for concealment. without serious effect, and, the boy still The body, from appearances, bad beer running, he plumpod him in the back in the creek but a short tiine, probably with his six-shooter, and that was the fourteen or twenty bours. The parties, last of “Poor Old Edward." The Cap. or soine of them, engaged in the search tain's experience with the Injins" for Wells, are suspected of the murder, doubtless iussisted him in this affair.and their lives are threatened. One Seguin Mercury. or two of them bave gone to Corsicana and demanded a trinl, alleging their innocence. Among the nine persons A LETTER to a commercial house in accused of this foul deed are some of Galveston, from a highly respectable the most respectable and prominent citizen of Crockett, dated May 5th, men in the county of Navarro; and, as says: An impromptu figbt in the woods, our informant stated that they all stood near Alabama, between two families, their trial before an examining court, resulted in all three on one side being and were honorably acquitted, we shall shot-two dead. The otbers (peace. omit their names-considering that, if able men hitherto) are unhurt. The innocent, it will be doing them injur: name of the three brothers shot is tico, and if guilty, it will not forward Pool; that of the other party, a father the ends of justice. The barbarous and und sons, is Click.-N. O. Pić. shocking inutilation described in the report ot' the jury, savors more of the fiend than of man; and, unless upon The value of negroes in this re provf the most clear and convincing, gion of country may be judged of to we cannot believe that men of the high some extent, by the rates at which a standing and honorable feeling that we lot hired in this city on the 26th ultimo. know some of the accused to be, could A lot of vine negro inen, one a rough bave consented to such fiendish work, carpenter, hired at the average of much less, aided and abetted it. $280.92 each per year, the hire to be

paid at the expiration of every four months, reaching an

aggregate of A NEGRO KILLED.-We understand $2,528-28 per annum for the nine nethat a negro, the property of Mr. Gev. groes.- Texas Slale Gazelte, Jan. 3

Smith, of this county, was killed by
Capt. Callaghan, at bis place on the
Blanco, a few days ago. We learn that

A Free State out of Texas. Capt. Callaghan hud been molested several times, for two or three nights, From various sources we have coine by persons attempting to break into his in possession of facts, which go to show house. The noise he made in arising that the Germans, French, Swiss, Hun. scared them away, and each tiare he garians, and other foreigners, will, ere found the negro man in question near long, make a strong demonstration to a wood pile. This probably excited his form a free State out of Western Texas. Buspicion. In the mean time be learned We have lately conversed with men tbai the negro was armed. He there from that part of the State, and they fore ordered him to give up his arins— unhesitatingly aver that the foreigners a six-shooter, and an unearthly, long, there to a man are opposed to slavery. sharp steel blade. The negro refused There are also men from the North to do so. The Captain then drew his who are insidious leaders in the movesix-ehooter, and told him he must give ment, and are urging the foreigners to

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