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ours. On the Cibolo, near the mouth | these lawless men. We would like to of the Santa Clara, will be the point of have the protection of a company of rendezvous, and the fifteenth day of | Rangers, but not such as these areNovember is designated as the day worse than the red Indian himself. wben the expedition will move. They have stolen 52 valuable horses Respectfully,

within a few months, within a circle Wm. E. JONES, of 20 miles in diameter, have killed oui J. H. CALLAHAN, cows and oxen, and occasionally iaken J. A. Wucox, tbe lives of our citizens; but even these Jxo. SUTHERLAND, we can better enduro than the lawlese. ASA MITCHELL, ness of these men, who should be our

S. A. MAVERICK. protectors. San Antonio, Oct. 16, 1855.

“We would also respectfully request that the citizens may be remuneratea

for the losses sustained, and that mea (From the S. A. Sentinel.] sures may be taken for our protection

in future from such outrogcr. On the first page of this num. ber we publish the circular of Cap

“We respectfully append an account Callahan, who is now with a few men

of damages. at Piedras Negras, waiting for assist.

“Dhanis, Dec. 11, 1854." ance. Capt. Callahan's position is somewhat a peculiar one, and one out

BOY OUT. of which more serious difficulties may

ABOUT the 1st instant, my negro arise. It might at first be supposed that our men had violated the neutrali: toy, Charles, absconded, and has noi ty laws in following the Indians into since been heard of. Said boy is sul, Mexico. But at the present time there ject to attacks of " convulsions," and is no government really in Mexico. She was probably under the influence of has just emerged froin a revolution form that disease when he went away. My of government, nor does she even re

chief object in issuing this notice is to cognize your particular man as being i warn persons to be on their guard in really at the head of her governmental approaching him while in that conaffairs.

dition, as he is then entirely unman. ageable and dangerous if force is at:

tempted with him. I will give a (From the San Antonio Zeitung.) reasonable reward for information or To the Military Commander of the not ask any one to arrest him, ns ther:

the whereabouts of said negro, but will 9th Military Department :

would be danger in the attempt to do "Your memorialists would respect-so. Said negro is black, large, and very fully represent, that on Sunday, the stout, about 24 years of age, and has ai; 10th day of December, 1854, Lieut. Jack- unusually flat nose, particularly so jusi son was in command of mounted vol. between the eyes. unteers, in the vicinity of Dhanis; that Information may be given, at the of during the night the property of the fice of Dr. A. J. Lott, or at the State citizens was destroyed; two hogs, the Gazette office. property of John Ney, were killed ;

GEORGE S. HUGHES. sign-boards, windows, shutters, and Austin, January 4, 1854. other things was destroyed, and thus destroyed the letter-box and the sign of the post-office, scattering the contents

$100 REWARD. of the letter box upon the prairie, bei I WILL give the above reward their in

. the streets, to the great annoyance and away on the 7th instant, from my danger of the inhabitants.

plantation in Walker County, if take: “Lieutenant Jackson and some few up by any person west of the San An men who encamped with them, betonio River: fifty dollars, if taken up haved like gentlemen ; but, although I west of the Brazos; and twenty-five they possessed the authority, they had dollars to any person taking him up pot the power to control the conduct of east of the Brazos River. The above At the same time, I will sell for cash TILL be given for the appre in hand, two negro women, a fine Rock.

reward will be paid on delivering said, place to Lockhart, and he may attemp boy into the bands of any jailer con- to go up tbat way, and then, by the way venient to where taken up, and wbo of San Antonio, to Mexico. The above can securely keep bim until I can get reward will be given, if lodged in jail, him.

or for such information as will lead to BILL is what would be called a his recovery. DAVD IRWIN, bright mulatto, of rather dull expres

per John Irwin. sion of countenance; his hair might be Lavaca, Nov. 28th, 1853. called straight, and, when long, very bushy. Was very long when he left home His age is about 28 years; bis

$100 REWARD. height 5 feet 10 inches.

