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seventh session of the legislative assembly of the territory of Montana, the secretary of the territory be, and is hereby, instructed and authorized to make such correction in the orthography and punctuation of the said copies as he shall deem necessary to complete the sense of the laws: Provided, That when words and clauses are inserted, such change shall be denoted by enclosing such words and clauses in brackets; and that as soon as practicable, after said laws are printed, the secretary of the territory shall furnish, and he is hereby authorized to do the same, each member of the council and house of representatives of said assembly, and the chief clerk of each house and each county and territorial officer, with two copies of the laws passed at the seventh session of said assembly, and two copies each of the journals of each house; also each assistant clerk, engrossing and enrolling clerk, sergeantat-arms, door-keeper, and fireman of said assembly, one copy of all the laws and journals of both houses: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to bind the territory of Montana for the payment of the printing of said laws and journals.

Approved January 8, 1872.


To authorize the joint committee on enrolment to employ a clerk or clerks for certain purposes.

Resolved by the house of representatives, the council concurring, That the joint committee on enrolment be, and is hereby, authorized to employ a clerk or clerks, if found necessary to assist the engrossing and enrolling clerks of either house, in the performance of their official duties, and that such clerk or clerks shall be allowed and paid the sum of $12 per day for services actually performed: Provided, That mileage to or from the capital shall not be allowed nor paid to any such clerk or clerks employed by said committee, and the territorial auditor is hereby authorized to draw his warrant in favor of such clerk or clerks upon an order properly certified to by the members of said joint committee, and said joint committee shall, immediately after issuing such certificate to such clerk or clerks, report the fact to their respective houses, stating the time such clerk or clerks have been employed and the amount for which such certificate has been issued.

Approved January 4, 1872.


In relation to pay for newspapers.

Resolved by the house, the council concurring, That the auditor be, and he is hereby, authorized to draw his warrants, one in favor of G. F. Cope for the sum of twelve hundred dollars ($1200), one in favor of Fisk & Bro. for the sum of two hundred and sixteen dollars, one in favor of Kerley, Smith, McQuaid & Co. for the sum of twenty-three dollars and ninety cents, one in favor of Jas. H. Mills for the sum of twenty-three dollars and ninety cents, and one in favor of Wilkinson & Ronan for the sum of two hundred and sixteen dollars; the same being in payment for (news) papers furnished the council and house.

(The foregoing resolution, having been presented to the governor of the territory for his approval, was, on January 11, 1872, returned to the house of representatives, in which it originated, without his approval, and with his objections thereto; the objections were entered at large upon the journal of the house. The vote by which the resolution was passed was reconsidered, and on the question, "Shall this resolution pass, the objections of the gov. ernor to the contrary notwithstanding," it was passed by a twothirds vote of the house. The resolution was then immediately sent to the council, together with the objections of the governor; the vote by which the resolution was passed by the council was then reconsidered, and upon the question, "Shall this resolution pass, the objections of the governor to the contrary notwithstanding," it was also passed by a two-thirds vote of the council.


Granting the governor certain powers.

Resolved by the house, the council concurring, That the executive of this territory be requested to ascertain if the authorities of Idaho Territory are responsible for any part of the costs made in the case of Mallewelle and others for the murder of Allord, in Idaho Territory in 1870, arrested in Missoula County, Montana Territory, and delivered up to the authorities of Idaho by the sheriff of Missoula County, according to the order of Gov. Potts, issued October 3, 1870, and in case said executive shall find any such money due this territory he is hereby authorized to collect the same for the benefit of the treasury of this territory. Approved January 12, 1872.


Relating to auditor's and treasurer's reports and accounts.

Be it resolved by the house of representatives of the territory of Montana, the council concurring, That the auditor of the territory of Montana is hereby authorized and required to have printed, for the use of the legislative assembly, five hundred copies, each, of the reports of the auditor and treasurer, and to draw his warrant on the treasurer for the expense incurred in printing the


That the committees already appointed by the house and council to examine and report upon the auditor's and treasurer's books, constitute a joint committee for that purpose, and said committee shall examine and report upon said books and accounts, including the books and accounts of the territorial treasurer, and said examination and report shall embrace all accounts of said officers since the report made by the joint committee of ways and means of the council and house of representatives of the legislative assembly, at their sixth session; and that said joint select committee is hereby empowered to send for books, papers, and persons, to administer oaths, and to employ in their labors such expert accountants as they shall find necessary to facilitate their labors.

