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3rd May, 1849. 11th Dec., 1856.

4th Dec., 1862.

5th Nov., 1863.

21st May, 1857.

Kendrick, James, M.D., Warrington.
Kershaw, James, M.P., Oaklands, Victoria park,

*King, Lieut.-Col. Vincent Ashfield, 18, Tower
chambers, and Point of Ayr, Oxton.
*King, John Thomson, Clayton square.
*Kitchen, Joseph, Exchange street East, and
Oak house, West Derby.


6th March, 1862. *Laird, John, M.P., Hamilton square, Birkenhead.

23rd Nov., 1848.

23rd Nov., 1848.

1st Dec., 1859.

10th Dec., 1857.

4th March, 1858.

23rd Nov., 1848.

PRESIDENT ex officio.

Langton, William, Manchester.

Legh, G. Cornwall, M.P., High Legh, Knutsford.
Legh, W. J., Lyme park, Disley, Stockport.
Leigh, Major Egerton, The West hall, High
Leigh, Knutsford.

Lindsay, Right Hon. the Lord, M.P., Haigh
hall, Wigan.

Lingard, Alexander Rowson, Hooton, Chester. *LIVERPOOL, THE MAYOR OF, VICE-PRESIDENT ex officio.

6th Jan., 1853. *Longton, John, Peter's place, Rumford street, and Breck road.

6th March, 1862.

14th Feb., 1861.

15th April, 1858.

3rd March, 1853.


McCorquodale, Lieut.-Colonel G., Newton-le-

McGill, Robert, Copperas hill, St. Helens.
*McInnes, J., 23, Lightbody street.
*Macintyre, Peter, M.D.

27th Sept., 1854. *Macfie, Robert Andrew, 30, Moorfields, and

23rd Nov., 1848.

5th May, 1853.

6th Dec., 1849.

3rd Jan., 1849.

23rd Nov., 1848.

1st Dec., 1859.

5th June, 1851.

1st Dec., 1864.

1st Dec., 1864.

Ashfield hall, Neston.

*M'QUIE, PETER ROBINSON, 9, Brunswick street,
and Thornton lodge, Merton road, Bootle.
*Macrae, John Wrigley, 22, Hackin's hey, and
Seaforth house, Seaforth.

*M'Viccar, Duncan, Abercromby square, and 7,
Exchange buildings.

Manchester, the Lord Bishop of, F.R.S., F.G.S.,
Mauldeth hall, Manchester.

Marsden, George, Vernon priory, Edge hill.
Marsh, John, Rann lea, Rainhill.

MARSH, JOHN FITCHETT, Fairfield house, War


Marson, James, Warrington.

*Mathews, John, Highfield, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead.

6th March, 1862. *MATHISON, WM., 1, Adelaide terrace, Waterloo.

P. 23rd Nov., 1848. *MAYER, JOSEPH, F.S.A., M.R. Asiat. S., F.E.S., F. R. S. North. Ant. Copenhagen, Associé étranger de la Société Impériale des Antiquaires de France, Hon. Mem. SS. Anti., de Normandie, l'Ouest et la Morinie, Société d'Emulation d'Abbeville, &c., 68, Lord street. Meaden, Henry Peter, F.C.S. *Mercer, Nathan, F.C.S., 7, Church street. *Millichap, G. T., 30, Bold street. Milligan, James, jun., Longview, Huyton. Mills, John, Middle School, Warrington. Mills, Robert, F.S.A., F.G.S., 27, Promenade, Rochdale.

10th Feb., 1859.

P. 15th April, 1858. 1st Dec., 1864. 2nd Jan., 1862. 21st Feb., 1861. 20th May, 1860.

P. 21st Dec., 1854.

[blocks in formation]

*Milner, William, 322, Upper Parliament street,
and Phoenix Safe Works, Windsor.
Moore, Rev. Richard R., B.A., Bewsey street,

Moore, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Midleton College,
County Cork.

*Moss, Rev. John James, A.M., Upton, Cheshire.
*Mott, Albert J., 21, South Castle street, and 51,
Rodney street.

Moubert, Adolphus, Garswood-Ashton, Warrington.

