The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy

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David Ratledge
Springer Science & Business Media, 6. 12. 2012 - Počet stran: 162
Charge-coupled Devices (CCDs) have revolutionised astronomy. Even affordable CCD cameras can be ten times a sensitive as photographic film, and they deliver a digitised image that is easy to enhance using a personal computer. David Ratledge has brought together contributions from twelve leading amateurs from around the world, people who are routinely producing astronomical images of a quality that rivals those of professional observatories only of 10 years ago. These experts describe their techniques and solutions, and offer essential tips and advice for anyone who is choosing or using a CCD camera. Now glance through the Colour Gallery at the back of this book to see just what they have done!

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An Introduction to CCDs
Appendix A CCD Camera Manufacturers 145
Lunar Imaging with the Cookbook
Solar CCD Imaging
HighResolution Planetary Imaging
The Comet Watch Program
David Strange 73
Nebulae and Galaxies in High Resolution
WideField Imaging
CCD Imaging from the City
Overcoming Light Pollution
TriColour CCD Imaging
Beyond Pretty Pictures
CCD Field of View for Various
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