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4th Feb., 1864. 3rd May, 1849. 6th March, 1851. 15th March, 1855. 11th Sept., 1854.

17th Sept., 1854.

15th Dec., 1853.

3rd Dec., 1857.
1st Dec., 1859.

6th Dec., 1855.
23rd Nov., 1848.
18th Dec., 1856.

18th Dec., 1856. 3rd Dec., 1857. H. Sh. Chesh., 1855-6. 21st May, 1857.


23rd Nov., 1858.
14th April, 1859.

24th May, 1855.
18th Dec., 1856.
6th Dec., 1849.

Bright, Sir Charles Tilston, M.P., F.R.S., C.E., 12, Hyde park gardens, London. Brooke, Henry, Forest hill, Northwich. Brooke, Richard, jun., Norton priory, Runcorn. *Browne, G. Mansfield, 15, South hill, Park rd. *Burke, WilLIAM, 17, Bagot street, Smithdown road, TREASUrer.

Burnell, Rev. Samuel, A.M., Winwick, Warrington.


23rd Nov., 1848. *Caine, Nathaniel, 12, Dutton street.
*Calder, Rev. William, A.M., Fairfield.
Callender, W. Romaine, jun., F.S.A., Ashburne
house, Rusholme, Manchester.

9th Jan., 1862. 23rd Nov., 1848. 2nd May, 1850.

*BUXTON, DAVID, F.R.S.L., Principal of the Liverpool Deaf and Dumb Institution, Oxford


Calvert, F. Crace, Ph.Dr., F.R.S., F.C.S., M.R.A.
Turin, Royal Institution, Manchester.
*Campbell, Rev. Augustus, A.M., 131, Duke
street, and the Vicarage, Childwall.
*Campbell, Wm., Captain & Adjutant R.L.M.A.,
Artillery barracks, Rupert lane.

Cartwright, Samuel.
*Chadburn, Charles Henry, 71, Lord street, and
Egremont, Birkenhead.
Chapman, John, M.P., Hill End, Mottram-in-

Cheetham, John, M.P.

PRESIDENT, ex officio.
*Clare, John Leigh, 11, Exchange buildings,
and Richmond terrace, Breck road.
Clement, Leonard, Nelson-in-Marsden, near

*Comber, Thomas, the Temple, Dale street. Corser, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Stand, Manchester. Crosfield, Henry, 4, Temple place, and Edge mount, Edge lane.

Cross, Richard Assheton, Hill Cliff, Warrington.
Crosse, Thomas Bright, Shawe hill, Chorley.
Crossley, James, F. S. A., President of the
Chetham Society, 6, Booth street, Piccadilly,

23rd Nov., 1848. *Cust, Lieut.-Gen. the Hon. Sir Edward, K.C.H., D.C.L., F.R.S., Leasowe Castle, Cheshire, Claremont, Surrey, and Hill street, London.

23rd Sept., 1854. *Davies, Comenius, 110, Paddington, Edge hill. 3rd March, 1864. *Davies, John, jun., 6, King street, Edge hill.







19th March, 1863. 23rd Nov., 1848.

2nd May, 1850. 23rd April, 1857.

20th Dec., 1855. 7th March, 1853.

4th Nov., 1858. 23rd Nov., 1848. 13th Sept., 1854.

5th Nov., 1863.
1st Jan., 1857.

8th Nov., 1849. 23rd Nov., 1848.

6th May, 1852.

7th Feb., 1861. 3rd Dec., 1857. 23rd Nov., 1848. 15th April, 1858.

5th Dec., 1850. 6th March, 1862. 23rd Sept., 1854.

Dawson, E., Aldcliffe hall, Lancaster. *Dawson, Henry, 30, Redcross street, and 15, St. James's road

9th Dec., 1852.
6th March, 1862.

*Eastee, George, 6, Harrington street.
*Eaton, Francis James, Richmond terrace, Breck
road, and 18, Queen Insurance buildings.
Eckersley, Thomas, Wigan.
*Edwards, Edward, Adelaide buildings, Chapel
street, and Holly lodge, Fairfield.
Egerton, Hon. Algernon, M.P, Worsley Old
hall, Manchester.

6th March, 1862.

7th Jan., 1851.

Egerton, Hon. Wilbraham, M.P., Rosthern hall,

6th March, 1862.

Egerton of Tatton, Rt. Hon. the Lord, Tatton park, Knutsford.

23rd Nov., 1848.

Egerton, Sir Philip de Malpas Grey, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., F.G.S., Oulton park, Tarporley. *Evans, Edward, 56, Hanover street.

23rd Nov., 1848.

4th Nov., 1858. *Evans, Edward Francis, Revenue buildings.

DAWSON, THOMAS, M.R.C.S. Eng., 26, Rodney st.
Devonshire, His Grace the Duke of, K.G., D.C.L.,
F.R.S., Chatsworth, Derbyshire, and Devon-
shire house, London.
Dobson, William.