Took with him from home a double- RANAWAY, or stolen from the barrel shot-gun.

subscriber, , WM. B. SCOTT. bine County, Texas, about the 1st Huntsville, April 14, 1855.

of March last, a negro man named

Reuben. Said negro is about forty. See the advertisement of W. B. Scott five years of age, stout, and well made, for his runaway negro, Bill. The fellow inclined to be of a copper color, one or knocked down the overseer, and then

two of his front teeth out, and stam. ran to the house, got a gun, ani put out

mers a littlo when talking, if bothered. before the overseer could overhaul him.

I will give fifty dollars to have the Gen. Scott is anxious to recover the negro secured in jail, so that I can get boy, in order to punish his insuburdina bin, and fifty dollars for the apprehen. tion.

sion of the thief.


Nov. 5th, 1853.
AND committed to the jail.com

Jacks for Sale. Bexar County, Texas, on the 13th day of March, 1854, a negro THE ndersigned offers for sale a man, calling himself MARTIN, or number of the finest young Jacks in TOM. He says he is a blacksınith, and the State, from one to two years of age, belongs to John Beal. Aitakapak, on of a large size and fine stock, sired by Red River. Said negro is about 48 the celebrated Black Hawk, purchased years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, of A.T. Nolance, Nashville, Tennessee. and head å little bald. His back" is The sire is eigbt years old, and also for marked with the whip, and marks of

sale. cupping on both temples and back of Having recently come to the counthe neck. Ho speaks Creole French try, and not being situated so as to and broken English.

The owner of take care of said stock, le offers great said negro is hereby notified to come bargains, and invites those wishing to forward, prove property, pay charges, purchase to call at his ranch, and ex and take him away, or he will be dealt amine tor themselves, near San Marcos. with as the law directs.

W. B. KNOX, Sheriff B. C. Juno 23d, 1855.
By L. SARGENT, Deputy.

Negroes, Carriage, and Mules. $25 REWARD

away carriage, and two harness mules. who ran away froin Port Lavaca. One of the women about 40 years old, a about the 12th inst. Henry is a black good washer and ironer; the other about smith by trade, about 30 or 35 years of 25 years old, an excellent cook. Both age, heavy set, and very black; is are stout and healthy, first rate cottonvery smart, and, when interrogated, pickers, and goud out-door hands. will tell a very plausible story. He is

WM. P. MILBY. acquainted along the road from this Indianola, Aug. 23, 1853.



Two Hundred Dollars Reward. olso, stnr in her forehend, saddle-inarks

on her right side, and lias been iy. RYN AWAY or was stolen from

blown about the root of the tail; about the subscriber, about the 1st of Deceinber last, a negro man

years old, very skittish, and not named BOSTON,' aged about 31 or 33 easily caught.

CASPER STEUSSEY. years, black complexioned, about 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, weighs about

$100 REWARD. 150 lbs., has a delicate hand and foot for a pegro, and by profession a STOP THE HORSE-THIEF! Methodist preacher-says a great deal about his religion. One hundred do1. STOLEX froin the undersigned, living

in Austin, on the night of the 7th of lars reward will be paid for the delivery | Aug., A cream-colored Ainerican horse, of said negro to me, or two hundred 5 years old, 16 hands high, white mane dollars for the negro and thief, if stolen, and tril, with a blaze face, sbod all with evidence sufficient to convict the round, paces well, and has some white thief.

spots about his breast and shoulders Any information concerning, said from tick bites. A Texas-rigged sad. negru will be thankfully received.

dle, with hair girth, and a brass.plated Address,

stiff-bit bridle, with new leather reins, W. FITZGERALD, were taken with the horse. I will give Columbus, Colorado Co., Texas. the above reward for the apprehension

of the thief and recovery of the borse, $225 REWARD.

or twenty-five dollars for the recovery STRAYED or stolen from me, about of the horse. , 6 head of

ERNST RAVEN. bay mare,


years old, with a sorrel colt, and four three-year-old horses, two

CATTLE WANTED. Borrels, one

bay, and one dun, all brand: I HAVE four Leagues are ed on the left with my ,

Creck, except the colt. I will give $25 for their in Nueces County, fourteen delivery to me, and will give $200 for miles from San Patricio, ofany information by which I may lay the finest grazing, qualities, the meso hands upon the thief.

quit grass being knee high the year JAS. P. MCKINNEY.

round, one-half of which tract I am Union Creek, Travis Co., May 3, 1855. willing to exchange for stock cattle, and

would be willing to mnke an arrangeRunaway.

ment with the purchaser to place an COMMITTED to jail in Bastrop Co., I equal number of cattle on the place, to

on the 4th of August, 1855, by T. H. be placed in charge of a competent Mays, J. P., a negro man, who says number of Mexican vaqueros.

