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Accession of William III. - Its important effects – War with France - Intercolonial war Seizure of Andros at

Boston Course pursued by Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, and New York, on the occasion of William's accession -“Protestant Revolution" in Maryland - Jacob Leisler -- His career and judicial murder Opening of the war - Attack on Dover - Frontenac governor of Canada – Destruction of Schenectady -- War party sent against Salmon Falls — Narrative of a sufferer — Attempt at conquest of Canada - Entirely unsuccessfulEffects —Paper money -- Domestic tragedies in New York and Massachusetts - New Charter of Massachusetts – Witchcraft delusion — Development and Progress — Salem the principal scene Strange history - Frontier warfare Oyster River, Pemaquid fort, Haverhill disasters ---- Brave Mrs. Dustin-- Last year of the war-Peace of Ryswick


The accession of William III. is a termined, whether despotism together marked event in the history of Eng- with the dynasty of the ill-fated Stuarts,

land, and more or less directly or the liberty of law and order in the

had an important bearing upon supremacy of the legislature, was to prethe development and progress of the vail. The crisis was met, and the quesAmerican colonies. There can be no tion was settled for all future time; and doubt that there was then a crisis in the dethronement of James II. and the affairs of England which had to be the election of the Prince of Orange met; a state of things which required to the throne declared to be vacant, all the combined wisdom and energy of both established the parliament as suthe patriots and statesmen of that day, preme and overturned for ever all preto save the country from the tremen- tence on the part of the sovereign to dous evils which threatened to crush irresponsible exercise of royal preroand destroy every vestige of constitu- gative and power. “By resolving that tional freedom. It was then to be de- James II. had abdicated,” says Mr.

Bancroft, “the representatives of the it is true that the toleration of all ProEnglish people assumed to sit in judg-testant sects became an established line ment on its kings. By declaring the of policy as well in the colonies as at throne vacant, they annihilated the home, it is equally true that the bitterprinciple of legitimacy. By disfran

By disfran- ness of party rancor against the Roman chising a dynasty for professing the Catholics was greatly increased by the Roman faith, they not only exerted the dethronement of James. The war with power of interpreting the original con- France, which broke out soon after Wiltract, but of introducing into it new liam's accession, roused to their highest conditions. By electing a king, they pitch both national and religious differmade themselves his constituents; and ences; and the colonies, as a matter of the parliament of England became the course, became involved in a ruinous fountain of sovereignty for the English conflict with their French neighbors world."

in Canada, entailing upon themselves But although the accession of Wil- very heavy expenses and debts, and liam was of so great importance to the causing a fearful sacrifice of human life. mother country, the colonies did not Both parties were at the first eager share, to the extent which they hoped for the strife. New England, not less and expected, in the benefits of a change than the French colonists, entertained of rulers. “By strengthening the parlia- schemes of conquest and advancement. ment”-to use Mr. Hildreth's language The latter purposed to monopolize the

_" and increasing the influence of the western fur trade, secure uninterrupted manufacturing class, the English Revo- passage through Lake Erie to the Mislution exposed the American plantations sissippi, and cut off the English from to increased danger of mercantile and the cod fishery on the banks of Newparliamentary tyranny, of which, in the foundland; while the former hoped, acts of trade, they already had a fore- and apparently not without reason, to taste—a tyranny, far more energetic, be able to deprive the French of all the persevering, grasping, and more to be advantages which they possessed, and dreaded than any probable exercise of even expel them entirely from the counmerely regal authority.” The policy of try. Both parties, too, nationally and William and the parliament was not religiously enemies, were prepared to favorable to the best interests of the co- engage in the bloody strife with unlonies; and it was not long before it pitying hearts and unmistakable fewas discovered that the being rid of the rocity. despotism of royal prerogative afford- Before entering, however, upon the ed no guarantee against the despotism details of the intercolonial wars, we ask of parliament. William, with very high the reader's attention to several matters ideas of prerogative in his own case, which preceded these in the regular does not seem ever to have abated any order of time. of the pretensions and claims of his pre- Early in April of this year (1689), decessors on the throne; and although news of the landing of William of

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