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(References are to pages. Vol. I, pages 1-1238; Vol. II, pages 1239-1969.]

Bill of particulars.
affidavit for order for inspection of account (or of a paper), and to take a

copy thereof (form), 1851.
demand for bill by defendant, 1852.
demand for a copy of an account (form), 1852.
demand to have inspection of an original instrument (form), 1851.
failure to file upon demand-effect of, 1852.
failure to deliver bill within statutory time-discretion of court, 1853.
motion to make bill more specific, 1852.
notice of motion for an order for inspection of a paper (or account, or

entries), and for a copy thereof (form), 1850.
order directing party to furnish bill of particulars (form), 1852.
purpose of bill of particulars, 1852.
time to answer extended by motion, 1853.

Bills. See Negotiable instruments.

Boats. See Steamers, vessels, and boats.

Bonds and undertakings. See, also, Bonds and undertakings, actions upon.

approval of bond, endorsed thereon (form), 1420.
bonds on writs of error, 1920, 1921.
bond of commissioner given on sale of mortgaged property (form), 720.
bond to indemnify sheriff (form), 681.
bond for unconditional payment of money-common form (form), 1422.
bond given in replevin (form), 1427.
exception to sureties on (bail) bond (form), 1420.
forms of bonds, endorsements, etc., 1418.
notice of justification of sureties on (bail) bond (form), 1421.
oath of officer on qualifying (form), 1420.
official bond-common form (form), 1418.

of city clerk (form), 1419.
undertaking on appeal, 1915-1919.

by surety company, 1916.
undertaking entered into by surety company on appeal from justice court,

from judgment directing payment of money (form), 1425.
undertaking in replevin--for the return to the defendant of property

taken (form), 1633.
on behalf of plaintiff, given on claim made by third person to property

attached (form), 1634.
to indemnify sheriff (form), 1635.

Bonds and undertakings, actions upon. See, also, Sheriff's and constables,

actions by and against; Joinder or uniting of causes.
action by county against sureties, 650.
action on bond-county as party, 649.
action upon bond of executor or former administrator of same estate, 1011.
action upon guardianship bond, 1068.

(References are to pages. Vol. I, pages 1-1238; Vol. II, pages 1239-1969.)

Bonds and undertakings, actions upon (continued).

action upon replevin bond, 1650.
assignee of judgment, when can not recover on undertaking, 1431.
complaint–in action against sureties, 650.

in action upon bail bond, 1431.
in action by surviving obligee on joint bond (form), 1423.
in action on bond other than for payment of money (form), 1423.
in action on bond for the fidelity of an employee (form), 1423.
in action against surety company on appeal bond (form), 1424.

in action on supersedeas bond (form), 1429.
defense to action brought against board of public works and other defend.

ants as sureties upon the official bonds of the members of said
board, showing non-negligence upon the part of the board and its
inability for lack of funds to make repairs to damaged street or

sidewalk (form), 664.
defense of failure of consideration (form), 1430.
demand in action against surety, 1431.

sufficient pleading of, 1431.
essentials of complaint in action upon a bond, 1431.
filing of bond must be pleaded, 1431.
forms of procedure where leave to sue an officer of the court must first

be obtained, 1421.
liability of sureties for torts of officers, 671.
non-payment of damages a necessary allegation, 1431.
order granting leave to sue on the bond of an executor (or administrator]

(form), 1422.
petition for permission to bring an action upon the bond of an executor

[or administrator] (form), 1421.
undertakings in attachment and garnishment, 1692.

Boycotts. See, also, Unlawful strikes; Conspiracies and monopolies.

boycotts generally, 1555.
complaint-against labor union, to restrain interference with conduct of

business (form), 1555.
to enjoin a combination and conspiracy to boycott, where known and

fictitious parties are sued (form), 1560.
decree in an action to enjoin a combination and conspiracy to boycott

(form), 1561.

Breach of contracts of sale and purchase. See, also, Sale and purchase.
complaint-for breach of contract of sale, 1262.
for breach of contract of sale, and to recover for goods sold (form),

for breach of contract to furnish engine and engineer at opening of

threshing season (form), 1252.
for breach of contract to purchase stock in default of corporation to

pay dividends (form), 1254.

(References are to pages. Vol. I, pages 1-1238; Vol. II, pages 1239-1969.]

Breach of contracts of sale and purchase (continued).
complaint-for breach of contract in furnishing irrigating plant (form),

for breach of an option contract to repurchase stock (form), 1255.
for breach of contract for purchase of fruit (form), 1256.

by real estate agent, for commissions for sale executed (form), 1329.
cross-complaint for damages (form), 1259.
defense-failure of consideration, 1248.
breach of contract to feed and care for animals, and cross-complaint

for damages (form), 1259.
non-compliance with contract (form), 1259.
judgment for plaintiff-damages for breach of contract to purchase (form),

Breach of promise of marriage.
complaint-breach of promise of marriage (form), 1437.

marriage with another (form), 1438.
damages for breach of promise-measure of, 1723.
defense alleging bad character of plaintiff (form), 1438.
denial of promise (form), 1438.
denial of breach (form), 1438.

