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take a bold stand in favor of the pro adopted citizens of Texas now number ject. They are buey in the work of at leust twelve thousand. In less than urilling them for the contest, and ten years it will be increased to three alre.idy buast of having ten thuusand times that number, unless the naturalvoters.

ization laws are changed. This ip The struggle for a division will soon crease will be in a much greater ratio commence and, although natives of tho than that of the nutive-boru vote. -San State would like to seo a division, yet Antonio Texan. they fear to test the question. But whether they inove or not, the foreigners will move for them, and bring on the MATAGORDA.—The people of Mata. issue. The longer the nutives of the gorda county bave held a ineeting and State delay action on this subject, the ordered every Mexican to leave the worse it will be for them, for their county. To strangers this may seem opponents are gathering numerical wrong, but we hold it to be perfectly strength, und will doubtless overwhelm right and highly neccesary; but a word them soover or later, unless our present of explanation should be given. In the patent process of naturalization is first place, then, there are none but the speedily arrested

lower class or " Peon" Mexicans in the These pateut mills are grinding out county; secondly, they have no fixed voters with astonishing rapidity, and domicile, but hang around the plantathe hopper is kept full of fresh grists tions, taking the likeliest negro girls from the old worid.

for wives; and, thirdly, they often steal Gentlemen who have lately visited borses, and these girls, too, and endeav. that portion of the State, confirm the or to run thein to Mexico. We should above statements.

rather have anticipated an appeal to There is food for reflection to South Lynch law, than the mild course which crn men in this inatter, and the soouer has been adopted. the issue is promptly met, the better it will be for all parties. What will our Texas exchanges say

A VOTER.-As an evidence of the cato this state of things ?— New Orleans ! pacity of the Mexican population to Creole.

discriminate in matters of State importance, it may be mentioned that at

one of the polls held in this city, a A Free Stato in Texas ! greaser, who was challenged, was

asked incidentally by a bystander Some may look upon such a thing as a free State of Western Texas, as im.

"who he voted for, for Governor ?"

“Sublett," was the reply. probable, particularly at a time when

" Who for Lieutenant Governor ?" such strennious efforts are being made

“Sublett," rejoined the Mexican. to carry slavery into Kansas, where

" Who for Representative ?" slavery does not now exist by positive Yet there is a strong probability boinbshell freeininn.

“Sublett," again

muttered Inw.

thie That such an event will occur within

Voters like that swelled the Antithe next tell years. Our opinion is

Boast bused upon the fact that foreign immi; of your triumphs, gentleineo Bomb

Ainerican mujority in Bexar. gration is greater than duniestic by

shells. at least teu to ono; and upon the well-known fuct that foreign imini. gration is opposed to slavery, troin A FREE FIGHT IN TEXAS.- The principle, prejudice, and education. Palestine American gives the following And there are many of the inmigrants extract from a letter, written at Buena from the older Siates opposed iu slu- Vista, Shelby County, Texas: very, wbo quietly tolerate it so long as Yesterday, in Buena Vista, William it is an insiitution of the State, but who Therman, M. Wheeler, Juhu Yarbor will vule 110 sluvery when the question ough, and Bob McCoy, went to the comes up whether iV'estern Texus sbull house of Sain. H. Cooper, for the pur be a free or slave Stute. This fuct is posd of raising a row with Stephen S. not generally known; if so, it is not Runnels, who was at the time in Coup. duly cousidered. The vote of the er's house; but Couper was across the

struet, opposite the house, in the gro. purpose; I, for one, knew my business cery: Runnels got up und wir keilul at bome would suffer very inaterially ; in the piazzu, when Therman drew a therefore, I turned back. 1, perbaps, five-shooter und fired at bim. Runnels have honored the cowardly insinuaior then returned the fire, without effect too much by even this short notice of upon eitber party. John Yarborougb his charge, and should have passed it next shot Runnels froin behind (which by with conteiuptuvus silence, were it shot killed him: be only lived three not that there are those upon whose hours). Kuvnels then shot Yarborough friendship I place too high an estimato in the thigh, and the next fire he sliot not to disabuse their minds. I further. Wheeler, breaking his arm; during more state, that if any of those busy. which time Therman was beating Run bodies desire to test my courage at any nels over the head with a pistol. Run time, I will give then the amplest opnels then drew another pistol, when purtunity. Respectfully, Therman retreated, but not in tine to

X. B. SANDERS save himself, for Runnels shot him just above the hip. I beard, to-day, that Therman was dend, and I reckon it is

Contemplared Servilo Rising in

Toxus. 80. During the fight, Cooper ran over and exchanged several shots on the

The Galveston News publishes tho Bide of Runnels, and wonnded some of following letter in relation to the late the party. Mrs. Cooper was in the contemplated negro insurrection in

Colorado county: fight, also, charging around, and would, doubtless, bave done execution, hud COIUDIBUS, Colorado Co., Sept. 9, 1856 not the parties retreated. Stephen Run.