Approved December 23, 1871.




Constitution 1-10.
Amendments 11-14.

Adjournment of Congress 3.

ARMY and navy

President commander-in-chief of 7.


Right of people to bear 11.


Members of Congress privileged from 3.

Excessive, not to be required 12.


How become laws 3.

When become law without president's
approval 3, 4.

Of attainder-none shall be passed 5.
Of credit-no state shall emit 5.
For raising revenue-shall originate in
House of Representatives 3.
CITIZENS of the United States
Who are 13, 14.

Of states 14.

Privileges of 9, 14.

Rights of 14.


Legislative powers vested in 1.
What consists of 1.

Apportionment of Representatives 1.
To meet annually 2, 3.
Adjournment of 3.

Powers of, defined and enumerated 4.
To make rules and regulations respec-
ting territory and other United States
property 9.


Members of, privileged from arrest 3.
Members of, disqualified from holding
office 3.

Veto power over acts of 3.

To make laws to carry out provisions
of the constitution 5.

Votes for president and vice-president

opened and counted in presence of 13.
Each house may adopt its own rules,
etc., 3.

CONSTITUTION of the United States
Preamble to 1.

Amendments to 11.

Amendments to, how made 9, 10.
Laws made in pursuance of, supreme 10.
Ratification of 10.

Powers not delegated in, reserved 12.
COURTS of the United States

Judges of, hold office during good be-
havior 8.

Jurisdiction of 8.


Presidential, how elected 6.

Time of choosing, prescribed by Con-
gress 6.


For president and vice-president 6, 12, 13
For senators and representatives 2.
Times and places of holding 2.
How prescribed 2.

Each house of Congress judges of 2.
EXECUTIVE. See President.

None shall be passed 5.

[blocks in formation]

How composed 1.

Apportionment of members of 1.
Vacancies in, how filled 2.

Judges of qualifications of its members 3.
To choose its officers 2.

To keep a journal of its proceedings 3.
May determine its rules, etc 3.
Revenue bills to originate in 3.
Who may be members of 1.
Have sole power of impeachment 2.
Compensation of members 3.
Adjournment of 3.

When may elect president 13.


Senate sole power to try 2.

Concurrence of two-thirds necessary to
convict 2.

How far judgment in shall extend 2.

How vested 8.

To what shall extend 8.

All crimes, except in cases of impeach-

ment, tried by jury 8.
Judicial power construed 12.


Right of trial by 8, 12.

In cases of impeachment 2.


No ex-post facto to be passed 5.

In pursuance of constitution, supreme 10.

MONEY. See Treasurer.
NAVY. See Army and Navy.


No title of, to be granted 5.
PRESIDENT of the United States
Term of office of 6.
How elected 6, 12, 13.
Qualifications of 6, 7.
May be impeached 8.

When tried chief justice to preside 2.
Oath of office 7.

Commander-in-chief of army and navy 7.
Duties and powers of 7.


PRESIDENT of the United States-

May be removed on impeachment 8.
Shall commission all officers 8.
Bills to be presented to, for approval
Veto power of 3, 4.
Compensation of 7.

No officer of the United States to accept.
from foreign powers 5.


Of members of Congress 3.
Of Citizens of the United States 9, 14

Not delegated reserved 12.
House of Representatives.


Bills for, where to originate 3.
Senate may propose amendments to 3.

Congress shall make no law establis
ing 11.

SENATE of the United States

Sole power to try impeachments 2.
How composed 2.

Shall be judge of its members 3.
Who may be members of 2.
Vacancies in how filled 2.
Trials of impeachment by 2.
To keep a journal of its proceedings 3.
To determine rules of its proceedings 3.
SENATORS of the United States
Who may be a senator 2.
How chosen 2.

Term of office 2.
Classification of 2.

Compensation of 3.

Disqualified during term from holding

office 3.

[blocks in formation]
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