*Dove, Percy M., F.S.S., F.I.A., Royal Insurance
office, 1, North John street, and Castledon
lodge, Claughton road, Birkenhead.
*Drysdale, C. Alexander, 11, King street, and
7, Elm terrace, Fairfield.
*Duarte, Ricardo Thomaz, 2, Royal Bank

*Duncan, Thomas, 44, West Derby street.


*Evans, Thomas Bickerton, 56, Hanover street.
*Ewart, Joseph Christopher, 64, Pall Mall,
London, and New Brighton.
Ewart, William, M.P., 6, Cambridge_square,
Hyde park, London, and Broadleas, Devizes.


*Fabert, J. O. W., 3, St. James's walk.
Fairbairn, William, F.R.S., Manchester.
*Finlay, William, Liverpool College.
*FORREST, J. A., 58, Lime street, and 5, Charles-
ville, Claughton, Birkenhead.

Forster, Wilson, Sweden bank, Ambleside.
Fort, Richard, M.P., Woolley hall, Maidenhead,
and Read ball, Clitheroe.
*Forwood, T. B., 11, Dale street, and The
Hollies, Fairfield.

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Frackelton, Rev. S. S., A.M., Ballynahinch,
Franks, Augustus Woollaston, A.M., F.S.A.,
British Museum, London.

French, Gilbert Jas., F.S.A., F.G.H.S., Corr.
Mem. S.A. Scot., Bolton.

Frost, Meadows, 25, The Albany, Oldhall street,
and St. John's house, Chester.


*Gardner, Richard Cardwell, Colonial buildings,
34, Dale street, and Newsham house.
Garnett, Wm. James, M.P., Quernmore park,
*Gaskell, John Rooth, Exchange court, Ex-
change street East.

*Gatb, Samuel, 45, Shaw street, Everton.
*Gerard, Henry, 10, Rumford place.
*GIBSON, A. CRAIG, F.S.A., Stonesfield, Bebing-
ton, Birkenhead, HON. LIBRARIAN.
*GIBSON, J. H., 144, Vauxhall road.
*Gibson, Thomas, 37, Oxford street.
Gill, Chapple, Gateacre.

Gladstone, Rt. Hon. W. E., M.P., Chancellor
of the Exchequer, 11, Carlton house terrace,
London, S.W., PRESIDENT.
*Goodier, Thomas, 9, Lord street.
*Graves, Samuel Robert, M.P., 13, Redcross st.
Gray, Rev. R. H., A.M., Kirkby, Prescot.
Gray, Thomas, Manager and Secretary, Unity
Insurance office, London.

Gray, William, M.P., Darcy Lever hall, Bolton.
*Greame, Malcolm, Colonial buildings, Dale st.
Green, John Henry, Buenos Ayres.
Greenall, Rev. Richard, A.M., Incumbent of
Stretton, R.D., Stretton, Warrington.
Greene, John Stock Turner, Adlington hall,

Greenwood, Henry, 32, Castle street.
Grenside, Rev. William Bent, A.M., Melling
Vicarage, Lancaster.

*Grimmer, W. Henry, Prince's buildings, 30,
North John street.

Grosvenor, Rt. Hon. the Earl, M.P., Calveley,


*Haigh, Thomas, 47, Boundary lane.
*Hall, Charlton R., 19, Dale street, and Liscard
castle, Birkenhead.
*Hancock, Thomas S., Sweeting street, and






6th April, 1865.

6th March, 1856.

12th Jan., 1854.


24th Oct., 1854. 4th May, 1865.

8th May, 1856. 23rd Nov., 1848.

23rd Nov., 1848. P. 23rd Nov., 1848.

12th Sept., 1854. 23rd Nov., 1848.

21st Sept., 1854.

26th April, 1855. 8th Dec., 1851.

23rd Sept., 1854.

12th Jan., 1860. 18th Dec., 1856. 13th Feb., 1862. 24th Sept., 1854. 10th May, 1860.

1st Dec., 1864. 7th May, 1857.

10th Feb., 1853. 11th Oct., 1854. 14th April, 1864. 23rd Nov., 1848.

9th Feb., 1864. Harrowby, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, D.C.L., F.R.S., Sandon hall, Staffordshire, and 39, Grosvenor square, London.

23rd April, 1857. Hartington, Most Noble the Marquess of, M.P., Chatsworth, Derbyshire, & Devonshire house, London.

8th Dec., 1864. 27th Sept., 1854.

*Harding, Joseph, Marlborough house, Claughton, Birkenhead. Hardwick, Charles, 33, Lower Ormond street, All Saints' square, Chorlton, Manchester. Harrison, William, F.S.A., F.R.G.S., F.G.S., F.R.S. North. Ant., &c., Galligreaves hall, Blackburn, Conservative club, St. James's street, and R. T. Y. C., Albemarle street, London.

