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an olive leaf in her mouth. He staid

another seven days, and sent her forth, but she did not return any more.

D.-Extremely well, Miss Harriot; can you proceed any further with the history?

Harriot.-I believe I can, Sir, but you know it so well yourself, perhaps I shall weary you.

D.—O, no, Miss, it always affords me pleasure, when I find my visitors acquainted with the Bible; now have the goodness to proceed.

Harriot.-After what I have mentioned, Noah came forth, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him; and every living thing went forth out of the Ark. He

then builded an altar to the Lord, on which he presented his offering, and the Lord set a bow in the clouds as a token of the covenant, in which he declared that the waters should no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

Very correct, indeed, said the exhibitor, your repetition does honour to the instruction which you have received.

Mrs. N.-Amelia, should you not also try your memory? By doing so, you will oblige me; and I am confident Mr. Davenport will not be weary.

Amelia.-The information which my papa has given me on the subject of the deluge, is something to the following effect:-That the ark was typical

of the great Redeemer: Noah being shut in it signified the security which the Lord affords to all his believing people the raven's continuance among the floating corpses was emblematical of the conduct of many professors of religion, who prefer the company of dead sinners to that of living saints; while faithful believers, who on some occasions are obliged to go amongst the spiritually dead, by their early return to the society of living saints, very much resemble the dove. Noah offering his thanksgiving on his deliverance, is an example set to believers to return immediate thanks to God for all the preservations with which they are favoured-the Lord's

approval thereof, an evidence that the sacrifice of prayer and praise, presented in the faith of Christ, will ever be accepted by their heavenly Father.

When Amelia had concluded, the exhibitor said to Mrs. Neville, It highly gratifies me to find your young ladies so well informed. Happy for those, whose parents pay similar attention to that which the young ladies have received. I am certain, Madam, you have a present, nor can I doubt you will have a future reward.

Mrs. N.-You express yourself so well satisfied with my girls, that 1 must request you to oblige me with some account of Mount Ararat; I know

information on that subject would please them exceedingly.

Mr. Davenport immediately replied, "There are who think the mountain of Ararat, upon which Noah's ark rested, was that on the east of Persia, and north of India. But it is more probable that it was the Ar-dagh, or Parmak-dagh, the finger mountain, because it is straight, and stands by itself, like a finger held up: it is, as it were, taken off the other mountains of Armenia, is thirty-six miles east from Erivan, is shaped like a sugar-loaf, and is visible about one hundred and sixty or two hundred miles; and Bruce says he saw Mount Ararat from Derbhend, which is two hundred

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