American family, and the requisite bis name is Peter, aged about fifty

Those baving large stocks of cattle, years, dark complexion, 5 feet 8 or y

would do well to communicate with inches high, and says he belongs to Horntio Hearn, of Robinson County,

Address me at this place. Texas. The owner is requested to coine

WM. H. HOUSTON. forward, prove property, pay, charges, and take him away, or be will be dealt City of Austin, May 31st, 1855. with according to law. JOHN HEARN,

I. 0. of G S. & D. of S.
Sheriff B. C.


No. 16, of the Independent

Order of Good Samaritans and or stolen from the sub. Daughters of Samaria, inects overy scriber, one brown mare, about 14 Monday evening, at 7 o'clock. bands bigh, branded with a Spanish

B. F. CARTER, brand on the left hind hip, and the let. SEBRON SNFED, W.C. G. S. ter D on the left shoulder. She has a

W. R. S. long black tail, mave and legs black ; Austin, Dec. 23, 1834.




Certificate of Jobn Swesey for half league of land, No. 41, issued in Harris County. If not heard of within 90 days,

application will be made for duplicates Important Discovery.

of ile same. J. W. ISBELL, THE reason why Lord Raglan has not

July 21, 1855.

Agent. storied Sevasiopul, bas been mainly owing to the weak and enfeebled con. San Saba Land for Sale. dition of the rallied Arwnics, caused by

. I HAVE 1280 acres of land on the sufferings

bank of the Saba , hospitable climate. It has now been granted to Elijah Gillman, and known clearly ascertained to live been proas survey No. 34, which I will sell for duced by the absence of ROBERT $1 75 cents per acre. SOVSTONIC BITTERS.

Apply immediately to


Lagrange, Texas, July 26, 1855. THIS is to notify all persons that they

must not bathe in the Colorado river UNION HALL BAR-ROOM anywliere in the vicinity of Swisher's or

EXCHANGE. Grumble's Ferry, after this date, under penalty of being taken before the

To the Drinking Public. Hon. J. T. Cleveland, Mayor of the city T

'HE subscriber would say that for

their accommodation he has fitted of Austin, and there undergoing a fine offense committed against the peace share of patronage as he may be of Ten Dollars for cach and every such up an establishment second to none

anywhere, He only solicits such a and dignity of this city. SAJILC. TAYLOR,

thought to be entitled to by those who City Marsbal. trill givo him a call.

C. V. SHAFER. Austin, July ?, 1835.

Bastrop, July 16, 1853.
Land for Sale.

Ecole Primaire.
640 acres, 90 miles north of Austin,
the road to Fort Croghan running

Française et Anglaise. obliquely through it, part of Gen. Tra MRA: ROY, professeur vis's headright, selected, located and de frauçaise, surveyed by II. L. Up:lur, District neur d'annoncer aux paSurveyor, who will give particular de rents qu'il vient de s'ajoin. scription. Equal paits mosquit, prai. dre nu inaitre d'anglais qui sera atuache rie and post-oak timber-a nier spring à son école d'une maniere permanente, and camping-place near the road.

tous les soins seront donnés aux enfants Apply to

qui lui seront confiés. HARALSON, FLOU'RSOY & RO. BARDS.

Pour la lere. classe, pour le fran.
Austin, July 18th, 185.

