The Law Times Reports: Containing All the Cases Argued and Determined in the House of Lords, [etc.[ ; Together with a Selection of Cases of Universal Application Decided in the Superior Courts in Ireland and in Scotland, Svazek 76

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Law Times Office, 1897

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Strana 99 - Provided always and be it enacted, that such Ornaments of the Church, and of the Ministers thereof, shall be retained and be in use, as was in this Church of England, by authority of Parliament, in the second year of the reign of King Edward VI...
Strana 271 - I believe quite correctly, that "the rule of law is laid down with perfect correctness in the case of Butterfield v. Forrester, that, although there may have been negligence on the part of the plaintiff, yet unless he might, by the exercise of ordinary care, have avoided the consequences of the defendant's negligence, he is entitled to recover; if by ordinary care he might have avoided them, he is the author of his own wrong.
Strana 128 - The charge under the said section shall extend to money received under a policy of assurance, effected by any person dying after the first day of August, 180-t, on his life, where the policy is wholly kept up by him for the benefit of a donee, whether nominee or assignee, or a part of such money in proportion to the premiums paid by him, where the policy is partially kept up by him for such benefit.
Strana 246 - ... appertaining or reputed to appertain to the land, or any part thereof, or at the time of conveyance demised, occupied, or enjoyed with, or reputed or known as part or parcel of or appurtenant to the land or any part thereof.
Strana 295 - Where a banker in good faith and without negligence receives payment for a customer of a cheque crossed generally or specially to himself, and the customer has no ••Ibid., Sec.
Strana 84 - Court has been made, is denied in the defence, the following rules shall apply : — (a.) The plaintiff may accept, in satisfaction of the claim or cause of action in respect of which the payment into Court has been made, the sum so paid in, in which case he shall be entitled to have the money paid out to him as hereinafter provided, notwithstanding the defendant's denial of liability, whereupon all further proceedings, in respect of such claim or cause of action, except as to costs, shall be stayed...
Strana 48 - ... aggrieved thereby may bring an action against him, and may obtain an injunction against the continuance of such threats, and may recover such damage (if any) as he has sustained thereby, if the alleged infringement to which the threats related was not in fact an infringement of any legal rights of the person making such threats...
Strana 262 - ... indictment for murder to charge that the defendant did feloniously, wilfully, and of his malice aforethought kill and murder the deceased ; and it shall be sufficient in any indictment for manslaughter to charge that the defendant did feloniously kill and slay the deceased...
Strana 177 - For the purposes of this act, 1. any premises in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; 2.
Strana 146 - Generally, for regulating any matters relating to the practice and procedure of the said Courts respectively, or to the duties of the officers thereof, or of the Supreme Court, or to the costs of proceedings therein.

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