The object of this communication is nels fought like a soldier, to the last-he to state to you all the facts of any im. never fell at all, but made all of the portance counected with a receut in. opposite party retreat, after he was tended insurreccion. mortally wounded. I saw hiin die; he

Our suspicions were aroused about bid me an affectionate farewell, and two wecky ago, when a meeting of the was not beard to sigh or groan, be. citizens of the county was called, and cause he was too manly. The Wheelers a coinınittee of investigation appointed and their company are now in search to ferret out the whole matter, and lay of Sam Cooper, and they swear venge the facts before the people of the coun ance against him. They are here to ty for their consideration. The com. day, drinking and swearing around."

mittee entered upon their duties, and, We have neither time nor room for in a short time, they were in full pos comment on the above.

session of the facts of a well-orgavized

and systeinatized plan for the murder To The Public

of our entire white population, with the As some contemptible puppy or pup. exception of the young ladies, wno were pies have taken it upon theinselves to

to be taken captives, and made the intimate that iny absence in the battle wives of the diabolical murderers of of “Escondidor* was attributable to their parents and friends. The cuine motives of fear, I am forced, in justice inittee found in their possession a num. to myself, to say to all such, they are ber of pistols, bowie knives, guns, and liurs, slanderers, cowards, and sons of ammunition. Their passwords of or. liurs, and they would not dare to make yanization were adopted, and their motthe charge in my presence. I further to, " Leave not u shadow hebind." viure state, that at the tine myself,

Last Saturday, the 6th inst., was the with Varnell and Gholson, turned back, time agreed upon for the execution of it was the general impression that we their damning designs. At a late hour were going to have no fight, as we at night, all were to make one simul. were told the ludiuns had left their taneous, desperate effort, with from two camp, and gone to the mountains. to ten apportioned to nearly every Under these circumstances, some of us house in the county, kill all the wbites, concluded it would be useless to beat save the above exception, plunder their about for weeks through Mexico tu no homes, take their horses and arms, and

fight their way on to a “free Stale" * Calahan's Expedition, 1855. (Mexico).

Notwithstanding the intense excite three more were hung last Friday, and ment which moved every member of the Mexicans who were implicated our community, and the desperate were ordered to leave the country, measures to which men are liable to be There was no proof against these last led on by such impending danger to beyond surmises. The band had a which we have been exposed by our deposit of arms and ammunition in the indulgence and lenity to our slaves, we bottom. They had quite a number of must say the people acted with inore guns, and a large lot of knives, manu. caution and deliberation than ever be factured by one of their number. It foro characterized the action of any was their intention to fight their way people under similar circumstances. to Mexicu."

More than two hundred negroes had violnted the law, the penalty of which

[Froin the True Issue, Sept. 5.) is death. But, by unaniinous consent,

We noticed last week the rumor that the law was withbeld, and their lives

a large number of slaves, of Colorado Rp.ired, with the exception of three of county, had combined and armed thein. the ring leaders, who were, on last Fri. selves for the purpose of fighting their dny, the 5th inst., at 2 o'clock P. M.,

way into Mexico. “ Developments have hung, in compliance with the unani? since been made of a much inore seri. inous voice of the citizens of the coun.

vus nature than our information then ty:

indicated. It is ascertained that a Without exception, every Mexican in secret combination had been formed, the county was implicated. They were embracing most of the negroes of the arrested, and ordered to leave the coun county, for the purpose of not fleeing ty within five days, and never again to

to Mexico, but of murdering the inreturn, under the penalty of death. babitants-men, woinen, and children There is one, however, by the name of promiscuously. To carry out their Frank, who is proven to be one of the hellish purposes, they had organized prime movers of the affair, that was into companies of various sizes, had not arrested ; but we hope that he may adopted secret signs and passwords, yet be, and have meted out to him such sworn never to divulge the plot under reward as his black deed demands. the penalty of death, and bind elected