çaise et l'anglaise, payables
par trémestre et d'avance, $24:00

18:00 LOST:-Thedumee Caroline's head. 24. classe right third league land certificate,

Français seul

12.50 No. 8,24 class, issued by Boar:i Land

Anglais seul

12:50 Commissioners for Goliad Corinty, on Natchitoches, 3 Septembre, 1853. the 9ib day of August, 1838. If not found within the time prescribed by Valuable Negroos at Public Auction! law, application will be made for å duplicate. ESOCH MOORE.

WILL be sold at public
J. DOUGLASS Brows, Agent.

auction, to the higbest July 21, 1855.

bidder, without reserve, in

the town of Natchitoches, on

Wheeler, a Sergeant in Company cember next, 2 valuable Ne.
B, 1st Regiinent Tex:18 Ariny, under gro men, viz.:
Capt. R. Roman.

Also, the Headright WILLIAM, aged about 32



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years, a first rate cottou picker, good All cotton consigned to parties stor. axe-man, smart, sound in every par. ing at their press will be received on ticular, and fully guarantied.

the wharves and drayed to press with. SAM, aged ubont thirty years, fully out giving the parties any trouble, and guarantied as to health and title. He repairs estimated at the time of receiv. is inclined to take to the woods when ing the cotton, which will be sampled tightly pressou, and has not the resolu- by an experienced sampler. tion or moral firmness to resist the The Weighing will always be temptation of appropriating to his own attended to by experienced weighers. use, when hungry, a sack of meal, or A Watchman will be in attendance day other edible—the ti:le to which might and night to guard against fires and be vested in another. He is smart and other casualties. The following is active, a first rate cotton picker and their

One-balf cash, the other half payable

CONSIGNEES' CHARGES. on the 1st of April. 1854-the purchaser

Drayage to press,

8fc. per bale.


Labor, or purchasers to give notes with ap


Storage, proved security, in solido, bearing in.


8 terest at the rate of 8 per centum per


annum froin inaturity till paid, payable
to tho order of the undersigned, auc.

Repairs—Rope, 10 each.

15 tioneer or bearer, with mortgage and


Heads, vendor's privilege retnined, further to


50 secure the payınent of suid notes.


50 The Negroes can be seen at the Saw Mill of W. L. Hains, abuve Campté.

VESSELS' CHARGES. Will be sold also, at the same Compressing coastwise, 8c. time and place, 12 or 15 head of Horned Freight 25c. per bale ; fc. freight Cattle. The cattle will be sold for cash, and upwards,

30c. dr. bl. as they run in the woods.

Compressing foreign,

40 do. D. H. BOULLT, Extra ropes, each,

8 Nov. 19, 1853

Auctioneer. Drayage to vessel, 870 pr bl.

Note. No extra drayage charged on NOTICE!

bales that have burst ropes alongside To Receivers and Shippers of Cotton. the vessel, if returned to press for re'HE proprietors of the SHIPPER'S pairs.

pre- SHIPPERS' CHARGES. pared to receive and store, under cover,

Storage and labor per mo., 10c. pr bl


Classing, 5,500 bales of cotton at one time. Their Storage Shel and Press Building are




Sampling, situated on the Strand, in the west cod of the city, and two blocks from any

Ship-marking, other building, which renders them Drayage lo vessel,

8} more secure from fire. Their establish- Not£.—No labor or storage charged ment and its appurtenances cover an

on any cotton sent to press with orders entire block-say 260 feet by 300 feet. for compressing and shipment. The Storage Shed extends the whole

L. E. HOOPER & CO. width (260 feet) of the block to the

Galveston, January, 17, 1854.
depth of 60 feet. This structure is of

best material.

The Press Building, which is 60 feet by 40 feet, is Michel Anty et al. heirs, vs. Treciny built of brick and roofed with tin, ren.

Delouches et al. heirs. No. 4583. dering it completely tire-proof. The

Cour de District, Natchitoches. Press Machinery, is of Tyleris inven: CONFORMEULENT à un ordré de 48

All the other l'hon. District machinery employed is of the latest and la Paroisse des Nutchitoches,rendu dung most improved pattern, while the Press l'affaire ci-dessus mentionée pour un Frame is one of the best, if not the very partage entre les héritiers de la feue best, ever built.

Marie Rose Robin, femme de Athabase

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