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said immediately, Sir, this is the same as the last.

D.-Not altogether, Miss.

Harriot.— I think I cannot be mistaken in regard to the apartment; that, however, is certainly the same: and there is Joseph too, not now in his chair of state, but seems hearkening to, and angry with, some men to whom he is speaking.

Amelia.--My dear sister, think of the history which we have often read, then you

will discover that ten of Joseph's brethren are represented requesting him to sell them corn. Though they did not recollect Joseph, the Governor of Egypt knew the men who formerly refused to hearken to his intreaties; he now speaks roughly to them, and charges them with being spies. They now become supplicants; see how earnestly they plead, but all in vain; they are dismissed, and sent to prison.

Mrs. N.—How could you, my dear Harriot, be so much at a loss to recognise the representation of a history with which you are, or certainly ought to be, very familiar.

Harriot.-O Mamma, I had been so much engaged with the Egyptians, that I did not even think about Joseph's brethren.

The Exhibitor said to Mrs. Neville-A very candid acknowledgment, Madam.

Mrs. N.-True, it is so; and I fear it might be made by many, who, though they imitate the practice, would not approve the application.

Harriot, looking into the Camera, said, O Mamma, I know them now; I imagine they have been to prison, and are come back again to Joseph. Not knowing that he would understand him, Reuben reproaches his brethren for their former conduct; Simeon is retained as an hostage; the others are sent away with corn for their father and his family.

Mrs. N.-My dear, as Mr. Davenport has introduced the history of Joseph, let me hear, before you proceed

further, whether you recollect what took place on his brethren's return home.

Harriot.-I will endeavour to do so, Mamma.

When they arrived at their father's house, they told him what had befallen them, and that they could not obtain any more corn, unless he permitted Benjamin to accompany them to Egypt. Jacob was greatly distressed, believing that Joseph was dead, and hearing that Simeon was imprisoned, he said, all these things are against me, and declared that Benjamin should not go with them.

Ex.- Very well, Miss Harriot, I hope, Madam, the young lady has acquitted herself to your satisfaction.

Mrs. N.-Tolerably well, both my girls are very conversant with this history

Ex.-Happy for them, if in their early life, they learn the important lesson it inculcates, and avoid the use of every improper means, to obtain any desired end. Without animadverting on Rebekah's imprudence, in having advised her son to deceive his father; I will only observe, that you may perceive retaliation inscribed on several of the leading circumstances of Jacob's life; while on the other hand, it evidently displays the advantages of waiting by faith, for whatever we really need, or God has graciously promised to bestow.

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