Wo are satisfied that the lower class captains and subordinate officers to of the Mexican population are incen

coinmand the respective companies. diaries in any country wherc slaves are They had provided theinselves with held, and should be dealt with accord

soine fire-arins and home made bowie. ingly. And, for the benefit of the Mexi- knives, and had appointed the time for can population, we would here state,

a simultaneous movement. Some two that a resolution was passed by the hundred, we learn, have been severely unanimous voice of the county, forever punished under the lush, and several forbidding any Mexican from coming are now in jail awaiting the more seri within the limits of the county.

ous punishinent of delth, which is to Peace, quiet, and good order are

be inflicted to-day. One of the prin again restored, and, by the watchful cipal instigators of the movement is a caro of our Vigilance Committee, a well free negro, or one who hnd been perorganized patrol, and good discipline mitted to control his own time as a free among our planters, we are persuided man. that there will never again occur the necossity of a coinmunication of the

GALVESTON, Texas, July 10, 1856. character of this. Yours respectfully.

To the Editor of the N. Y. Darly Times: JOHN H. Rubson,

The inclosed I cut from one of our H.A. TATUM, Cor. Com. city papers, and beg you to publish J. H. Hicks.

with such cominents as you decm The Galveston News, of the 11th ost., has also the following porngraph: lu explanation, I must tell you that

“ We learn, from the Columbian Mr. Sherwood, a Southern man and Planter, of the 9th, that two of the eminent lawyer, and, at the last session iegroes engaged in the insurrection at of our Legislature, a meinber of the Columbus were whipped to denth;' House froin this city, had to resign be.


fore his term expired, because he had | will be permitted to appear before the the courage to assert, on the floor of the community, in a public manner. That llouse, that it was his opinion that your views on that subject are unsound the Congress of the United States had and dangerous, is the fired belief of the Constitutional right lo legislale on this community, caused by your own the subject of Slarery in the Terri. speeches, writing, and acts. tories." This is the only so-called Anti- We are aware that, either actually Slavery sentiment Mr. Sherwood, him or seemingly, you wholly misappre. self a slaveholder, entertains. I under: hended the real views of the people of lined some portions of the article I Texas, and suppore that, by explana. inclose, and ask you, where lies the tion and argument, yon can make your difference, in regard to Freedom of Anti-Slavery theorics and plans innf. Speech and Press, between so-called fensive and acceptable. How far this despotic Austria, and these Southern should be attributed, on your part, to Republican States of the great and delusion, and how far to design, is not free (?) North American Repnblic ? material. The Slavery subject is not Yours, A SOUTHERNER. one which is open to you before us.

You are, Therefore, explicitly and

peremptorily notified, that, in your Procoedings of a Public Meeting speech, you rcill not be permitted to

in Galveston, Texas. louch, in any manner, on ihe subject of

[From the Galveston Neros.) Slavery, or your opinions thereon, At a meeting of the citizens of Gal- either directly or indirectly, or by way veston, convened to take into consid. of explanation, or otherwise. Under eration the propriety of PERMITTING

the prelext of the personal right of self. Lorenzo Sherwood to address the peo defense, you will not be tolerated in any ple in defense of his course in the last attempt to defend your course in the Legislature, Col. Samuel L. Williams Legislature on this subject, which was was called to the chair, and Alfred F. an aggression on the rights, and an James appointed Secretary, when, after outrage on the feelings, of the State of explaining the object of the meeting, it Texas, and much more on those of the

people of Galveston, whom you mis. Resolved, That the following letter, represented, than any other. prepared and read by Mr. Ballinger, be


The entire subject of Slavery, in aia addressed to Mr. Sherwood, as einbrac. its connections, is forbidden ground, ing the views and sentiments of this rohich you shall not invade. meeting, in relation to his contem.

