An Elementary Guide to Writing in Latin

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Strana 123 - The object of this Grammar is to state general principles clearly and distinctly, with special regard to those who are preparing for college. In the sections on the Moods are stated, for the first time in an elementary form, the principles which are elaborated in detail in the author's " Syntax of the Greek Moods and Tenses.
Strana 65 - ... together with the ancient laws and liberties of this great and illustrious Kingdom, may you stand as unimpeached in honor as in power ; may you stand, not as a substitute for virtue, but as an ornament of virtue, as a security for virtue ; may you stand long, and long stand the terror of tyrants ; may you stand the refuge of afflicted Nations ; may you stand a sacred temple, for the perpetual residence of an inviolable justice ! 62.
Strana 79 - As soon as he beheld the South Sea stretching in endless prospect below him, he fell on his knees, and lifting up his hands to heaven, returned thanks to God, who had conducted him to a discovery so beneficial to his country and so honourable to himself. His followers, observing his transports of joy, rushed forward to join in his wonder, exultation, and gratitude.
Strana 119 - ENGLISH OF THE XIV. CENTURY. Illustrated by Notes, Grammatical and Etymological, on Chaucer's Prologue and Knight's Tale. Designed to serve as an Introduction to the Critical Study of English. By STEPHEN H. CARPENTER, AM, Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature in the State university of Wisconsin. 12mo. Cloth. 327 pages . 1.40 1.76 ESSENTIALS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR, for the use of Schools.
Strana 65 - My Lords, if you must fall, may you so fall ! But \ if you stand, — and stand I trust you will, together with the fortune of this ancient monarchy, together with the ancient laws and liberties of this great and illustrious kingdom, — may you stand as unimpeached in...
Strana 79 - When with infinite toil they had climbed up the greater part of that steep ascent, Balboa commanded his men to halt, and advanced alone to the summit, that he might be the first who should enjoy a spectacle which he had so long desired.
Strana 119 - A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Much Ado about Nothing...
Strana 64 - Sweet language will multiply friends : and a fair-speaking tongue will increase kind greetings. Be in peace with many, nevertheless, have but .one counsellor of a thousand.
Strana 36 - Many men expose themselves to death for the sake of power ; but this king resigned his crown because his love for his dominion, his affection for his subjects, and his regard for their interests were greater than his desire for power. 12. The conspirators divided into three parties. One was posted near the governor's house, a second secured the approaches to the market-place, a third hastened to the quarter of the tombs, and awaited the signal for the fight. 13. Not only was Brutus's life saved at...
Strana 65 - ... once more behold you playing a part worthy of Athenians ! May the gods inspire you to determine upon such measures ! 6. Lay hold on this chance of safety, Conscript Fathers ! by the immortal gods I conjure you. Give one sign to the Roman people, that even as now they pledge their valor, so you pledge your wisdom to the crisis of the state. Do you not know this Antony? Do you not know his companions? To be slaves to such as he, to such as they, would it not be the fullest measure of misery, joined...

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