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1 See footnote, page 1.

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92. Horace's 'Od.,' ' Ep.' and 'Sat.,' Virgil, Erasmus, &c.-Of the
Shades or Manes-Sarcasm--Rich Men-World consists of
Stuff or Matter-A Lunatic-Real (Sp.)-Form-Ulysses
sly-Discernment-Daring Talk, &c. Some English

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100b, 101. Erasmus' Ad.'-Cream of Nectar-Charon's Fare-The
Amazon's Sting-Bitterness of Speech-The Pyrausta
-Bellerophon's Letters-Wax Patches - Trouble-
some Flies, &c., chiefly to be used as Metaphors-Hail
of Pearl-Inward Singing-Janus-Shipwreck-To
grow old in one day, &c.

1016, 102. French and Italian Proverbs


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Colours of Good and Evil '--Flattery-Detraction

Colours of Good and Evil -The Future-The Past-
Things New and Old

117. Of Deliberatives and Electives

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Miscellaneous Entries; some on Hope, Imagination, Fear;
some used in the Med. Sacræ

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122. Virgil and other Latin sentences-What our Enemies wish
-Treacherous Gifts Desire for Battle-Treachery-
Blame-Praise-Second Husband-Neutrality

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1226. Colours of Good and Evil-Perfection Blooming too
early-Erring with Danger to One's Self-Keeping a
Retreat Human Accidents-Privation-Satiety-Means
to the End-Meeting or Avoiding Labour-Fruition-

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124. Col. G. and E.'-Of Hidden Things-Experience-No Re-
treat--Adversity-Martial Love Circumstance- The
North Wind-Cold parches, &c.

126. Analogia Cæsaris '—Short Forms of Speech

Semblances of Good and Evil for Deliberations-Extremes
-Neutrality-The Mean-Origin-Foundations-Turns

in Affairs-Effects-Ends

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