Builders' contracts.

cause of action for extra work and materials, 1093.
complaint-on builder's contract, with claim for extra work for alterations

(form), 1270.
for breach of builder's contract (form), 1090.
to recover final payment upon building contract, setting forth reasons

for delay of completion, and averring wrongful withholding by

architect of certificate of completion (form), 1091.
defenses—(1) denials, (2) averring destruction of buildings before com-

pletion, (3) denial of reasonable value under common count

(form), 1094.
defense that certificate of architect or engineer was not obtained (form),


Building association. See Corporations, actions relating to management and

internal affairs.

Cancelation of instruments.

averments as to claims of defendants under forged deed (form), 1796.
averments as to injury resulting from claims under a forged deed, 1797.
cancelation-distinguished from reformation-pleading, 1802.

in part, 1792.
of instrument obviously void, 1792.

when may be adjudged, 1792.
complaint-to annul a contract (form), 1792.

to quiet title and to cancel alleged forged deed (form), 772.

[Referer ces are to pages.

Vol. I, pages 1-1238; Vol. II, pages 1239-1969.)

Cancelation of instruments (continued).
defense that instrument was executed under undue influence--action to

cancel deed (form), 1799.
disclaimer in action for cancelation of forged deed (form), 776.
extinguishment by destruction or cancelation, 512.
forged deed in action to quiet title, 793.
judgment (or decree)-confirming deed, and quieting defendant's title

thereunder-action to cancel deed alleged to have been executed

under undue influence (form), 1800.
annulling deed, and quieting plaintiff's title as against the saine-

action for cancelation of forged deed (form), 1801.
parties in an action to cancel deed of trust, 1802.
prayer for cancelation, injunction, etc. (form), 1798.
supplemental complaint in action, commenced by special administrators

and continued by executors, to quiet title and for cancelation of
forged deed (form), 1794.

Carriers. See, also, Negligence of carriers; Death by wrongful act.

damages for breach of carriers' obligations, 1724.
detriment caused by carrier's delay in delivery, 1725.
exemplary damages for malicious ejection, 1743.

Causes of action, uniting of. See Joinder.

cause of action defined, 7.

Causes of action upon contract and in assumpsit, 146.

Certificates, orders, etc., 1805.

Certification of public records.
certification of public records generally, 1937.

authentication-by copy of a judicial record (form), 1940.
by copy of a judicial record of a foreign country (form), 1940.
by copy of non-judicial records (form), 1938.
of document in a sister state or territory (form), 1941.
of document in the office of a department of the United States (form),

of public record of a private writing (form), 1942.
of records and judicial proceedings of a court of record of a sister

state or territory of the United States (form), 1937.
certificate-of consular agent (form), 1941.

of custodian (form), 1941, 1942.
of justice (form), 1941.
of presiding judge (form), 1939.
of recorder or registrar (form), 1942.
of secretary of state (form), 1939, 1941.
to genuineness of signature (form), 1938.
to signature and attestation of county clerk (form), 1943.

[References are to pages. Vol. I, pages 1-1238; Vol. II, pages 1239-1969.]

Certification of public records (continued).
certificate to genuineness of signature of superior judge-annexed to cer

tificate (form), 1939.
certified copy of order (form), 1942.

Certiorari [or review).

endorsement of allowance of writ (form), 858.
facts brought up for review, 862.
judgment dismissing application for writ of certiorari (form), 861.
judgment for defendants (form), 860.
no adequate remedy at law, 862.
notice of application for writ (form), 857.
petition for writ of review, or certiorari (form), 855.

notice or order to show cause, 853.

showing to be made therein, 861.
return of service of writ of review on a defendant (form), 859.
statutes construed, 862.
to whom writ is directed-return, 854.
writ of certiorari to a justice of the peace (form), 857.
writ of review-when granted, 851.
writ of review to board of supervisors (form), 858.

Change of name,
Order authorizing change-upon petition by guardian (form), 993.

upon petition of a corporation (form), 993.
petition for change of name—by corporation (form), 992.

by person of full age (form), 991.
by person or corporation, 986.

Change of venue. See, also, Venue; Removal of causes from state to federal

acknowledgment of service of notice, with filing endorsement (form), 1813.
affidavit—of merits (form), 1815.

of merits, by counsel, 1821.
of residence (form), 1815.
of residence and of merits (form), 1815.

of officer as to “residence" of corporation, 1821.
Arkansas statute, as to change of venue, construed, 1820.
demand for change of place of trial (form), 1814.
demand and affidavit essential, 1821.
divorce-change of venue to where real action is joined, 1820.
facts of defense, when not required to be set forth, 1821.
jurisdiction conferred by application for change, 1820.
niandamus to secure change of venue, 1822.
motion for change of place of trial (form), 1814.
notice of motion for change of place of trial (form), 1813.
petition for change of venue (form), 1816.

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