Moult, William, 21, Leigh street, and Knowsley. *Mozley, Charles, Beaconsfield, Woolton. Myres, John James, Bank parade, Preston.


Naylor, Benjamin Dennison, Altrincham, Man-

Naylor, Richard, Hooton hall, Chester.
*Newlands, J., Public Offices, Cornwallis street.
Newsham, Richard, Preston.

Nicholson, James, F.S.A., Thelwall hall, War-

*Nottingham, John, M.D., F.R.A.S., F.R.S. Northern Antiquaries, Copenhagen, 20, Ros

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Ormerod, George, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S.,
Sedbury park, Chepstow.

*Overend, James, 55, Hope street.

Oxley, Frederick, 31, John street, Bedford row,
London, W.C.


23rd Nov., 1858. *Paris, Thomas Jeremiah, 68, Lord street.

3rd Jan., 1850. *Parker, Charles Stewart, Bank chambers, Cook



18th Dec., 1856.
7th March, 1850.

2nd Nov., 1854.

6th Dec., 1849.

11th Dec., 1856.

23rd Nov., 1848.

8th Dec., 1851.

1st Dec., 1864.

21st March, 1861.

6th Jan., 1849.

3rd May, 1849.

23rd Nov., 1848.

Parker, Robert Townley, Cuerdon hall, Preston.
Patten, John Wilson, M.P., Bank hall, War-

Patterson, Andrew, Principal of the Deaf and
Dumb Institution, Manchester.
Pearce, George Massie, Hackin's hey, and

Pedder, Henry Newsham, 9, Queen's gate, Prince
Albert road, South Kensington, London, S.
Pedder, Richard, Kirkham, Preston.

Perrin, Joseph, Polygon Avenue, Levenshulme,

Perry, Rev. S. G. F., Incumbent of Tottington,
near Bury.

Petty, Thomas Shaw, Preston.

*Picton, James Allanson, F.S.A., Queen Insur-
ance buildings, Dale street, and Sandyknowe,

Pierpoint, Benjamin, St. Austin's, Warrington.
Pilkington, James, M.P., Park place House,

10th Feb., 1853. Platt, Robert, Stalybridge.
*Porter, John, Clayton square.

1st Dec., 1864. 8th Dec., 1864. 12th March, 1857.

6th Dec., 1849.

*Porter, Thomas A., 9, Church street, Everton.
*Preston, Geo. Theo. Robert, 13, Vernon street,

Dale street, and Rock house, West Derby road. *Preston, William, 13, Vernon street, and Rock house, West Derby road.

14th Jan., 1864. *Priest, Thomas E., Clarendon rooms, South John street.

23rd Sept., 1854.

15th March, 1849.

13th Sept., 1854.

5th Dec., 1861.

29th Dec., 1854.

3rd Dec., 1863.
3rd May, 1864.

20th Dec., 1855.

1st Dec., 1864.

3rd Jan., 1850.

15th April, 1858.

11th Feb., 1864.

15th April, 1858.


*Rathbone, William, 24, Water street, & Greenbank, Wavertree.

Rawlinson, Robert, C.E., F.G.S., Sanitary Commissioner, Local Government Act Office, 8, Richmond terrace, Whitehall, and Lancaster lodge, Boltons, West Brompton, London, S. W. *Raynes, James Trevelyan, 37, Oldhall street, and Rock park, Rock Ferry.

*Read, Joseph, Linden house, Laurel road,

Rees, William, Old Trafford, Manchester.
Rhodocanakis, H. H. the Prince, Manchester.
Richardson, James, jun.

Robin, Rev. P. R., A.M., Woodchurch, Bir-

*Robinson, John, 41, Lord street.

Ronald, Robert Wilson, 19, Dale street.

Rooke, Rev. W. J. E., Tunstal Vicarage, Kirby

*Rowe, Charles, Elm house, Anfield.
Rowlinson, W., Windermere.

[blocks in formation]

*Rundell, W. W., 21, Exchange buildings.
Rylands, Peter, Bewsey house, Warrington.
Rylands, Thomas Glazebrook, F.L.S., F.G.S.,


[blocks in formation]

Samuelson, Edward, Roby.