*Hartley, John Bernard, The Grove, Allerton. *HARTNUP, J., F.R.A.S., Observatory. *Haughton, Thomas, Blue Coat Hospital. Hawkins, Edward, F.R.S., V.P.S.A., F.L.S., British Museum, London.

Heald, Thomas, Greenfield, Billinge, Wigan. *Healey, Samuel R., 48, Castle street, and West bank, Woolton.

Heginbottom, George, Birkdale park, Southport. *Heintz, Louis W., Lancaster buildings, Tithebarn street.

*Henderson, William, 13, Church street, and Rock park, Birkenhead.

Heywood, James, F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., 26, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W. Heywood, Sir Benjamin, Bart., F.R.S., F.S.S., Claremont, Manchester.

Heywood, Thomas, F.S.A., Hope end, Ledbury,


Higgins, Rev. Henry H., A.M., Rainhill.
Hill, Rev. John Wilbraham, M.A., Waverton,

Hill, Samuel, 22, Cannon street West, and 44, Bernard street, Russell square, London. *Hinde, Rev. Edmund, A.M.

Hinde, John Hodgson, Stelling hall, Newcastleupon-Tyne.

Hindmarsh, Fred., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., Bucklersbury, London.

*Holden, Adam, 48, Church street. Holden, Thomas, Springfield, Bolton. Holt, Chas., Beech house, Sharples, near Bolton. *Holt, William D., 23, Edge lane. *Hornby, Gerard, 177, Breck road, and 36, South Castle street.

*Hornby, William Pitt, North Western bank (Limited), Dale street.

*Horner, W., 34, South Castle street, and Eldon house, Oxton.

23rd Nov., 1848.

6th Dec., 1860. 14th April, 1853. 4th Dec., 1856. Mayor Lan., 1849-50. 8th Nov., 1849.


27th Sept., 1854.

P. 10th Dec., 1857. 16th Sept., 1854.

6th April, 1854. 8th Feb., 1862. Mayor Ch. 1851-52. 23rd Nov., 1848.


21st May, 1857.

6th Jan., 1859.

*Horsfall, Thomas Berry, M.P., Bellamour hall,

*Houghton, James, 84, Rodney street.
Houghton, Richard H., jun., Sandheys, Waterloo.
Howell, Edward, 6, Church street.
Howitt, Thomas, Lancaster.

*Howson, Rev. John Saul, D.D., Principal of
Liverpool College.
*Hubback, Joseph, 1, Brunswick street, and

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23rd Nov., 1848. P. 2nd May, 1861. 21st May, 1857.

23rd Nov., 1854.

1st Dec., 1864. 23rd Nov., 1848. 23rd Sept., 1854. 3rd Jan., 1861. 3rd May, 1849. 2nd Dec., 1858. 6th Dec., 1849. 15th Sept., 1854.

11th Dec., 1856.

Hume, Hamilton, F.R.G.S., Cooma, Yass, New
South Wales.

*Hunt, Richard, 9, Castle street, and Linacre
Marsh, Bootle.

11th Feb., 1864. *Hussey, John, Church street, Birkenhead.
9th Dec., 1853. *Hutchison, Robert, 12, Sweeting street, and 6,
Canning street.

*HUGHES, JOHN R., 67, Rock view, South hill road.
*Hughes, J. B., 5, Wesley place, and 4, Clayton

*Hughes, Thomas, 2, Groves terrace, Chester.
Hulton, William Adams, Hurst grange, Preston.
Humberston, Philip Stapleton, Chester.
*Hume, Rev. Abraham, D.C.L., LL.D., F.S.A.,
F.S.S., F.R.S. North. Ant. Copenhagen, Corr.
Mem. S.A. Scot., Hon. Mem. of the Society of
Antiquaries, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 24, Fitz-
Clarence street, VICE-PRESIDent.


1st April, 1852. *JACOB, JOHN GIBBORN, 56, Church street.
5th Dec., 1861. *Jackson, William, Bedford road, Rock Ferry,

Jacson, Charles R., Barton lodge, Preston. *JEFFERY, F. J., Lodge lane.

*Jeffery, James Reddecliff, 45, Church street, and 11, Lodge lane.

*Jeffery, William Reddecliff, 45, Church street,
and 15, Deane street.

*Johnson, D., Brougham terrace.
Johnson, John H.,7,Church street, and Southport.
Jones, Edward, The Larches, Handsworth.
*Jones, George, 36, Hanover street.
*Jones, Morris Charles, 75, Shaw street.
*Jones, Robert, 7, Batchelor street.
*Jones, Roger L., 1, Belvidere road, Prince's park.
Jones, Thomas, B.A., Chetham Library, Man-

Jones, W. Hope, Hooton, Chester.


5th Dec., 1861. Kendal, John, Fishergate, Preston.

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