Your introduction of it in any man. plated address :

ner, will be the prompt signal FOR CON


LORENZO Sherwood, Esq.-Sir: It has been asserted that you have At a public meeting of the citizens of some supporters in this community Galveston, convened this morning at upon that subject. We trust not. But the Court House, in consequence of if so, and if they have sufficient pre. your public notice that you would sumption to undertake to sustain you, make an address this evening, in de in any further discussion of this sub. fense of your course in the last Legis. ject before the people, they will make lature, it was unanimously resolved to this evening the occasion for the definite notify you of the well-considered senti. and final settlement of that issue, both ments and resolute determination of the as to you and to them. people of Galveston, as follows:

We trust, however, that you will That your right, in common with confine yourself to matters of legitimate every other citizen, io free opinion, free public interest and discussion, and will discussion, and the largest liberty of not, hereafter, either in public or pri. self-defense, is fully recognized, and vate, further abuse the patience of a will be respected. (?)

people with whom, on that question. But there is one subject, connected you have no congeniality, and whom with your course in the Legislature, you wholly misunderstand that of Slaveryon which neither you, This communication will be read to nor any une entertaining your views, I tho assembled public before you proceed



with your speech; and you will clearly | laban, by lavish displays of friendship understand is not to be the subject of assisting him to cross the Rio Grande any animadversion by you.

and proffering to join his ranks, and The meeting was addressed by then joining the force that lay in am. Messrs. Wm. P. Ballinger, P. R. Ed. bush to fall upon his front and rear and wurds, Hamilton Stuart, Thomas M. massacre his whole command, their Joseph, B. C. Franklin, Samuel M. Wil town would not have been destroyed, liams, F. H. Merriman, Oscar Farish, nor their property taken without renM. B. dienard, Noah John, and Joseph dering, a fair equivalent. They even J. lendley.

carried off his dead, it is said, for disCol. Samuel M. Williams, Judge B. section, in San Fernando. C. Franklin, Wm. P. Ballinger, Esq., and Col. E. McLean, were appointed a Already have a number of our citi. committee to deliver to Mr. Sherwood a zens taken the field, prepared and decopy of the letter addressed to him by termined to carry the war into the enethis meeting

my's country, it necessary. Captains On motion of Hamilton Stuart, Esq., Cållaban, Henry, and Benton, and the all those opposed to the action taken by brave men of their commands, have set this meeting were requested to with

an example worthy the emulation of all draw, whereupon Messrs. Joseph J. who desire the peace and security of Hendley and Stephen Van Sickle re. the frontier. One hundred and eleven Sired.

men, most of whom were never in batThe meeting then adjourned, to meet tle before, whipped a force of Indians again this evening at the place ap- and Mexicans more than six times pointed by Mr. Sherwood to deliver his greater than their own, upon their own address.

soil. To arms, then, Texans, and SAMUEL M. WILLIAMS,

avenge your plundered, outraged, and

Chairman. murdered countrymen! Drive back to A. F. James, Secretary.

their vile dens the thieving, murdering

hordes that have been laying your [From the San Antonio Herald, Oct. country waste, and carrying your

wives and daughters into captivity. 16, 1855.)

Then to arins, Texans ! Now is the Return of Capt. Callahan's Expedi-lime for action!

tion.- Piedras Negras Burnt. - The Citizens taking up arms. Captain Callahan returned to our To the People of Texas. city on Saturday last. From him we At a mecting of the citizens of Bexar learn, that, after he had fallen back county, the undersigned were appointupon the town of Piedras Negras, the ed a committee to appeal to you, to Mexicans stated to him the battle of take this matter into your own hands, Escondido was brought on through mis- as the Federal and State governinents iake-that the object of his expedition have been appealed to in vain. Your was not rightly understood. He was fellow.citizens have been cruelly and ziven to understand, that if he wished shamefully murdered almost within to pursue and chastise the Indians, he view of the capitol of your State, and could do so unmolested. This was the head-quarters of the army of the :uerely to decoy him out of Piedras United States. Your women have Negras, so that the Mexicans could been violated, and your children carcarry out their previous design of mas ried into captivity. Frontier settlesacreing his command.

ments bave been broken up, and their

property carried into Mexico. Mexico Considerable fuss was made at Eagle hus violated the letter and spirit of our Pass about the burning of Piedras Ne. trouties with her, by aiding and ahet. zras, and fears were entertained that ting the Indians in their robberies, the Mexicans and Indians would reiali burboring them within her borders, and ate upon that place. The Mexicans tighting their battles wben pursued to have themselves alone to blame for the their camps. Texans, to the rescue Furnivy of their town. Had they not and let no repose be taken until vic. ated in bad faith towards Capt. Cal ! tory, complete and triumphant, shall be

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