*Sandbach, W. R., Bank buildings, Cook street, and The Cottage, Aigburth.

*Sansom, Thomas, F.B.S.E., 18, Breckfield road South, Everton.

Satterthwate, Edward, Lancaster.

Saunders, W. A. F., Wennington hall, Lancaster. *Scholfield, Henry D., M.D.

Scott, George, 53, Burlington street, Greenheys,

Sharp, John, The Hermitage, Lancaster.
Sharpe, William, 102, Piccadilly, London.
*Sharp, William, 17, Brunswick street, and Alton
villa, Oxton, Birkenhead.

Sharpe, Edmund, A.M., Cwm Alyn, Llanrwst,
North Wales.

*Shawe, J. R.

*Sherlock, Cornelius, 22, King street.

Simpson, Rev. Samuel, A.M., St. Thomas's Par-
sonage, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Skaife, Thomas, 32, Sussex place, Regent's park,

*SMITH, HENRY ECROYD, Aldboro' house, Egre-
mont, Birkenhead, HON. CURATOR.

*Smith, James, Seaforth.

Smith, John, Langley, near Macclesfield.
*Smith, William Penn, 26, Hanover street.
*Snowball, J. G.

Somerville, Thomas, LL.D., Hawthorn hall,
Wilmslow, Manchester.

*Squarey, Andrew Tucker, Apsley villas, Lower

Stainer, William, Old Trafford, Manchester.
Staniforth, Rev. Thomas, Storrs, Windermere.
Stanley, The Lord, M.P., Knowsley hall, Lanca-
shire, and 23, Saint James's square, London,

Steele, Alexander, Ph.Dr., Bay View house, The
Crescent, Douglas, Isle of Man.
Steiner, F., Hyndburn, Accrington.
*Stone, George.

*Stonehouse, James, 149, Phythian street.
*Sykes, James, Colonial buildings, 34, Dale
street, 78, Rodney street, and Breckhouse,



18th Feb., 1858.

13th Sept., 1854.

8th Dec., 1851.

14th Dec., 1848.

8th Jan., 1852.

H.S. Lanc., 1857.
2nd April, 1857.

14th April, 1863.

27th Sept., 1854.

6th Dec., 1849.


*Thompson, Henry, 153, Upper Parliament street,
and 11, North John street.
*Thornely, Samuel, 31, Edge lane.

*TINNE, JOHN A., F.R.G.S., Briarley, Aigburth,

Tobin, Sir Thomas, F.S.A., Ballincollig, Cork.
*Torr, John, 15, Exchange buildings, and

Towneley, Charles, Towneley, Burnley.
Parliament street, and Sailors' Home.
*Turner, Charles, M.P., 4, Lancelot's hey, and
Dingle head.

*Turner, John Hayward, 23, Abercromby square. Turner, Edward, High street, Newcastle, Staffordshire.

16th Dec., 1858. *Tuton, E. S., 48, Lime street.


8th March, 1854. *Underwood, Rev. Charles W., A.M.



23rd Nov., 1848. Varty, Thomas, Stag-stones, Penrith.
14th April, 1853. *Vose, James, M.D., 5, Gambier terrace, Hope

[blocks in formation]



Walker, Sir Edward Samuel, Berry hill, Mansfield, Notts.

Walmsley, Thomas, Preston.

Warburton, Rowland Eyles Egerton, Arley hall,

*Waterhouse, John Dockray, 1, Oldhall street.

Watts, Sir James, Manchester.

Way, Albert, A.M., F.S.A., Wonham manor,
Reigate, Surrey.

*Webster, George, 6, York buildings, Dale street,
and Mosley hill, Aigburth.

Welton, Thomas A., F.S.S., 91, Mortimer road,
De Beauvoir square, London, N.

Wensleydale, Rt. Hon. the Lord, Ampthill park

*Whitley, George, 5, Clayton square, and Brom-

Whitley, Rev. John, A.M., Newton rectory,

Whitley, Rev. William, B.A., Catsclough, Wins-
ford, Cheshire.

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