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contain the beasts; and the fourth, the fowls. But the hold not being reckoned as a story, and serving only for a conservatory of fresh water. Moses says, there were but three stories in the Ark; and, when interpreters say four, they include the hold.

Amelia thanked Mr. Davenport for his information, made a memorandum of the dimensions in her pocket-book, and then returned to the Camera.

The animals were seen entering the Ark; birds of every species were hovering about it, and pressing towards the entrance. The food, which had been previously prepared, was put on board, and Noah, and his family then embarked.

Clouds gathered thick around,—the sound of rain was heard; presently, it descended in torrents, and the rebellious antediluvians, too late beheld their danger.

Mr. Davenport, having attended to the machinery while the above was representing, inquired of the young ladies, what they now thought of those who had lately mocked at the warning, which the righteous Noah had given them?

Amelia replied, that they appeared in great agitation; adding, some of them are drowned in endeavouring to swim to the Ark,-others reach it, but cannot keep their hold.

Oh! (said Harriot,) see that woman

with the child, how she presses it to her breast, as she struggles with the waves! Look at that strong man, endeavouring to extricate them from their awful situation; he fails in the attempt,-he sinks! They all perish. Oh, how piteous !

What a breadth of water covers the plain! (said Amelia,) the Ark floats, and passes between the hills. The distracted people run up the mountains,—the animals mingle with the affrighted throng, — birds fly rapidly through the tempestuous atmosphere, and mingle their piercing cries, with those despairing shrieks, which now reverberate through the whole creation.


This scene, Sir, is awful in the extreme, it quite overcomes me.

The young ladies, at their Mamma's request, retired from the Camera, and, after a short pause, the Exhibitor said to Mrs. Neville, Perhaps, Madam, you will permit the young ladies to favour me with a brief account of what succeeded the catastrophe, the representation of which has so much affected them?

Mrs. N.-I thank you for the proposal, my daughters, I hope, will readily oblige you; come Harriot, let me hear.

Harriot.— I think, Mamma, that the flood continued forty days upon the earth, and prevailed exceedingly; so that all the high hills and the mountains under heaven were covered. All flesh died, and every living substance was destroyed that was upon the face of the ground. Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the Ark. After the end of one hundred and fifty days, the waters were abated, and the Ark rested on the mountains of Ararat. Noah, having waited a considerable time, I think for forty days, sent forth a raven which did not return to him. He afterwards sent out a dove, but it found no rest for the sole of her foot, so that returned to him. He staid seven days, and sent her out again, and she returned to him in the evening, with

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