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June 19, 1594.

Tho. Creede.] An enterlude entitled the Tragedie of Richard the Third, wherein is fhown the Death of Edward the Fourthe, with the Smotheringe of the twoo Princes in the Tower, with the lamentable End of Shore's Wife, and the Contention of the two Houfes of Lancafter and York." 6

July 20, 1594.

Tho. Creede.] The lamentable Tragedie of Locrine, the eldeft Son of K. Brutus, difcourfinge the Warres of the Britains, &c.

Before the beginning of this volume are placed two leaves containing irregular entries, prohibitions, notes, &c. Among these are the following.

Aug. 4th.

As You like it, a book.
Henry the Fift, a book.”

Comedy of Much Ado about


3og b.

310. b. Vol. C.

to be ftaied.

6 This could not have been the work of Shakspeare, as the death of Jane Shore makes no part of his drama. STEEVENS.

7 Probably the play before that of Shakfpeare. STEEVENS. Surely this muft have been Shakspeare's Henry V. which, as well as Much Ado about Nothing, was printed in 1600, when this entry appears to have been made. See the Effay on the chronological order of Shakspeare's plays; article, As you like it.


The dates fcattered over these

pages are

from 1595 to 1615.

Dec. 1, 1595.

Cuthbert Burby,] A booke entituled Ed-
ward the Third and the Black

Prince, their warres with King
John of France.

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Aug. 5, 1596.

Edw. White.] A new ballad of Romeo and


Aug. 15, 1597.

Rich. Jones.] Two ballads, being the first and fecond parts of the Widowe of Watling-ftrect.*

Aug. 29, 1597.

Andrew Wife.] The tragedye of Richard.

the Seconde.

Oct. 20, 1597.

Andrew Wife.] The tragedie of King Richard the Third, with the Deathe

of the Duke of Clarence.

Feb. 25, 1597.

Andrew Wife.] A booke entitled the Hif


12 b.

22 b.



$ This is afcribed to Shakspeare by the compilers of ancient catalogues. STEEVENS.

Query, if Shakspeare's play, the firft edition of which appeared in 1597. STEEVENS.


Perhaps the fongs on which the play with the fame title was founded. It may, however, be the play itfelf. It was not uncommon to divide one dramatick piece, though defigned for a fingle exhibition, into two parts. See the King John before that of Shakspeare. STEEVENS.

torie of Henry the Fourth, with his Battle at Shrewsbury against Henry Hottspurre of the North, with the conceipted Mirth of Sir John Falstoff.

July 22, 1598.

James Roberts.] A booke of the Merchaunt of Venyfe, otherwife called the Jewe of Venyle. Provided that it be not prynted by the said James Roberts or any other whatsoever, without leave firft had from the ryght honourable the Lord Chamberlen.

Aug. 4, 1600.

Tho. Pavyer.] First Part of the History of
the Life of Sir John Oldcastle
Lord Cobham.

Item, The Second Part of the
Hiftory of Sir John Oldcastle Lord
Cobham, with his Martyrdom.

Aug. 14, 1600.

Tho. Pavyer.] The Hiftory of Henry the
Fifth, with the Battel of Agin-

court, &c.

Aug. 23, 1600.

And. Wife, and Wm. Afpley.] Much Ado

about Nothing.

Second Part of the History of
King Henry the Fourth, with the
Humours of Sir John Falstaff,
written by Mr. SHAKESPERE.


39 b.



63 b.


Oct. 8, 1600.

Tho Fisher,] A booke called a Midfomer

Nyghte Dreame.

Oct. 28, 1600.

Tho. Heyes.] A booke called the Book of the Merchaunt of Venyce.

Jan. 18, 1601.

John Bufby.] An excellent and pleasaunt conceited comedie of Sir John Faulftoff and the Merry Wyves of


Arth. Johnson.] The preceding entered as

65 b..



affigned to him from John Busby. ibid.

April 19, 1602.

Tho. Pavyer. ] A booke called Titus Andro


July 26, 1602.

James Roberts.] A booke called the Re-
venge of Hamlett prince of Den-

marke, as it was lately acted by
the Lord Chamberlain his fer-


Aug. 11, 1602.

Wm. Cotton.] A booke called the Lyfe
and Death of the Lord Cromwell,

as yt was lately acted by the Lord
Chamberleyne his fervantes.

Feb. 7, 1602.

Mr. Roberts.] The booke of Troilus and

Creffida, as it is acted by my Lo.

80 b.

84 b.

85 b.

Chamberlen's men.

91 b.

June 25, 1603.

Matt. Law.] Richard 3.

Richard 2.

Henry 4. 1 ft. Part.

Call kings.

Feb. 12, 1604.

Nath. Butter.] That he get good allowance
for the Enterlude of Henry 8,
before he begin to print it; and
then procure the warden's hand to
it for the entrance of yt, he is to
have the fame for his copy.3
May 8, 1605.

Simon Stafford.] A booke called the tragi-
call Hiftorie of King Leir and his

three Daughters, as it was lately

John Wright.] By affignment from Simon
Stafford and confent of Mr. Leake,

the tragical Hiftory of King Lear,
&c. provided that Simon Stafford
fhall have the printing of this

July 3, 1605.

Tho. Pavyer.] A ballad of a lamentable
Murder done in Yorkshire, by a
Gent. upon two of his owne Chil-

dren, fore wounding his Wife and
Nurfe,' &c.






3 This was a play entitled, When you fee me you know me, or the famous chronicle Hiftorie of King Henrie the Eight, &c. by Samuel Rowley. Printed for N. Butter, 1605. MALONE.

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This is the King Lear before that of Shakfpeare.

Query, if the play. STEEVENS.


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